Five Opportunities to Reshape the Future of the Rural Space

Five opportunities to reshape the future of
the rural space Tackling rural challenges is critical for
development 80% of the world’s poor live in rural areas
Rural Population rate: 23% in high income countries, 50% in upper middle-income countries,
67% in lower middle-income countries, 73% in low-income countries
Distance: Most of the 1.2 Billion people worldwide not covered by broadband live in rural areas
1 billion people live more than 2km away from an all-weather road
Environmental Losses: In tropical climates, forestland per capita in 2015 is ½ what it
was in 1990 1/3 of total global land area is degraded
1/3 of the world’s largest aquifers are being depleted
Low access to health and Education: ½ the global rural population lacks access
to urgently needed care Students in rural areas: ½ the chance of
completing high school than their urban peers Vulnerability:
Global hunger: 822 million people in 2018 In Sub-Saharan Africa, 90% Economy-wide losses
arising from natural disasters are in the agricultural sector
Rural areas present numerous opportunities for change
Opportunity 1: increase Agricultural Productivity to Reduce Poverty
Crop Yields increased 6x in East Asia in the past 40 years contributing to dramatic poverty
reduction Growth in agriculture: 2x to 3x more effective
at reducing poverty than other sectors Opportunity 2: leverage new science and technology
Big Data, Methane Reducing Feed, Enriched Crops, Flood/Drought Resistant Seeds, Traceability,
Off-Grid Energy production Opportunity 3: Feed Growing Markets
In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, the value of Agribusiness is projected to grow to about
$1 Trillion by 2030 In 2016 Travel and tourism contributed 10%
of total global GDP and 1 in 10 jobs Opportunity 4 Empower women
Skills, Resources and Rights could help female farmers be 30% more productive Opportunity 5 Manage land for incomes and
outcomes Loess Plateau, China Large Scale Erosion Control
Program improved the livelihoods of 2.5 million people
Colombia: Planting 2.6 million trees on ranches has increased incomes, boosted biodiversity
and is sequestering carbon Together we can make a difference in billions
of lives while restoring the planet. Connected Prosperous Green Inclusive Resilient

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