Fixing Muscle Imbalances and Muscle Attachment (Genetics)

Hey guys, Paul with you today I’m gonna talk about muscle imbalances. I got a ton of email asking that question. I got tired of answering it. Muscle imbalances is where you guys say like: your right pectoral is more developed than
your left. or your right bicep is bigger than your left
bicep. There are two things I wanted to cover in
this video. First is muscle attachment. That, you can’t change. If you can see my chest is shaped more like
a square. Other people, they have it shaped more as
in round on the bottom. Another thing is my bicep, you can see it has a very small tendon right
here. Very small tendon, and the muscle begins. And it stretches all the way here and I have
a very small tendon attaching. For many people, the tendon is bigger. So right here, the tendon would be bigger, Their muscle starts a little later, and then it goes and they have a big tendon
here again. It’s a very small difference in attachment, but it makes a huge difference in the way
it looks. For example, you can see my bicep peaks, which is very different for most people. And that’s genetic, you can’t change that. That’s tendon length. This is chest shape, that’s muscle attachment. You cannot change that. Another thing is abs. My abs are pretty symmetrical. Most people they have asymmetric abs, so they would have different attachments on
both sides. Mines are pretty symmetric but not too symmetric. And that also you can’t change – the attachment. But you can change the size, and how you do that… Most people, if you develop… For example, your right is bigger than your
left, or your left is bigger than your right, how you change that: If you’re using weights, it’s super easy, you use the same weight in each arm when you’re
picking it up. Or instead of doing bench try doing dumbbell
flys because you can’t really cheat on that too
much by putting more stress on one arm. When you’re doing bodyweight though, this
is where much of this develops. Here’s when the problem comes in: when you do pullups for example, maybe it’s unnoticeable, maybe it’s very little, but in your head you’re concentrating on pulling more with your right arm. And if you can see, my chest is going more
towards my right side. To you that would be your left,
I think. So your head’s coming right here, so this whole side and this lat is getting more of a workout than your left one, okay? And that could be a problem, because this arm is gonna develop a lot more. And the way to fix that, obviously, is to start doing pullups and concentrating
on the side that’s smaller and that’s weaker. So if your left is weaker, you’re going to
start doing pullups concentrating more on going
to this side. If you’re doing pushups, you’re going to concentrate more on coming to this side. If you’re doing dips… Dips is very very very common I see this. Whenever I see beginners doing dips, almost all of them, when they’re doing dips, they’re always going to one side. I see this all the time and I always try to change it. So if you’re doing dips and one side is bigger, For example: your chest is more developed
on one side, or your tricep is, or your shoulder, you start going to the other side. Or have someone check on your form and make
sure you’re doing proportionately on both sides and getting the same workout on both sides. Another thing: So first we covered muscle attachment, now we’re covering how to fix the imbalance, and third thing I want to cover is if your form is right, and everything is going correct, you should be fine, but always have someone
check on you, and make sure you’re doing it properly. There’s another thing I wanted to cover. Size you can increase. You can’t change the attachment, but you can always change size, and this is what you do by working out. Okay? Last thing. So, muscle attachment, fixing the imperfections, muscle size can be increased, and usually increasing muscle size makes it
look more proportional and you can’t see those
little things such as having a small tendon. If your muscle is really big, it increases the cross-sectional area, it’ll look much
bigger. Professionals or like bodybuilder judges – they would be able to easily tell the difference, but overall you look much more proportional. For example, if your abs are very improportional, just by working them out, and getting them
bigger, they’ll just look more proportional, even though their attachments are messed up. And the last thing I want to talk about, is – concentrate in your head about flexing
that muscle. For example, I can be going to my ride side, but in my head I’m concentrating on pulling
my left more, So I would be like “Uugh”, and even though I changed the side I’m going
to, I’m still pulling with this arm much more. Sorry I’m pointing at my chest, my chest doesn’t really get worked in this exercise
on pullups. So I can be going like this, and pulling with
my arm and lat, on this side. Or I could be doing pushups, I may be going
on this side, but in my head I’m pushing a lot more with
this arm, rather than my right. So here it is very important that you use your brain to flex the right muscles. Okay, it was Paul with you today, and umm… this was another video for you, I can’t end this professionally… I have a video right here, my last video. Which is Beamer’s Ab Challenge. And I’ll put a video right here on top three exercises for shoulders, I don’t remember what I did, other than that. Alright, God bless you, bye bye!

