Filming Music Videos Behind The Scenes | VLOG 155

we are gonna get a million views in
front of this wall right here what’s up everyone my name is Cracka Lack welcome
back to Cracka Lack TV in today’s video we’re starting off in the East Lansing
Michigan I’m shooting a music video for Lil Nicky look I’m shooting I’m
sorry I’ll shoot the music video for a Lil
Nicky. Lil Nicky with the drip the name of the song is weekend and I got B-Lils with me he’s gonna be doing all the behind the scenes today if you do to the
channel make sure you subscribe to hit the subscribe I’m 21 for the day. That’s how I feel right now. Do you feel like that? Shave a light 10 years off. we are 708 Grove Street baby this is a
college life for the day man again I’m 31 years old alright so scene 1 was with that Lil Nicky’s
apartment now scene 2 we’re at Michigan State University tailgate party there’s a lot
of very drunk 18 to like 23 year olds.yeah I just I feel really old right now. I like my chips like I like my videos. Flammin hot. ay, don’t try this at home. After that experience. I don’t care for Mya to go to college. At least like attend parties. MSU lit dawg. CDs are still a thing if you need
cheap CD duplication $1.00 CD duplication dot com orders as small design
under discount starting at 200 copies enough now you guys I just got these
glasses off Amazon. I’ve seen some influencers with them but they had
the movement ones I think the movement ones are like 50 60 70 $80 those that
know me know I’m very frugal with my money I think I said that right I’m
cheap cheap as so I went to Amazon and I searched clear they’re supposed to
protect your eyes from blue LED lights or blue lights that you know and I say
at a computer all day editing videos doing studio stuff so much IDs out see
if they help or not usually some nights like tonight where I have like six seven
hours straight of studio time when I leave I’ll have a headache it’s like a
high eight – it’s like strain in my eyes I’m gonna
see if they work everything just looks a little bit orange and if you look right
here my eyes look orange check this out I’m gonna put a link to these in the
description so if you are interested in purchasing a pair if you make these you
sit at the computer a lot strain your eyes you added a lot of videos
jackoff watched a lot of porn protect your eyes there we go hey guys new day
here at the studio my first session is with problemchild and he’s very
screamed kind of emo rap I believe where you’re just super high screaming and in
my next session is with basic imma show some footage from both sessions are you guys so update I’m the last time
I was filming in this vlog was before we went to Indianapolis so what I was gonna
do was force some content right so that way I could wrap up the vlog because I
knew going to Indianapolis I wanted to start a whole new vlog by the way if you
have not seen the Indianapolis vlog and go check that out basically what I did
was I took a break from this vlog went to Indianapolis from that vlog and I
were jumping back into the vlog from before Indianapolis so today’s a big day
shout out to Malik for making this happen you got us in here with Planet Fitness
and we’re filming the orientation video for them is for like 14 different clubs
that they have some development I always like it changes you know in this vlog
you seen going to a MSU tailgating party and then here we are now with you know
Planet Fitness video so it’s gonna be a two-day thing so I’m gonna show you guys
a little bit of today and then we’re finishing the Planet Fitness video
tomorrow so check it out and welcome back into the vlog you take there to Planet Fitness
everyone every time we were doing one of the interviews and they would say
something about Planet Fitness I just went back to remembering basic saying
Planet Fitness in your mouth and to hold back from laughing this one to update for you guys first
off it’s in snowing how do I feel about soothing music videos are next next
thing yeah it’s November but we got a Christmas tree oh we like to celebrate
the Christmas holiday more than just one month random but set goals give yourself
a to-do list do whatever works for you but I gotta write down CD duplication CD
duplication you see this wall behind me Alyssa painted this for me and we are
gonna get a million views in front of this wall right here yeah I wanted a a
home set up with lights and tripod ready to go so I can film some tutorials but
the main purpose of this wall is what’s dropping in January yeah I believe I was
speaking about this about last year but you know life happens happens in things
that are a priority today can change tomorrow when you wake up and this
happens and so now you’re focused on that and then that takes you this way
and so here we are a year later I’m gonna get back to setting something up
and doing it correctly and I believe everything happens for a reason I’ve met
a lot of good connections in the last year so it’ll just make what I was going
to do a year ago doing it a year later over the top you know it wasn’t meant to
be last year it’s gonna be hashtag free game yeah you guys don’t just home
editing videos I finished editing basics music video Burden and Bezz believe and
I have in Atlanta making a beat video I got to edit but tonight tonight we
shouldn’t music video so that’s what’s next take-home thumbs up I just made a
beat check it out at home thinking that beat I like it I think
it’s sweet I like making Beat at home if your producer do you agree that
it’s cool making beats in different places now I will say I’m most efficient
at my actual studio outside stop to say good vibe thought about the vibe what’s up
everyone it’s a new day picking up B-Lils is all right now he’s gonna be doing
some behind the scenes for me again we’re headed to a video shoot it’s at a
photography studio here in Lansing Michigan the artist is 16 the icon name
of the song is kiss u and it’s produced by Cracka Lack we have a
two-hour window he rented the location from 3:00 to 5:00 so two hours to shoot
the music video from start to finish setup and takedown so hopefully we can
do this big clean minutes this is the percs of renting a suite in like a space
because I’m sure that this is like a common area that anyone in the building
can use the a pretty sure this is a long vlog
I started this vlog like a month ago I started this vlog when we went to East
Lansing in the building very cool I’m here video
shoot was 16 – I kinda never the song is kiss u producer by Cracka Lack
where at the Lansing studio yeah got b-lils here he’s gonna be doing
behind the scenes we’re gonna get started right now yeah we had this you said that was a DIY
you made that laid out about 40 bucks that light came in handy like a mother
what we did was we put it on the side of 16 so that way it kind of gave him the
cinematic style lighting one side of his face was darker with the shadow than the
other side was $40 answered a light from the windows as well all right so this
next scene is supposed to be like a party and there’s only so there’s eight
people here so the tip for making a small crowd look like a bigger crowd is
utilize a small area so there’s like a small maybe like 4 foot by 6 foot rug
and I’m like all right everyone’s gotta stand close on this rug we got two of
those DIY $40.00 lights and then I’m just gonna kind of circle around them
while they’re talking and the key is like you want to get people showing the
emotions that they’re supposed to be celebrating something like just say the
awkward like I’m pretending the laugh right now or they’ll laugh and then
people start laughing so that’s what they’re gonna be doing everything is
going to be slow that’s what’s next there we go now she’s in the middle I just need a little bit more b-roll
intro that’s everyone I know that this is a very long vlog but if you made it
to the end of the video I really appreciate it drop a comment and let me
know if you did make it to the end of the video just so I’ll know who the real
mother are out there that really with this crack yeah as always it
helped me out a lot if you give the video a thumbs up drop a comment give me
future video suggestions if you have any ideas or challenges that you want me to
do certain tutorials that you want to learn let me know in the comments below
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  1. Bro I made it. Dope. I would like to know how you set up.your vlogs Like to you set dates or what's your formula on how to seperate one from the other?

  2. That’s an excellent tip with making a small crowd look big. How long does a music video normally take you to shoot? 2hrs is pretty damn good to get all that footage lol what kind of game plan do you have before you start a music video? Such as story boards, locations, what lens and angles for that lens are you going to use?

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