FITNESS 003: Hoy Inicio El Reto De Piit 2.0 Con La Toma De Medidas.

hello my name is Katherine Montero and today
I’m going to take the steps to start the pit challenge on the second level that we
count the thing I love my good book as you know
How are things going today I came across the mail in which you
counted the only danger of marketing of affiliates and there
although I do not speak for 40 minutes but in these 40 minutes not only has
affiliate marketing but I’ll talk to you of the possibility and the opportunity to
take your content from others in other platforms today in the morning I was
working on that but there are some platforms that I still lack
know them very well then I could not finish it and that’s why I can not
transmit the news in its entirety but soon I’ll tell you more
about what was in the morning and the another news idea that I had on the air
was that one of these days I was going to get do Pilates for 28 days in a row
because the only challenge I had achieved doing for 28 days in a row had been the
of the food by which of the exercises really do not discipline me what
enough and it was like a day yes and a day not a day like that three days not and so
so I really wanted to try it disciplinedly for 28 days to see
how much my body will change and thanks to my promises that I make myself alone I think
that that moment yesterday really given I was postponing this as much as possible
because I tell you that last year I had two operations this year I was about
to have the third but thank God the doctors found a medicine in
the one that there was no need for operation but my body was strengthened what
enough to get rid of what is attacking me soon I’m going to
talk about this so much so that for the wounds that
had been left to me I was scared as sweating or getting infected then I was
leaving that exercise for a long time and another reason is that initially
of the year because I started according to myself train since they had told me not to
and your body is no longer safe or weak and everything that is bothering you
then there are no problems I said ah now and now or it is never and I started
train me and everything and I trained a exercise just as he did it bad
posture and the next day then I it cost to do activities that I did
everyday then again I had to postpone
but now I have promised myself circulated sham
and not compromise the position by any situation in life and well
So I can sweat and all I’m going to back to sweat
is now day zero or day 1 depending, I do not think I’m going to finish
quick then to start doing pits
good to start I’m going to do the pilates intense pilates program
Blog and latex interval training punishment as you know it is in Spanish
they would be trainings workouts in intense intervals of
pilates and pilates training in intense intervals I think this
better story that’s what I’m going to do but I already did level 1 and I mean what
I did not discipline as one day been vital time then it’s like that
I started doing round 2 and in that was when this happened of the
operations and such then I already bought Level 2
and for my good I will do level 2 although right now I do not have as such I do not know the physical skills let’s say
for the same reason that I was not training a lot these days but for me
well mental can not do again new level 1, that is, if I can
to do again but within finishing the other levels because I feel that I
I can bore I want to do something new and since I finish this new that
I have because I have pit 2 already removed the 3 I want to buy the 3 and then it comes
the 44 just get out in the app they have not yet put it in the
platform as such but for me because of me you can rent I feel like I could not do
the 1 although I hope my mouth does not make cracklings of how tired you are going to
be the 2 but good as we are going to do this on the first day you have to measure yourself
and you have to think you stop and then of the 28 days will re-measure tape is
art to see how much you’ve changed and see if the recommendation of
Casey is relying more on the tape measure what on the scale because
let’s say you can see yourself better in the mirror but still weigh more because the
muscles are heavier than fat then she invites you to confess
a little more on the tape measure than on the scale then I’m going to move on
measure today I already have my measurements of the previous times and so
but I’m going to do this process like if I was doing pitt for
first time the idea is to take the measurements later
take the photos, the photos do not I’m going to take or be the pictures do not I the
you can take photos in the transmission I’m going to take them or be outside of the
transmission I’m going to train 28 days I’m going to
record training for 28 days at the end of all this I will upload a video
counting I have less as I was for that you see the transformation and I’m going to
re-measure live in 28 days when I finished all my pitt 2 sessions already
I have ready calendar
I already have printed it, this is the calendar and this is the challenge of
intel it is assumed that every time you have to
finish a pit session you have to upload an instagram photo counting more
or less how it went but with very good I counted or I do not know if I told you
I just mentioned it but well I’m doing something nice
instagram so I told you in the video of the niches I remembered here you go
to see this with this from the niches I started to climb
a thematic photo in each column of me of my instagram then I can not of
suddenly put back only things from fitness for 28 days then I’m not going to
do the instagram challenge but if I go to do the pete the 28 days in a row I
I commit myself to do the 28 pitt days in a row
and then there is the idea is that feared fish you take the pictures and start
train every day and upload the photo every day this from the photo all the
days you use three hashtags there specific ones that help you be part of
the community of pits theresa around of the world and so you can see who else
they are training and giving them a little strength that keep going and you’re
people also see you and in the end a global community of
people training then it gets very nice but on my part for the same reason
as I tell you how I have this time the photos of minister I’m not going to join without
However, I invite you to do so if you still have not put all this together
transfer if you only want to do it fitness Well, this is a good idea and
I think you can buy the pit here below I’ll leave the link in case
