Fit Trek With Brooke Ence and Mat Fraser: Episode 2–Italy

After our competition in Villar, Switzerland, I jumped on a train and headed down to Milano, Italy, to meet up with Mat where he was going to be getting tattooed. We are outside Milano City Ink. With Antonio. He’s a tattoo artist that is a CrossFit … CrossFitter … and CrossFit fan of mine. And he told me, he said, we’ll trade a workout for a tattoo. So he came, watched me over the weekend. And then drove me back to Milan. And I’m about to sit down for like 6 hours. What are you getting? I’m getting two women on my arm. Six hours today, six hours tomorrow. And then we’re off to Rome. Antonio is just a cool dude. He’s the type of guy that found his passion. Found his niche. Found what he’s amazing at. And he ran with it. He started with a tattoo shop down in Southern Italy. And it just flourished. And so with Milan being the bigger city he opened up another shop up there. And he flies back and forth every six days. And he’s one of the best in the world. He won the Best in Show at the New York City Tattoo Convention. Did like a 24 episode series on Milan City Ink. He’s good at what he does. It’s only a matter of time before I get Patrick Swayze. Ate some of that focaccia bread. Had me a cappuccino, and espresso. I mean, it’s like aggressive but don’t go too far with it, OK? Like don’t get too bulky. Too bulky? I know, manly. We’ll be back. Yeah we’ll see if I’m smiling when you get back. Alright. We’re going to Reebok CrossFit Officine. It was so cool. Just to feel the community. I got to take a class. And I always find it really cool, too, to watch the instructor. And I don’t know what they’re saying because I don’t know Italian. But i knew what they were talking about. I had a great time. And I felt really welcome. Which was cool. I’ve never been here before. So, it’s always nice. We just got back in. We did like an hour and a half. And, uh, took like a 10 minute break. Now we’re getting back to it. He’s superman so … So I didn’t see much of Milan. I saw Maco City Ink. And I’m stuck shopping for a cuckoo clock for Mat Fraser. In Italy. We should be doing this in Switzerland. When every store we went into in Switzerland had cuckoo clocks and he couldn’t buy one. He just kept forgetting. He’s getting tattooed. He’s like, Brooke, I need you to get me a cuckoo clock and then buy me a children’s outfit for his 4-year-old niece. Speaking of … That’s what I’m going to buy. It would be so easy to be just fat and happy in any city in Italy. We just ordered a little bit of everything. What is it? Is it like rum? Yeah. It’s called Rum Baba. It’s rum baba. Oh my God. Is it just like soaked in rum? I literally just took a shot of rum. Liquor cake. Oh God it’s awful. What does it taste like? Like fucking Sailor Jerry dipped in cake. After trying all the treats we got Mat a cuckoo clock. From there we were wanting to hit up this other gym Milanimal. House of sport. And it’s CrossFit Be Better. We walked in the front door. And it was beautiful. All white and clean. And it’s a jiu jitsu gym as well. A lot of people do jiu jitsu here. Because the owner, that is Andrea, opened his academy like 15 years ago. And, uh, it is … I think it’s the biggest in Italy. We have a CrossFit box not far from here between us there is no fighting. We are happy. We competed against, uh … The past weekend … there in Switzerland and we were 4 they were 5th. And also they are stronger than us. But, uh, I’m happy I am happy to have people close to here because, uh, because it can help us to do, um, better job. To build the community. And to improve. To go forward. The full name is, uh, Arturo Esco Imbra and Marie Edouard de Consessan. Maybe you prefer the nickname. Zico. Like the Brazilian football player of the 70s. And Duda. You’s a cutie. We’re going to go to the cafe. And have a coffee. Everything is going great. I mean in 6 months there are more than, uh, 400 members. I like that most of the jiu jitsu fighters that started with me 10 years ago have the chance to to try to start training CrossFit. So we have a a different kind of a members. Most of them are not professional athletes. Common people. Lawyers, bank accountants, and it’s good to I don’t know how to say it in English, but to make CrossFit popular. Grande. Had some coffee. And good conversation. And from there we grabbed a taxi because we were definitely short on time. Bye bye. Bye, bye. Alright, take care. Thank you. Bye bye. Went over to Milan City Ink. He said I’m allowed to do stuff that won’t get it dirty. So I’ll probably just row for the next couple days. I think I’m getting fatter as the trip goes on and you’re not eating as much so you’re getting leaner. Or you just shaved the abs. I had my tattoo shadowing. Hold on. Did you air brush that thing? No, I haven’t eaten. Finished up the tattoo. Cleaned it up. Took a couple pictures of it. Walked outside, got in the cab went to Rome. Are we going to try to see Rome in one day? We’re gonna have to. Went to the Coliseum, did a whole tour there. He killed over 9,000 Jewish slaves and 5,000 animals. Yeah, they would just tie together a lion and a bear. See what happens. And then we had to get to the Vatican. Whole lot of walking, whole lot of sightseeing. It is so beautiful and there is so much history here. It literally took my breath away. We didn’t realize there was a dress code. You have to have shoulders and knees covered up. Well, I’m with Brooke Ence. She don’t have shorts that go down too far. So I had to borrow the boys’ gym clothes. So she’s walking around with her shorts in her hand and a guard immediately gets up and starts walking over towards me. And I’m like, “Ah, my God.” Brooke, put the short on. And he goes, “You’re Mat Fraser, right?” And I’m like … Yeah. For us, he’s motivation and it’s good, he’s a good thing for us. For me, for my friends for us he’s amazing, yeah. Thanks, man. It’s great meeting you. Bye. Ciao. We’re in the Vatican and someone knows who I am, knows what CrossFit is. They’re part of the community. Like, even there. Like, of all places. It’s time. Kris Clever, get at me. We left the Vatican and had planned to go to CrossFit 11K. We pulled up in the cab and it was like a packed gym. The whole perimeter of the gym was people. It is a special opportunity to see how they move, how they warm up. People ask some question about training and everything about elite top athlete. Anybody that wanted to train with us should do it. So we had the whole gym full of people, full of barbells. Is this the first time you worked out since the competition? Yeah. And I just ate a pound of carbonara. Some of these people were saying, like, this isn’t their home gym. They just heard we were going to be here so they hopped in the car, drove an hour. We never gave them a firm time that we were going to be here. We just said, Oh we’ll probably drop in at like 4 or 5 o’clock. So who knows how long they’ve been waiting. It’s so fun to be in a in an affiliate when like something where you really get to feel the energy of the community. And it’s exactly what we got. You know, we get so used to the gyms we’re in all the time. So I don’t realize how big of a effect I have on people outside of where I live. So it’s a great reminder of like how I can help and affect people in a really positive way. Good ending to the trip. Something we’re all familiar with. Just kind of dropping in. Getting a workout with a bunch of people. Having a good time. It was nice being halfway across the world and being welcomed into a gym we had never been to before. This whole trip, I mean, it has been mind blowing that this is actually happening. Such a big community in different areas we got to see and meet. And there are still so many more that we have not been to. Every city we go to there’s someone else to just put out a helping hand. And it doesn’t matter where you go in the world, there’s there’s CrossFit. CrossFit. Find an affiliate near you.

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