– Okay guys, so far so good. It’s about 2:15, 2:30 in the afternoon, I’ve got really bad stomach issues. I’m happy if I just get
through this private session. (exciting rock music) Good morning, my friends. It is the fifth of November 2019, Tuesday, 10:30 in the morning. We’re both very, very tired, we’re about to start our day. Good morning, Robs. – Hi guys. – Very exhausted. Wasn’t feeling very well
last night, or this morning, had toilet issues, if
you know what I mean. Don’t wanna go any further than that, you get the idea. So just been very feverish, sweats, and headaches, and things like that. You get the idea. So, had a very steady morning. Just had some toast this
morning, see you know, when I’m not feeling very
well, I usually have toast, makes me feel better. But I skipped a class this morning, didn’t do it, didn’t feel
good enough to do it. But this afternoon we have
private sessions at AKA Thailand, I’m really excited to do that, but I’ll give you some highlights there. Right now we’re going to Chock Chai, or CMT Muay Thai, This one’s got some
pilates practise there. That’s it guys, gonna do a passport photo for my visa for Cambodia, we’re
off to Cambodia next week, this Sunday actually. This is our final week here in Thailand, training on Fitness Street. – Where’s the lesson? The moral of the story is, if you’re coming here
for long periods of time, you’ve gotta pace your training. – Yeah. – Because what we’re finding is, we’re trying to push up so many classes, at least two classes a day, every day, for the last three weeks, and what’s happened is it’s
hit us hard in the fourth week. We’re both… – Pretty wrecked.
– Like I’m just managing, like, just managing to do one class a day, I did a unit yesterday, now I’m, I don’t know how this
afternoon’s gonna go, but it’s just so interesting to show how much your body will tolerate before it will say like, “Sorry dude, you gotta slow down.” – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Yeah, you feel good at the
time when you do the classes. – Yeah, they’re amazing, but– – They’re amazing but it’s the
day after or the week later, like it just catches up with you. – Three weeks later.
– Three weeks later. – Of constant training. – Constant, yeah, constantly. – Yeah, and now he is, now you have fever. – Now I’ve got a fever and–
– You’re not well, and I’m very exhausted in
my body and lower back. So it’s really gotta look
after yourself, yeah, man. Also, we’ve walked outside here, it feels like it’s a wall of heat, that we’ve just like walked in to. – Oh yeah, we just–
– It’s so hot. – We’ve come out of some
amazing air conditioning, and walked out of some
amazing air conditioning. We’re staying at Coco
Retreat here for a week. We’ll do a separate tour
video of this amazing resort, second street from
Fitness Street actually, just the next street across. Let’s go.
(playful electronic music) All right, my friends, so after
10, 15 minute scooter ride, we got to CMT Muay Thai from Coco Retreat, nice little resort that we
were staying at for a week, and Robyn was here just to
practise some pilates stuff, so we didn’t actually do
any classes in the morning, but we have trained here in the past, so if you’re staying on Fitness Street, and you’re looking for a place to do some Muay Thai training, or you wanna give it a try ’cause you’ve never done it before, this is a nice, little gym to try out. As I said, if you’re on Fitness Street, you can just walk down to this gym. I’ll throw the map up so you
can check it out for yourself. A very distinct gym,
the floor is all green. Green mats with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and they’ve also got a
BJJ MMA room as well, set up in the corner, but the group classes are really awesome, I’ve done them before. They have a morning class, which is from 8 til 10 in
the morning, I believe, and then 4 til 6 in the afternoon. And I think you pay 350 baht
or 400 baht per group class. And you’ll find all
sorts of people in there. People that have never
done Muay Thai before, it’s their first time, they’ve usually come
over from Titan Fitness, and they’re just trying
it for the first time. And then you’ve got some people
which are quite experienced, so you should never feel intimidated. Just go in there, put your name down, pay 350 baht and then have 2 hours of the best time of your life. And trust me it’s very, very addictive. If you don’t have any gear, that’s fine. CMT supply all of that. They have wraps, they have gloves, they have all of the gear there, skipping ropes, and all sorts of stuff. If you’re doing a one-off class, you can probably use all that gear, rather than just going
out and buying everything just to do one session, but if you’re doing Muay
