say hi to my vlog! me : it’s all dusty because… i haven’t…used it in awhile dropping off my dog right now we are going to vegas! i wish you could party with me it’s my friend’s 21st birthday party the last time i went to vegas… was… in november i think was it november that i went to vegas? october… november october comes before november? there’s always a vegas trip at least once a year i don’t really party i’m like a really calm person i really like controlled enviornments peyoncé : she has a ballsack on her t*t! my shoulders are sore my arm is sore so i be like stiff dancing peyoncé : PUSH HER! kadeesha : PUSHH HERR! that is why i go once a year because i can’t handle it me : who is this! are you the birthday bitch?! ken : yep i’m here for you ken : you’re here for this? and i’m absolutely ready for all that we’re always playing tetris when we’re trying to pack our stuff ken : pleez here we go me : we’re all here! hi everybody ! everybody : HIII! okay we’re all ready um…last time we went to vegas was for his birthday OHH the taco dancing! peyoncé : can we do like an ID check? OHH YOU are SMART remember that time you lost your ID? peyoncé : YAHMYGOD we couldn’t go anywhere peyoncé : ya when they stole my sandals – and my…I…my wallet they really stole your sandals? peyoncé : YAAH IMMA MESS peyoncé : you have four hours to… to get yourself together peyoncé : GET IT TOGETHER let’s gooo peyoncé : are you guys trying to get coffee? – i know me and ken did but… peyoncé : leah do you want coffee? i kinda want coffee! peyoncé : noo i honestly didn’t know what to wear you could wear my dress it’s a one size fit all peyoncé : shiiiieeet peyoncé : a QUAD ICED… me : expresso… peyoncé : EXPRESSO? me : with uh… coconut milk peyoncé : with three blonde… peyoncé : brushetto shots – i can’t even say that me : these guys are studying in the backseat when you wanna party… for your 21st but you also got homework due tonight peyoncé : i’m not camera ready this will put you on another level me : so when you see a cute guy… – what are you gonna do? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DOO? i’m gonna capture you saying that all weekend we really have to learn how to clap our booty cheek – one by one peyoncé : seriously – i don’t know what kind of drunk you are me : if you guys really wanna know what it’s like driving to vegas and not flying there… – it’s this hey we could start a whole new colonization here! OF VEGANS! peyoncé : oh and my neck is slow – i’m like… me : piela… look! me : are you afraid of the police? me : so ken’s birthday is… actually tomorrow ken : yes-it-is me : but we’re still going to Vegas…today me : and piela tell them what we’re gonna do! ken : what-are-you-gonna-do-bitch peyoncé : we’re going to give a bouncer a… LAPDANCE we’re going earlyy… when are we leaving? peyoncé : we’re leaving sunday i requested like a month off peyoncé : REALLY? jk hahaha peyoncé : a month to recover me : alright guys this is how you activate… – the neww IPhone… FACE ID me : PIELA…he doesn’t look like you! peyoncé : he doess anyone that’s bald can unlock your screen hahahaha i feel like i’m at the airport so samantha… – tell everybody what happened… samantha : it’s really confusing in here i’m all lost already samantha : yeah! peyoncé : hey…something hard in here… – it’s like a SEX WING! – whatever you ordered! soo…i lost my phone – and now we’re looking for it… peyoncé : noo… WAIT! I TOOK A PICTURE IN THE ELEVATOR! peyoncé : you did! – you did. OK! SO… it can’t…it…it’s already passed… – the lobby peyoncé : you’re right… – YOU’RE RIGHT! both : OHH MY…GOSSHH! peyoncé : where was it ? peyoncé : i hate chu! me : okay we got two suites! peyoncé : connected! we’re gonna go take…some cute pictures right now but before the lighting dies peyoncé : ahehehuahahaha! hi guys orange is the new black! peyoncé : yeeeessss peyoncé : you dance cuute! me : do i suck it? ken : ya ken : oh-fuk-me-upp me : are these all VEGAN? samantha : we’re VEGANS for the animals not for the health! – i don’t give a fuk about myself ken : its-cruelty-free samantha : i will find what’s cheap and what has sugar… and this bathroom lighting is uh-mazing ayy ayy ayy peyoncé : AHHH!!!! – AHH!!! me : it’s both of their first time being drunk in vegas elevator lit ay! me : can you guys spot the difference – between piela’s…current outfit…and then his last outfit? look at your bald ass head! – look at that dewy head! peyoncé : it’s all real girl… – it’s au natural! peyoncé : ken turns 21… …annnd. we’re going to “Piraha” because…GUESTLIST me : ¿¡hola! cómo estás!? uber : oh… bien! me : THIS SOUNDS GOOD! peyoncé : it’s not showing your face ohh…okay! – gonna get a “MIRAGE” …and it’s… avocado, agave, coconut cream, vanilla almond milk… SMOOTHIE oh! you’re getting “chikn” and waffles huh? peyoncé : i’m getting “chikn” n waffles! peyoncé : ooo look at them tt… peyoncé : pad thai OH THE PAD THAI! peyoncé : we’re doing a pool party! – in the morning on saturday! OH MY GOSH. MY OUTFIT CAME IN! I’M SO EXCITED! okay i’m gonna get MAC N CHEEZ! oh my gosh! they have vegan bacon here! i can’t do this menu…it’s too much peyoncé : LEAH LOOK AT THIS! – look how good that hamburger is! me : what did you get? okay i’m gonna try this vegan bis… – biscuits and gravy. samantha : with cilantro peyoncé : this…biscuit is really good! OHMYGOD PIELA! me : are you kidding me? that’s the size? VEGAN CHIKN N WAFFLES peyoncé : so good peyoncé : *laughs obnoxiously* penis? *smacks tongue* SO GOOD! SO GOOD! SO GOOD! me : this is called the “HOLY HELL” SO GOOD okay so it’s us three again… kris : let’s go get pho again. yeah, we have to get pho again! dog owner : come say hi me : come here! – haiii!!! me : hi guyz… – we’re in vegas… …today i’m gonna be your tour guide. hard rock hotel… – NACHO DADDYY! they have vegan tacos here! sooo pretttyy! i still get amazed by everything that i see. kris : you could put the window down if you want. whee! this guy is so fuked up. he is on another level right there! guys, i got a blister on my foot… – i have no idea! as long as i get like 2 hours…i’m good. kris : i have planet fitness so i am allowed to take you. oh sweet! i have no idea if we’re on the right floor. everyone in elevator : *laughs at my dismay* guy 1 : you’ll find it eventually! we’ll find it! WISH US LUCK! guy 2 : you’ll make new friends! back with the views again… that’s insane!

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