Fat Guy Interviews His Future Skinny Self: 140 pound Weight Loss Transformation

Big Jim: Hello. My name is Jim Uren and you
are about to see an interview like you’ve never seen before. I’m about to interview
a man who was extremely overweight, but who has now lost an eye popping amount of that
weight. You will hear his inspiring story of overcoming years of obesity and food addiction
and you’ll learn the secret to his amazing transformation. But what makes this interview
so different from anything you’ve see before and what makes me so excited to do this interview,
is that I’m going to be interviewing myself. Not the current me of course, but the future,
much less chunky me. So please join me now for this very rare interview
where I talk to the future thinner me. The me who has done all of the research, explored
all of the options and has already figured out what really works to lose a lot of weight
and keep it off. Thank you so much for taking the time to sit
down with me and answer my weight loss questions. You look amazing.
Slim Jim: You’re welcome. You don’t look too bad yourself, but you will soon look even
better. Big Jim: I’m looking forward to it. This
is really encouraging. So tell us, how much weight have you lost since starting this weight
loss journey? Slim Jim: 140lbs
Big Jim: Wow, that is a big number. Slim Jim: Well I was a big guy.
Big Jim: Can’t argue that. So, have you hit your goal weight yet?
Slim Jim: Not yet, but I’m still shedding pounds and am getting closer by the day. I
have just about 15 more pounds to lose. Big Jim: That’s great. Congratulations.
I must say, I’m having a hard time believing that this is even possible, but there you
are. Slim Jim: Here I am.
Big Jim: So would you please share with us what led you to begin this weight loss journey?
Slim Jim: Yeah, if you’re anything like me, and I think you are, you’ve been struggling
with your weight for years now – perhaps most of your adult life. For me, it’s been
the most difficult and hardest battle of my entire life.
And it’s not like I hadn’t tried. I’ve joined gyms, I’ve joined weight loss programs, I’ve counted
calories, kept food diaries, tried going vegan and even tried high protein, low carb fad
diet or two. And the truth is, all of those things did
produce results, but for me, they were all temporary. Any weight I lost would soon be
back and I would eventually be even heavier than when I first started. So after a while, I
just gave up trying. Big Jim: That’s true. There is only so much
torture you can put yourself through when you have little to show for your efforts.
So what changed? Slim Jim: Well the problem of giving up meant
that I still had to suffer with all of the implications and consequences that go along
with being excessively overweight. I had at least a half dozen health issues that were
the direct result of, or made much worse by, my being so overweight. I knew that my weight
was holding me back professionally – not just from what potential clients would think
when they saw me, but also because of the energy and enthusiasm that I wasn’t able
to bring to my job because I was so overweight. I also knew that my weight was very hard on
my wife and my kids who had a Dad who was often too sick or too tired to fully engage,
play or help out at home. I knew they were worried about me and wondered how long I’d
even be around. Big Jim: And just as you were in the midst
of living like this, something significant changed in your family life. Tell us what
it was. Slim Jim: Sure, at that time my wife and I
had three children and like most people at that stage of life were quite busy and feeling
a bit overwhelmed. But God had something more in mind for us and we found ourselves in a
position where we unexpectedly adopted 2 children who were ages 17 months and 8 months old.
Big Jim: And that is an unbelievable story in and of itself, but one which we do not
have time to get into today, but tell us what that did to your weight.
Slim Jim: Well, as you can image or I guess as you are well aware, although this was a
very joyful and exciting event in our lives, it did place a great deal of additional demands
on our family and our stress levels went from about 7 out of 10 to about 12 out of 10. And
as a result, I started putting on even more pounds. And I got up to my all-time high of
339lbs. Big Jim: But those same babies ended up serving
as an inspiration to you, right? Slim Jim: Yes. Really my whole family did.
I was looking at these two babies and wondering to myself if I would ever see them graduate
from high school or ever be able to walk my youngest down the aisle. And as I started
to think honestly about it, I started to realize that if I didn’t make a change soon there
was a chance I might not even be there to walk my 17 year old daughter down the aisle
someday. And then I would think of my wife sitting there alone at all of these key events
in my children’s lives and I didn’t want that to be her experience.
Big Jim: So although the adoption initially made things worse as far as your weight goes,
it also ended up serving as a great motivation for you?
