Expert Series – Why Good Form Matters

Hey, what’s up? It’s Devonric, martial artist and certified trainer for the Freeletics app. Today, we’re going to talk about why form is so important for muscle-building. First of all, when you have good form, it prevents injury. No injury means you keep working out and building muscle. Now for the body mechanics. In any exercise, a muscle takes on three roles. Agonists are the muscles that work. Synergists are the muscles supporting the movement, and antagonists are the muscles opposing the movement. If you’re doing the exercise with poor form, you won’t properly target the agonist muscle and the strength development and growth will be impaired. Make sure you reassess your technique on a regular basis. For more information why form is so important for muscle-building, head over to the Freeletics Blog now.

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  1. Le nombre de fois oΓΉ je me j'ai dΓ» me ralentir parce que je sentais que je faisais mal le mouvement pour tenter de battre un PB… JE SUIS SUR FREELETICS. ENTRE 2 HELL WEEKS !

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