Fitness is key to a Healthy Life

Physical Fitness is key to a healthy Life Why is exercising so important? well it can help control your weight and burn calories may gain during the day. Exercising is known to combat health conditions and complications such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke. Did you know your stress can also be lowered by working out weekly? Exercising may help you feel better about your body mentally and physically What can happen to you if Don’t Exercise. Well you could potenitionlly be put at risk for Heart Disease, Stroke, Type 2 diabetes. Poor mental health and or even cancer. Ways you can Exercise on your own, taking daily jogs around your neighborhood, maybe even join a gym, you should ask a friend to work out with you, my even go to fitness classes such a Zumba or cardio or just general find a physical activity you enjoy Where can you go workout? Well Planet fitness, the Y or even LA Fitness

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