Expert Series – Why Hybrid Running is unbeatable for weight loss

Hi guys, my name is Irene, I’m a certified
functional trainer. Losing weight isn’t easy but what if I told you that there
is a training method that is going to help you
to burn lots of calories very fast. Well there is! Today, I’m going to talk to
you about why combining interval running with bodyweight training could be the weight loss training method you’ve been looking for. Let’s start with the basics: The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose and if you can burn the
same amount of calories in a shorter period of time and burn more fat while resting, you’re more likely to reach your weight loss goals. This is where interval
running and bodyweight training come in. There are two reasons why combining them
is great for weight loss. Number one: Time. Short intense training can use just as much energy as long endurance runs in a shorter period of time. This means that interval running and bodyweight training are more time efficient ways to lose weight. Number two: Afterburn. Interval running and bodyweight training both produce something called the afterburn effect. When we train at high intensity our bodies don’t have the time to replenish the energy lost as we train. Therefore, when we finish training many of our body’s
systems still require large amounts of energy to regulate them back to their normal levels. This means that the body continues to burn calories even after we finish training. For more advice on running and weight
loss head over to the Blog.

4 Replies to “Expert Series – Why Hybrid Running is unbeatable for weight loss”

  1. There's one thing I never see addressed. I see everyone suggesting stuff like HIIT or Interval Training (which is a form of HIIT) instead (that's a key word here) endurance training, like endurance running. Yes, the calories burnt are about the same on less time. But how about the issues related to the much higher impact on joints? People will feel that A LOT and injuries will happen.
    My advice is to do what people can happily do on the long run. What good can it do doing Interval Running for a month and then have to stop exercise entirely for weeks or even months, when a person can combine both (Interval Running and Endurance Running), with Bodyweight Strength Training exercises which don't have any impact (example: avoid anything with jumps, always keep feet on the floor).

    And it's a bit ironic to speak about combining Interval Running with Bodyweight Training, when Freeletics doesn't even allow combining both apps, for a really long time I've been complaining about that.

  2. Or just take up tennis, badminton, or squash (or raquetball), as all theses sports require intense running, bending, crouching, twisting, etc.

  3. Just run fatass I did a mile a day on my own pace and lost weight easily and quickly there’s no secret here just work hard and push yourself no matter what you do

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