Fall Series 2019 Team WOD 2

FSTD19 team WOD 2 full time with a 9 minute time cap 21-15-9 reps of synchro pull up synchro worm thrusters & synchro burpees over the worm. At the “3,2,1 GO!” all the three athletes will move to the rig to perform the 21 synchro pull ups they will then move to the worm and perform 21 thrusters followed by 21 synchro burpees over the the worm 2 athletes on one side and the third one on the other. Once finished the first round they will move the worm by one section and move to the rig for the round 15 synchro pull ups. They will follow then with the 15 thrusters and the 15 synchro burpees over the worm. And, lastly, they will execute the round with 9 reps. Pull up standards: the athletes start in dead hanging position and in top position the chin will have to be above the horizontal plane of the bar, all three in the same moment. Synchro burpees over the worm standard: The synchro position will be judged when in the bottom position two athletes will be on the same side of the worm and the third one on the opposite side In bottom position chests and thighs are on the ground and in top position the athletes will have to jump without touching the worm. Synchro worm thrusters standard: the athletes will pick up the worm and have it rest on their same shoulder from a standing tall position they will have to go to a synchro bottom position with the hip crease of each athlete below the highest part of the knee and from here bring the worm on the other shoulder. It is not required to fully extend the arms while moving the worm overhead. What matters is that the worm passes on top of your heads and not have your head duck underneath it.

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