Slim Jim: Yes. I wanted to be there for my wife and my kids for many years to come and
I knew the only way that was going to happen was if I made a change and made it soon.
Big Jim: And you did just that. Slim Jim: Yes, by the grace of God I did.
Big Jim: So how has life changed for you since you’ve lost so much weight?
Slim Jim: Well besides looking so much thinner and no longer having the shame and embarrassment
that comes with being so fat. Oh, no offense. Big Jim: None taken.
Slim Jim: The big thing is that I just feel so much better. I’m sleeping better, I no
longer have the back, knee and joint pain that I use to have. I couldn’t even get
into or out of a chair before without feeling aches and pain. My time with my family is
also so much better because I’ve got more energy and am able to do more activities with
them than I ever could before. And one of the biggest changes, is that food no longer
occupies such a huge portion of my thoughts and energy. It has been wonderful.
Big Jim: If anyone else were telling me I could experience all of
that I wouldn’t believe them. But somehow coming from you it seems credible. You have
no idea how much I long to experience that. OK, you probably do, but you get my point.
So bottom line, is life better? Slim Jim: Way better…
Big Jim: That is so great. I didn’t even know that kind of life was even a possibility
for me. I really hope I can do this. Slim Jim: I have a feeling you will.
Big Jim: I bet you do. Now, the really big question I think we all want to know is, “How
did you lose all of that weight?” Slim Jim: Yes, but before I get to that specifically,
may I first tell you how I found the program that I ended up following?
Big Jim: Absolutely. You know me, I’m never one to deny myself.
Slim Jim: Which is, of course, why we’re having this conversation in the first place.
Big Jim: Touché. Please continue. Slim Jim: Well when I was looking for a weight
loss program I had a few requirements that needed to be met if it was to work for me.
After all, I’d been down this road many times before and I didn’t want to waste
my time and effort on one more failed experiment. Big Jim: Amen. So what was the first requirement
you had when selecting a program? Slim Jim: The first criteria I had was that
I wanted an approach that gave me the absolute best odds of succeeding. I knew that the statistics
on successful weight loss were terrible and not very encouraging, especially for someone
who is quite overweight. For example, if you were to take 100 people who began a weight
loss program, and you were to line them up shoulder to shoulder and then ask everyone
who was able to successfully get back down to a healthy weight to step forward, you would
have just one person step forward. Big Jim: Wow
Slim Jim: And the news gets worse. If we were to now find 100 people who were the one percent
who did manage to get to a healthy weight, and then we lined them up shoulder to shoulder
and asked everyone of those people to step forward if they had maintained a health weight
just a few years later, at best maybe 10 of those hundred would step forward. Some studies
suggest as few as only 1 out of the hundred would step forward.
Big Jim: Not very encouraging is it. Slim Jim: No. So if you have tried the traditional
weight loss and diet programs and experienced temporary, but never permanent success, you
are not alone. Big Jim: Wow. So what you are basically saying
is that the entire process and way we approach weight loss is broken. It simply will not
work for about 99% of the population. Slim Jim: That’s exactly right. So if you’ve
tried and tried to lose weight in the past only to have it all come back and then some,
don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s not your fault. With the way that we’ve been
told our whole lives to approach weight loss, the odds are so stacked against you that failure
is virtually guaranteed. Big Jim: So that explains why your first criterion
in selecting a weight loss program was to find a program that had a much better success
rate than the traditional methods. Slim Jim: Yes, I was not interested in adding
one more diet program to my list of failures. Big Jim: Thank you. I appreciate that. So
what was your next requirement when looking for a weight loss program?
Slim Jim: The next requirement I had was a program that didn’t require me to buy expensive
supplements or prepackaged food. And it’s not that I wasn’t willing to financially
invest in my own weight loss success because I was. In fact, if you’re not willing to
invest some time, money and energy into your weight loss efforts then you’re unlikely
to succeed… Big Jim: I agree
Slim Jim: But if I were to rely on a specific brand of packaged food or shakes or whatever
to lose weight, what happens after I lose the weight? Am I just stuck buying that expensive
stuff the rest of my life? And, on those types of programs I’m always wondering, “Are
they really interested in my long-term weight loss or are they really interested in selling
me more and more of their products?” Big Jim: Yes, it can seem like a conflict
of interest can’t it? So, requirement one was a program with the best odds of success,
requirement two was a program with no food or supplements to buy. What was the third
requirement? Slim Jim: My third requirement was that I
needed a program that understood the psychology of weight loss and would use that knowledge
to my advantage. I knew that a program that just focused on nutrition would be pretty
much useless. There seems to be this assumption that overweight people just don’t understand
nutrition and exercise and that it just needs to be explained to us. It’s like fat equals
stupid. Big Jim: Exactly! And, in fact, when it comes
to nutritional knowledge, the exact opposite is usually true.
