Fasting 100 Hours | 4 Day Fast Results | Weight Loss Journey Over 40

hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss and
today I’m going to give you fasting 100 hours for day fast results um let’s see
I’m like a hundred and thirteen hours fasted and I have decided how long I’m
gonna go I’m gonna talk about that first I’m gonna give a quote be content to act
and leave the talking to others bounces are so my interpretation of that is
actions mean more than all the talk talk talk I’m a talker and my actions are not
the best with my talking and I like that quote because it’s something I need to
work on talk less and show results okay and if I’m talking a lot I need to be
talking about results and not just all these new little things I come up with
um every other week or whatever no because all this talking about weight
loss and trying to motivate and I’m in the 220s for like five months that is
ridiculous so be content to act and leave the talking to others show up what
is it put up or shut up okay the proof is in
the pudding you know what I mean okay so let’s say yesterday um I did not eat I
really really wanted a hard candy sugar-free
I wanted something in my mouth so bad yesterday no hunger no any kind of bad
feeling I felt fine IM feelin kinda weakness in my body a little bit I did
not go to the gym yesterday because I’m just nervous about my muscle and
strength loss and let’s see I went to the job thing and I am hired because I
know I’m gonna pass my background check fingerprints in my drug test I do not do
any form of drugs or alcohol and the only problem is the job is so dang far
it’s 45 minute drive and you guys know I have car issues
and I’m gonna tell you guys that our new Muslims do not do interest or at least
we try not to are not supposed to that’s why I have car issues always because I
always buy cash car and I could easily afford I have to check this I can easily
afford what do you call it a payment but I just don’t want to be for religious
purposes at this point I don’t know what could ever happen but at this point I’m
just gonna do in my car it got me there and it got me back but I’m gonna work
only to to my son and I are gonna work two 12-hour shifts it is Labor it’s
sorting mail and I’ll talk about that sorting packages I will talk about that
in another video because I don’t want to make this too long um okay let’s see I
took I take notes okay um let’s see I guess I said everything so now I’m gonna
have to think of something else to say because I want to sneak my way down
there man I hope you could see this I’m gonna take a little picture of this and
put it in the community tab on my youtube channel um I’m gonna talk about
me and I can’t even see it I’m gonna talk about what happened so okay up
here’s when I went to the trip to Jamaica that’s two weeks ago and when I
left I was 216 when I came back over here I was two 32:27 I gained 11 pounds
there then I just went buck wild the day I got back and I ended up I’m going to
to 30.6 anyway I’m not gonna read all of these but I did some omadd’s lost a
little bit then I went back to 230 I don’t even understand that but then the
fasting fat man of my favorite weight loss channel um he decided to do a long
extended fast again because he wants to get to his goal of 195 within a year
which would be December 11th or at least with in 2019 he really wants to so he
didn’t grow fast which is on the light fasting app in the group has called the
amazing Super Friends you can just be in there you don’t have
to do it 30-day our seven-day fast just some form
of fasting and fasting solidarity and support you know is a free app so
starting that I started 2 p.m. on the first okay so – 28 – 23 – 22 18 and then
today’s wait so yesterday was – 18 today is – 15 point 4 so that is minus 2.6
without any exercise which is very interesting I like that I gave my body a
break however I watched a channel dang it I watched the channel
last night or this morning and she was doing a lot ma’am sorry were you please
if you watch my video when you say oh it’s me cuz I watched your video I don’t
know why I have a brain freeze I’ll blame it on the fest and she did like so
much exercise and eating fruits and vegetables for like a long time and she
looks so good anyway I was like man I need to go work out um yeah send my way
you took 15.4 thank you for watching please like comment and put what you’re
doing you’re starting away you go wait whatever you want to share with others
that might read it and thank you so much for watching and I forgot to tell you
that I am going to do 7 days so Tuesday at 2 p.m. is 7 days now the new question
is what the heck to do next because I’m thinking I should do something for a day
or two or a meal or two and they get right back to a longer fast meaning 24
hours or more I would like feedback again but this is
what I’m doing seven days then I’m gonna eat on Tuesday at 2:00 to the evening
I’m eating I already know I’m gonna do that and I’m not gonna came back this
way God willing