he wants to do the training with me I recommend that you do not do the 2 do not be
crazy like me crazy like me I bozizé a person focused towards
committed starts at level 1 I already I did level 1 once but there we say
that in the second round invites you to do the 1 again but with about
extra exercises then those extra exercises was where I stayed
I was missing 2 no a week and a half I was already missing for
end but I could not because of the operation although already now the idea is
that feared the measures that I’m going to I usually have them in a
application on the phone but I’m using my phone to record so
I can not take my phone to put the measurements so it’s already here
I’m going to measure my biceps hip waist the neck the thighs the torso the
Belly button belly weight and belly They are usually less measures but
When I started, I saw that they had some measures that were like bigger or
smaller or baby my body in the contempt I said this is great to see
how it arrives for the next time then I was making that record and such
although they are the video types the chest, torso, waist, hips
the thighs and the floors the bad neck oviedo because the
application does not find and a a health ratio or something like that
that if your neck and your waist and your hips do not stay if it is less than 0.75
something like that is healthy then that’s why He started to take the neck but hey
then let’s see I’m going to I lost the pen I already have the pen I will take the
measurements in centimeters because that’s the system that I occupy
in my country then let’s start with the right biceps the idea is that everything is horizontal
perpendicular to the horizontal in theory then I know that right now I do not have it
horizontal but now he dropped his arm mark 32 32 centimeters from the right like in the left I’m doing this
so that there is a record of how to start a level of GDP and at the end to see what
so much has changed because now if I planned to do it every day already ah
This is going to be a little more complicated the left marks me 32 there’s also a
first time I have them the same to move the hip
I put the measurements How do you say
alphabetical order because that’s how they appear in application the hips are the thickest part that
surround your butt I already remembered because I did not want to do liz was not you
It turns out that a week ago and it marks me 116 I do not think even
move normally I do this in front of the mirror yes 116 confirm
It turns out that a week ago they had done to kill them some
weeks I got myself as well as curious and and it turns out that it was three
centimeters of arriving to the body I had when I started
this whole process then I really sad
much sad and a lot the truth
and I remember because he did not want me take the measurements but I feel that
If I want to make a change, I have to face our things as soon as
possible and since I faced since check the video and in this video I promised
do this 28 day challenge because today is when so
good at the waist the waist is the narrowest part of your body, that is if
standing in the middle Then know when I have
88 I really do not want to put this to all the
application because I do not know but that’s the way life is one day
well another day you’re not so good and you have to work to get back well
so that’s what we’re going to do in the next 28 days
the neck they seem 34 today right thigh
the thigh you do not have to measure in the part that you see thicker and always have the tape has the form
soil the brand 68 centimeters and it is necessary that you look at both
tips already both the two visions like the two thighs because you’re going to give
account that many times they are not equal in fact, mine always give me more
thin the left ones and I feel that it was because when I trained athletics and
to the is
how is this permission how many days the launching technique
I was very supportive on my left leg and such then I feel that’s why thin
in the right bicep answered I want in the left very thin
because like that he did not throw others the left power I find 69 now
is the one that accumulates more fat 69 the torso
the torso is the part of your body just where the bubis are finished
A little tip on the torso yo I need down taking steps and leaving everything and this top without touch me
that is, the stop is made to compress I can not show you for obvious reasons
but I need to climb the top to be able measure me calmly and support
because if I do not feel that and compress and I want to have the data
real if they hurt me but I need to do it more possible in some way that I can not understand because my torso marks 89
what’s up with these 89 in the waist so if the waist 88 that is why that’s why
have confirming the torso if not
the belly button in the navel we are in 98 take advantage of that I have this up the chest
the fact has to happen that just I feel 105 I can go back to normal here ah now I’m missing the belly that’s one of
the big measures I saw in my body so I saw
in the mirror and not ask you officially but that I thought it was
necessary that I had it in the belly I’m 108 I would have that emotion to actually
I’m a bit disappointed good of some I have to eat
Y good height always 175 and why not in the bear and finally instead I do not have a scale of that one
and there I go I’m not ready that I have I see here 77 77 kilo test that is not as much as it starts
but if it’s more than I’ve come to have because in January of last year
I was 69 then all this going and coming in your life
8 kilitos I’m not in 89 like in December 2016
but this is almost half then If there is a moment to start
train is going to be ready now that’s all on the one hand I’m going to start this
challenge in private I’m going to take the picture right now and I’m going to start training the
28 days I’m going to record training and end of this I am going to make a
video so fast as well as those of right now to show you the measurements
new in 28 days but also this one to put together a following video telling you
how was the experience and showing a really that I was training and I saw
what in the video program they put them in
automatic the date on which it was recorded and that number can not be changed that
liked to show you that I really go to train the 28 days and that would be all
for my part in today’s question is you are going to join the pilates challenge with me
yes or no here in the comments I hope your answer and with me it would be up to

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