Fat to Fit Asana And Home Remedy

Welcome to Advance Yoga By Parasmal Dugad Youtube Channel Today we are uploading a special video on how to reduce belly fat How to reduce belly fat, how to reduce belly fat. For that, you are exercise doing special If you do it everyday then your fatness will be reduced Sit on Vajrasana posture. Interlock your both hands fingers each other and place behind. Inhale and Exhale, bend forward and try to touch ground with forehead and raise your both hands Breathe Normal, Inahle and comeback start position Close the fist right hand and place right hand behind and Hold the wrist of the right hand with the left hand Bend forward and try to ground with forehead and raise your both hands Do it on padmaasana Inhale and exhale, bend forward and try to touch ground with forehead, raise your both hands Inhale and comeback in start postion You can do this mudra sit vajrasana and padmaasna In this, the muscles of the stomach are strong, stomach fat is reduced by doing it regularly. Don’t do it forcefully If someone sits in Vajrasana for 5 to15 minutes after the meal, then his digestive system will work well. Sit on Vajrasaan Posture Join top end of index finger with top end of the thumb with slight pressure and keep other three finger simply straight. Lie down stomach side Do as you swim in water Those who have stomach related problem and operation, don’t do it Distance bettween both hands and raise your upper body. Now raise your both legs and hands up The experiments that were carried out now, don’t do it those who have stomach related problems, stomach operation Place the tip of the ring finger at the base of the thumb. Apply slight pressure with the thumb and keep other three fingers simply straight. If anyone does Surya Mudra after sitting for 30 minutes daily.Then his weight will be daily reduce fat Spine straight and neck straight Inhale long time and exhale long time Kapalbhati reduces stomach fat Exhale stomach inside and 1sec on stroke, 1 minute 60 stroke Shoulder and neck should not move Those who have back pain don’t do it forcefully Kapalbhati not only reduces abdominal fat, it also cures diabetes and balances hormones. I am telling one more experiment. Those who have hernia problem and heart problem they don’t do it Lie down stomach side Place both hand near the thigh Fold both legs and keep hold both legs with both hands Inhale, raise your upper body and try to raise both legs. Stop few times Repeat this same exercise I am telling you a home Remedy Take a glass of water and give it a spoonful of cumin seeds. And let the cumin seeds flourish throughout the night. In the morning, rub to pieces the cumin seeds well. Then filter the water and drink it empty stomach

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