Fitness Model VS Bodybuilder – STRENGTH WARS 2k16 #16

my name is Jill I’m 31 years old and I trade for 15 years now my first realization is to become much stronger I’m what IPV pro bodybuilder and he’s the real power lifter my name is Artie I am Joe’s girlfriend whenever he is inside the gym and he starts working out is complete beast mode [Music] hi my name is Samuel I’m from Hamburg and I’m 23 years old I’m a former track and field athlete yes sir my money was for trainings and online coaching so differences I will promise surface it is all wrong yeah I like also every weight but I do also functional exercises at first we start with benchpress 110 kilos for 20 reps the second exercise will be trapa deadlifts I have to see how can I handle this way this will be the key moment and the third exercise is a pro lamellae our move on crescendo [Music] my most favorite exercise will be the push exercise I will get them at the bottom at Lake when around a turn meters I want puke after 400 final dose feeling so I can keep going his strongest muscle as well power and I know he would go for the win even if he would kill himself during the battle he’s definitely the stronger athlete from the gold guys he wins definitely 100 ladies and gentlemen welcome to another exciting episode of strength wars let me introduce our today’s competitors to my left Joe wrote to glory applause [Applause] and now to my right samuel taro so the only question left Oh No okay oh you do okay Hong Kong okay Oh yeah so the Cooper racing come on guys come on fuck you Oh right Gardo hi [Music] if you see the intensities could you feel the pain that was real battle by the edge only one guy can win this one Joe glory [Music] ah

100 Replies to “Fitness Model VS Bodybuilder – STRENGTH WARS 2k16 #16”

  1. Straps give you a significant advantage on deadlifts. Why one guy is using them ? doesnt measure the grip strength of both competitors. Jil had a huge advantage because of the straps.

  2. Fuck that white head steroid head, the model guy won for me he is smaller then him and he was killing hem

  3. This show constantly allows one of the competitors to use unfair tools…such as the straps on the deads…wtf

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  5. I feel sorry for Samuel. Jill just did it smarter. He broke the bench into 2 chunks of 10 even if he could do more in the first set. Samuel burned out on 19 fucking reps, lost a lot of strength there and a lot of time. If he did that smarter he would have more time to rest before the deadlift and maybe not be forced to perform the last 10 reps of DL with a angry cat "How to get a disc hernia 101" deadlift form. 1 rep on the bench could have made all the difference, intresting to look at it like that.

  6. Forget about the straps. For me, the 23 year old would have won that. Like you cannot compare him to a 30 year old because the mens body is at the perfect form at 30. At 23 his body can still grow larger.

  7. Ребят, переходите на мой канал . Там я показываю как развить отдельные группы мышц , нарезки элементов . Сейчас канал в процессе развития , но с Вашей помощью этот процесс на долго не затянется))

  8. My parents told me bodybuilding at a young age; it will stunt your growth, these bodybuilders are fucking tall

    Edit: 1.8 is average but many peopel are shorter than average height in my country lol

  9. Крайне странный батл. Один тянет с лямками, второй без. 0_о Засчитывают повторения в тяге хотя колени согнуты и т.д. о_0

    Непонятно… 0_____0

  10. The results are much closer than what I was expecting.
    The fitness model did a great job.
    I was expecting expecting the bodybuilder to win consider his obvious advantages

  11. Hold up, using straps is cheating. It’s meant to be about strength vs strength that includes grip strength. Pfft unfair

  12. Why aren't there any coplex athletic test that involves big strength and explosive power. Like Olympic lifting in strength wars. Lets see a competition against a world class Olypic lifter and world class Power Lifter.

  13. The way you guys could create a title like "Fitness model" really make me laughing in truly respect! Thanks Bros!

  14. This is the first strength war video that was t fair . Come on we all know that grip strength counts a lot when it comes with lifting heavy specially a deadlift . Shit should be even @strenghtwars make everything even or don’t make anyone compete . The straps are bullshit 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  15. FYI, the weight classes are completely out of order. 92 vs 103kg is a big difference bro. Samuel did very well. Not to mention using straps. These should have been provided by strength wars to the contestants.

  16. that looked easy, I am 65kg and could do that, no stress

    – Totally not jokin Wink Wink (I would probably break 🙁 )

  17. Jill die kleine Pussy benutzt zughilfen und der andere nicht,er hätte dich LOCKER geschlagen Jill du kleine pussy.ich hätte dir gleich ne Ohrfeige gehauen für so viel Fairness

  18. I notice that the person who jumps out the gates with a fast start gets sloppy at the end because they get tired and end up losing the competition.

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