FIRST TIME AT THE GYM? Learn the basics with The Lean Machines!

What’s up Team? We’re back with some more Top Tips! And today it’s all about the Do’s and Don’t’s as a gym newbie. So we see lot’s of weird and wonderful footwear at the gym. Mainly from you… You! So let’s take a look at our Treadmill Catwalk and see what’s acceptable and what isn’t. So being new to the gym, we want you to get off to a flying start. Here’s our top 5 exercises for you to learn. First up we’re looking at the squat, it’s a fantastic compound lift and by compound lift we basically mean more than one joint action at a time It’s great for the legs, it’s great for the butt, it’s great for the core and it’s a great stable move in anyone’s workout. Exercise number 2 is equally as good as the squat and it’s the dead lift Another big compound exercise meaning that lots of muscles are working at once This one’s primarily gonna work your lower back, your butt, the back of your leg and your hamstrings. Next up, and my favourite because I’ve got a great set of man breasts, is the Bench Press Solid for the chest work, tricep work – so it’s going to help the guns, these boys. Working them hard! Also, it’s another compound lift activating the shoulders as well. And then we got pull ups! These are great, they’re so versatile, you can do them everywhere. You can do different hand grips. You can do this grip to get the lats on your back. Or you can do an underhand grip and it’s going to activate your biceps and your mid-back. Finally, you always need to have a bit of cardio movement in there as it burns those extra calories and spikes the heart rate a little bit more One of our favourites to start with is the humble burpee. You say “favourite”. No one really likes burpees. Everyone loves a burpee if they can handle the pace. But they are a really good fully body movement, burning tons of calories and working the whole body. So another question we often get asked is, “How long should my work out be? Well your workout should be 40 minutes to an hour or less It does not need to be any longer than that if you are working hard enough. So there you have it: Our Top Tips for a Gym Newbie If you loved the video give it a massive thumbs up! Don’t forget to subscribe and we will be back with more tips soon. I have one more! What? My Top Tip, especially to you, would be keep your friends close, and your towel even closer. What does that mean? You’ll see, you’ll see…

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