Slim Jim: That’s right. If you’re looking for someone who knows a lot about nutrition,
how many calories a particular food has, how much protein you should have in a day, etc.,
ask your overweight friends and colleagues. They will usually know way more than your
skinny friends because they’re the ones who have been through countless diet and nutrition
programs over the years. Big Jim: That is so true.
Slim Jim: So I needed a program that fully understood the psychology of weight loss.
Because, the truth is, our scientific understanding and knowledge of diet and nutrition has never
been greater, and yet, we’ve never been fatter. If greater nutritional knowledge was
all it took, we would see our obesity rates steadily declining and, of course, we do not.
Big Jim: So you’re saying that we have so many of us who are struggling with obesity
and we have all of this nutritional knowledge, but putting them together is not solving the
problem. Something is still missing? Slim Jim: Yes. And that is where the psychology
of weight loss enters the picture. I had a feeling that this was the missing piece because
after finishing college I, I guess we, earned a master’s degree in psychology.
Big Jim: I don’t remember you writing any papers.
Slim Jim: No, I left that up to you. But I knew from that training and all of my past
weight loss failures, that if a weight loss program was to actually work for me, it would
have to work on a psychological and neurological level. Providing nutritional education was
not going to be enough. I wanted a program that would incorporate the latest in brain
science so that the deck could be stacked in my favor rather than stacked against me
like it has been so many times in the past. Big Jim: And from the looks of things, you
did end up finding a program that met all three of your requirements and that is really
working for you. Please tell us what program you used. Slim Jim: The program that fit everything
I was looking for and that has helped me lose so much weight after so many other programs
have failed for me is called “The Bright Line Eating Boot Camp”.
Big Jim: “Bright Line Eating Boot Camp”? Slim Jim: Yes.
Big Jim: Tell us more. Slim Jim: Bright Line Eating is a program
that was created by brain and cognitive psychologist, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson. The program is
based on scientific research that shows that our brain may be our biggest obstacle to weight
loss, especially for those of us who are quite overweight and who are particularly susceptible
to food addiction. Big Jim: So where does the term, “Bright
Line Eating” come from? Slim Jim: In order to get our brains working
for us and not against us when it comes to losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy
weight, participants in the program learn to follow just four key rules or “bright
lines” that have been shown to retrain your brain to go from sabotaging your weight loss
to supporting your weight loss long term. Big Jim: So there were just four rules or
bright lines that you followed to lose all of your weight?
Slim Jim: That’s right. Big Jim: That sounds pretty simple.
Slim Jim: It is quite simple in the sense that these bright lines are called bright
lines because it is very clear and easy to know if you stayed within your bright lines
or if you crossed or violated your bright lines. That doesn’t mean that it is easy
to maintain your bright lines, but it is fairly simple to learn and understand.
Big Jim: So how specifically did you get started with this program.
Slim Jim: Well, the first thing I did was to read Susan Peirce Thompson’s book, “Bright
Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free.” And I loved it. This wasn’t
some personal trainer who was skinny her whole life. Never been a pound overweight telling
you to eat more vegetables and workout 2 hours a day. Dr. Thompson really gets it. She was
very overweight herself for many years and struggled deeply with a food addiction. Like
me, she had tried lots of diets and programs and only ever saw temporary success.
Big Jim: And she was able to describe you to a “T”.
Slim Jim: Yes. It was like she had interviewed me for the book and knew all of my struggles
and failures around food. So after reading the book I knew this program was my best shot
at losing my excess weight for life. Big Jim: So what was the next step?
Slim Jim: The next thing I did was to sign up for the Bright Line Eating Bootcamp.
Big Jim: Now did you have to travel somewhere for this?