Thai on a more regular basis, I definitely recommend
buying your own gear, buying your own wraps and gloves, which I do talk about in other videos. So, they also have accommodation options for anyone watching that is
looking at training at CMT for a month or more. I believe, last time I checked, their rooms for one month
cost 15,000 Thai baht. I’ve done a separate walking
tour video which I’ll link up. Definitely go and check that video out. As I’ve said, as usual,
not paid or sponsored, but I’ll give you a raw experience of what the rooms look like, and what to expect
before you book and pay. As I said, I’m not
affiliated with the gyms, I just make the videos for fun. Anyway, I hope this was helpful. This was it for us, and then yeah, we’re off to AKA Muay Thai, which is just down the road. It’s about a 15, 20-minute scooter ride. (upbeat alternative music) Hi guys, we’ve just
arrived at AKA Thailand. Beautiful place, I love this place. How do you feel, Robs? – It’s so interesting. It’s like Muay Thai, but you come here and
you feel super relaxed. – Yeah, it’s like a jungle feeling. – It feels very, very chilled. – Surrounded by trees. – A lovely breeze. It’s so hot, so the breeze is really nice, and it has a very, very
calming feeling about it. (upbeat electronic music) – Ah, it’s really hot today, and Robyn and myself are
not feeling very well. Dunno how I’m gonna go with this, but fond memories of this
place training last year. I’ll link up the video, go and check it out,
did a group class here. This time I’m doing a private. Rob’s gonna give you the highlights. (upbeat electronic piano music) – Everybody’s doing their
private sessions now at AKA. If you wanna do your
privates at AKA or anywhere, you should do it between
the group classes. The group classes here are between, I think, 7 or 7:30 in the
morning for two hours. In the afternoon, about
4 pm for two hours, so get your privates in
between the group sessions. (upbeat electronic piano music) My stomach is feeling like shit. I’ll try to do one more and that’s it. Don’t train on a sick stomach. All right, guys, that is the end for me. That’s my private session, I cut it short by 15 minutes, I just feel, my stomach
is turning so much, and I just don’t feel good, so I told them that I just wanna finish. Really unfortunate, I love this gym, and I’ll definitely be coming back here. I’ll get that trainers name,
but the other guy is Kru Pet, I trained with him last year. He’s an amazing dude, really funny. They got other privates here, little boy’s training,
he’s really cool to watch. It’s a really nice place, breezy. It’s not Fitness Street, I
just wanna put that out there. This is not Fitness Street. It’s part of the fitness Street series. Ah, this place is a little
bit closer to Rawai, I’ll throw it up on the screen as a map. But it’s worth while coming to. I’m gonna do a separate
walking tour of this place, separate video. Stick around for that,
I’ll link it up below. Thanks so much, Robs, my
online pilates instructor, if you have interest in pilates online, check her out. Thank you Robs for
filming, I appreciate it. She’s really tired as well. It’s just been, we’re both exhausted, and yeah, gotta rest guys, fourth week of training,
we’re just tired, so. If you’ve got any questions, let me know. If you come to Thailand to
train, send me a message, and I’ll be able to help
you out the best way I can. Thanks, thanks for watching. (upbeat electronica music)


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  2. You two are overtraining. I only wish that I look half as good as you do sparring. You both need to take a couple of days off.

  3. I coming soon to fitness street. I have a limited budget and was wondering how much food is for a week or even month. And are there any markets for food near fitness street.

  4. Brad, was it something you ate or just exhaustion (or both)? Way to hang in there. šŸ™šŸ»šŸ™šŸ»šŸ™šŸ»

  5. Even the pro's have off days but you still managed to shoot ! Great job ! Off to Cambodia next week . Must be close to being done with the videos from this trip . Cambodia was the last week right ? Ha ha

  6. The food in this area is dodgy! First time in Asia I ever got genuine issues, I'm not talking a mild case of the runs, they had me on an IV drip I was so depleted. Other people got food poisoning also. This place is only for die hard fitness or martial arts nuts, if you're just a casual observer like me you could be in for a rough ride. I guess you can't know these things until you try, the internet will never prepare you for reality, that much I have come to understand

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