56 Replies to “Fasting 100 Hours | 4 Day Fast Results | Weight Loss Journey Over 40”

  1. Lost 2 tenths of a pound yesterday. 273.8 this morning. Love the scarf. What a great color red! We have to live what we believe, don't we? Fasting today until tomorrow at 8am. Then it's beef time. Have a great day! <3

  2. Congratulations on the weightloss and life goes your already there. The weight that is there is not you okay my friend. You have every right to talk about all the things your talking about . I'm very inspired by you keep it up my friend yassssss

  3. You're doing so great!! Look – you already lost all the weight you gained from the trip and are down to your lowest in just two weeks. Extended fasting is the way to go especially after a trip/event. I felt a lot of hunger yesterday – but it passed this morning. I will go with you until Tuesday and then yes, I think maybe alternate day fasting and then another extended? Anyway, whatever, it is all good – the scale is going down and that is all that matters. Yay!

  4. Yesss I love that quote Mieka. We don't have to say a word just do what we got to do keep our goals in mind and others will see. Keep it up♥️

  5. Yay for progress! I told you that weight would drop again (but I know you already knew).

    I'm not fasting at the moment. I'm falling in love with dancing video games again. Will be playing the heck out of it in a little while.

  6. Wow you still managed to come back down all those pounds like in no time💪❤ yur awesome sis you have everything in control👌 that's a Great app you mentioned gonna go n check it out😁👍have a blessed Sunday🙏❤

  7. Great job!! You go girl!!! I know how much better you feel!!! 👍😍🏃🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️😘😘😻😊Keep up the great work!!

  8. Wonderful video.i am new friend.keep going on🌷🌷🌷🌷 .a big like👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    Stay connected💞💞💞💞💞

  9. Mieka, you are on the right track, more results less taking for me also, great quote to live by, congratson the new gig sounds like you will get alot.of cardio there…215 you are killing it keeo it up friend..❤

  10. I hope you will show us the weight number on the scale or do we have to take you at your word. I like to see numbers as proof. Thank you. Nice video friend.

  11. Ended up eating today not cause I needed to but we wanted to have a meal and chat with our subscribers. Down 5 pounds in one day and feeling a lot better. We trying for another 48 and decided then what to do next. Love ya🌞💋💋

  12. Great job, can't wait to see what you decide to do after the 7days and refeed.🥰

    I refed yesterday and went right back into fasting. I'm currently 20hrs into this fast and plan to go through until Oct. 12th at noon and refeed again then repeat. I'm feeling good and don't have any hunger so far.

  13. Hi Mieka! 113hrs fasted! Awesome. The longest I've gone is 91hrs. I did do smoothies for a month and a half back in the day. I bet you are feeling great. Congratulations on the job. Sending you good vibes. Namaste

  14. good job Mieka, I'm doing OMAD and I hr cardio, so with that from 213 monday to 209 today and going for a 3 day water fast and refeed on wednesday, Keep up the awesome job, I look forward to your success, you'll be in Onderland before you know it.

  15. I wasn't aware muslims did no interest. So smart! Im following Dave Ramsey's plan now to get rid of debt. It's hard but going to get it done! Do Muslims do interest for home mortgages?

  16. I having been feeling great do 48’s. Carnivore with seafood and a tsp of kelp. I think our bodies need iodine and omega three’s. I eat again only if I go to the bathroom smoothly. I also do dry every other fasting day. Try the ALTERNATE Day Fasting. Heavy exercise on eating days. Like 2 hours walking plus weights or Zumba. The fun workouts keep the cortisol from going wonky.

  17. Nice share friend, Became your friend..need friend if you want to be mine…

    stay blessed my friend…..good luck for channel and life..see you soon.

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