Fitness Center

What’s up wolfpack?! Whether you are a long time athlete or just starting on the path to health and wellness, Madison College’s Fitness Center offers a variety of facilities that will get your muscles moving. Before you do anything, you may want to change clothes or stow your things. For this, there are locker rooms located below the weight room, on the first floor of the Truax campus. If you don’t want to use a locker, there are open cubbies available right when you enter the weight room. Now that you’re changed, continue up to the weight room, which is tucked away in between the first and second floors of the main Truax building. Before you can access the fitness center, you must first sign in at the front desk by either swiping your OneCard of providing your seven digit student identification number. Once signed in, you have access to a wide range of cardiovascular training equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, and more. Trying to pump some iron? Help yourself to any of the barbells and squat racks, free-weights, and assortment of machines. Remember to be respectful of the facilities and other people using them. Posted around the fitness center are the rules and regulations that help maintain a safe and productive environment for everyone. Oh, and don’t change in the fitness center bathrooms. Students can also access the H. Douglas Redsten Gymnasium and use the three full size basketball courts. Make sure to check the times students can access the courts, which are posted on the doors outside the gymnasium. To check the hours outside the fitness center go to Here you can also find out more information for all of the fitness facilities at Madison College, including membership options and public group classes. So, get out of your chair and into the Madison College Fitness Center today.

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