Slim Jim: No, no, the entire boot camp program is done online so I didn’t have to travel
anywhere and I didn’t have to attend any meetings.
Big Jim: Oh that is really nice. So when you signed up for the boot camp did you start
losing weight right away? Slim Jim: Yes and no. When you first sign
up for the boot camp you don’t start any changes to your diet right away because you
first have to learn what changes you need to make. You are provided with training modules
and lots of other resources to prepare you to start your first day of Bright Line Eating.
Now, you may decide to start day one of your Bright Line Eating within a few days of starting
boot camp or you might chose to wait a few weeks to prepare. It is really going to be up to you.
Big Jim: What did you do? Slim Jim: I gave myself a few weeks to make
sure that I was really prepared to start the program and for me that was a great decision.
The training and insight that you receive to prepare you for this lifestyle change is
excellent. Big Jim: That’s great. So what did you do
in this boot camp? What are these bright lines you followed to lose all of this weight?
Slim Jim: Sure. Well, the four bright lines taught in the program and that changed my life are,
number one, no sugar including artificial sweeteners of any kind. Number two, no flour
of any kind. Number three, you eat only at mealtime – no snacking between meals. Number
four, you eat a precise quantity of healthy food at mealtime and no more.
Big Jim: And how was it starting to follow these bright lines?
Slim Jim: Well, it’s called the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp, not the Bright Line Eating
Pleasure Cruise. And, of course, Boot Camp is a good description not only because it’s
hard. In fact, it is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But it is also called a
“Boot Camp” because it works. When you join the military they don’t put you in
a boot camp as some sort of right of passage. They put you in a boot camp because it is
the best way to train you and give you the skills you need to be able to do what you
need to do to survive and be successful. That’s what Bright Line Eating has given me. It has
helped me to survive and live a successful life.
Big Jim: That is so exciting. I’m ready to sign up. If folks want to learn more about
your story, get a current update on how you are doing and to learn more about Bright Line
Eating, what should they do. Slim Jim: I’ve created a website where I
share more of my story and my experiences with Bright Line Eating. You’ll be able
learn everything I wish I had known before starting Bright Line Eating. You’ll be able
to see the kinds of foods I eat and the kinds of recipes I use in my Bright Line eating.
I’ll also share with you lots of the tips and tricks I use to make staying with in my
bright lines easier and more enjoyable. Big Jim: And where can folks find your website?
Slim Jim: You can find my website at nolongerchunky.com. Big Jim: That’s nolongerchunky.com?
Slim Jim: Yes, nolongerchunky.com Big Jim: Great. We’ll I’m going to visit
your website right now and start getting ready for boot camp. Thank you so much for the interview.
I really look forward to enjoying your success in the future. I’m going to let you close out our interview.
Slim Jim: So, could you relate to anything I shared? Have you been struggling with your
weight for many years now? Have you had temporary diet successes in the past only to see the
weight all come back and then some? Have you ever reached the point of just giving up on
the whole weight loss thing and just tried accepting the fact that you’ll always be
fat? As you just saw, that certainly described
me most of my adult life. But then I learned about the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp. And
the systems and strategies you discover in the boot camp along with the amazing experience
you have going through the eight week boot camp – well, it is no exaggeration to say
that it changed my life. Now, the official goal of Bright Line Eating
is to help you live “Happy, Thin and Free.” So if you are interested in learning more
so that you can live happy, thin and free, what should you do?
Well, the first thing you should do is give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to this
channel. I’ll keep you posted on my progress and provide you with lots of tips, tricks
and encouragement as you prepare to meet the future, thinner you.
Second, I put together a free guide that you might find helpful. It is “The Six Simple
Steps I Used to Successfully Complete the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp.” In this guide,
I’ll explain the exact steps I took to prepare for the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp – Two
of which may be a bit controversial. These are the steps I used that gave me a good foundation
for a successful boot camp. And, in fact, by following these steps I actually ended
up losing 8.4 pounds in the ten days before even starting day one of boot camp.
For your free copy of this new guide, visit my website at nolongerchunky.com. That is
nolongerchunky.com. There is also a link below in the description section of this video.
Thank you so much for watching this interview. I hope that you found it helpful and are perhaps
a bit inspired to prepare to meet the future, thinner you.

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