Fitness and Fullfillment

What’s the relationship between fitness
and fulfillment? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose
in West Palm Beach, Florida. I spoke yesterday here in West Palm for Orange
Theory Fitness — a fantastic company with amazing people who are truly oriented toward fitness for themselves
and for helping others to achieve breakthroughs. I remember learning about fitness when
I was a kid, you know 12-13 years old from my friends, Ken Barba and Joe Decaro,
who taught me about weightlifting and I got my first set of cement weights and
the Joe Weider book of how to do these exercises. I loved it, because it taught me that with applied effort
in a relatively short period of time you can change yourself. You can literally become stronger. Your body looks
different. You have more energy, and that’s the real key. When you are more fit you show up with
more energy which you can apply to life. Fitness is an essential part of my life
enabling me to maintain my energy so that I can fully show up focused for both
personal and professional challenges. I strongly encourage you to prioritize
fitness as vital to your life, as it will increase your confidence, your
energy, your impact and your longevity. These people are passionate about fitness. So, how do you become more fit? Well here’s
some suggestions. First, find the why. How would your life become better if you
were more fit? Write that down. Set a fitness goal. Start small at first
to get momentum and then build upon that success. Make a plan. There are hundreds of different ways
you can engage with fitness. Pick one that excites you. Get accountable to a friend, to me,
or to someone who inspires you. Get started. And remember — the hardest part every
day is showing up. You’ll always feel great afterward. So share your fitness goals with me. If you want
you can private message me on some of the social media sites. You can reply to this email
if you’re receiving the message that way. Or you can leave it below
which is even better, because if we share our goals together then we can
inspire one another as well. And that’s the type of community that’s necessary
in order to affect true change in your life. I’ll see you next week!
Stay fit, and stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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