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  2. Make a handstand on parallel bars tutorial pls.I can do handstand and 2-3 free handstand push ups but on parallel bars I can't even push myself up and extend my arms . I feel like it is completely different exercise.pls thumps up so he can see it

  3. Hey man, I was just wondering, What is your opinion on intermittent fasting? Really curious on your take on it. Thanks for the vids bro.

  4. Do you get your body by just doing bodyweight excercise? And one more thing. Can you make a video of you workout sets/routines

  5. I have the transformation and I have a link to it in one of my videos. You can do a scavenger hunt if you want. It's been there all along… 🙂

  6. Hey bro I just recorded a response video on this muscle imbalance video of yours. Check it out!
    D Kaz

  7. 😀 Pavel!
    I really think you should put a few things in the description of each video! E.g. Height/weight, that you only train calisthenics and that you dont have a "workout routine"! (For all who wonder how he trains: he just goes into the park for 1 hour and trains the movement he wants to learn; he has a video "1 hour workout")
    Cause every 2nd to 3rd question is about one of these things!

  8. Hello!'m From Brazil, great video! CAN ONLY GIVE ME 1 HELP?In chinning is interesting how many reps and how many sets? Eat and what next? What is more interesting? Eggs? Cheese? Milk? Supplement you use?Or pure?Thanks for the videos!MOTIVATIONAL.

  9. Пишу в ответ , что бы ты увидел комент мой. Ты случайно не русский ? Просто ты похож на русского чувака у него тоже есть свой канал на ютубе с обучалками и ты очень-очень похож на него.

  10. Thing is for my Im right handed yet my left pec and left side in general really is more developed .. any ideas?

  11. Do three sets. During each set, do as many full pull ups as you can. When you can't do another full pull up, that is the end of the set. Rest about 45 seconds between each set, and gradually decrease the rest time. As for food, milk is good; so are eggs. I wouldn't eat a whole lot of cheese, because it's pretty fatty. I would make the main source of protein meat such as fish, beef, pork, chicken, or something like that. I hope this helps. 🙂

  12. how long have you been working out?and you do just calisthenics right?(bar exercises) so you've never actually actively went to the gym right..?

  13. I have the same thing. I think it's because the left arm is weaker, so the left pec has to compensate more. It's actually like the body is balancing itself out, but doing it with the other muscles, strong right arm/weaker right pec, weak left arm/strong left pec. I think you have to concentrate on building the weaker arm up to the same level as the stronger, which would then help even out the other muscles, if that makes sense.

  14. Hey, cool video but what about the type of imbalance where, say your chest is over developed in relation to your back. Which could cause some real problems like messed up posture.

  15. I'm not sure… but somehow looks your chest very big.. I mean the size… compared to other who trains also calisthenics.
    not to be offensive or something in this way… 🙂 Im just curious about which exercises you do mainly 🙂

  16. Hey Paul, could you please answer my question? My left arm is bigger than my right arm in all aspects but mostly biceps. Could I possibly at the end of my daily training ( since I workout every day) burst out like 50 one arm push ups with just my right arm, and in time will the muscle imbalance disappear? Love yo videos.

  17. Pushups mostly train triceps, so not really.. ofc trying it for one or couple months wont hurt so.. :p give it a go

  18. Fortress.. My left triceps is much bigger than my right. Much, much bigger. Is it posible that you can have diferent looking tricpes? Or is it just taht I have to concecentrate on my right triceps?

    So is it also with my traps, the left one is much bigger, the right one looks like I don't have it. A good workout for traps?

    Please answer if you have the time, and sorry for my english, it isn't my motherlanguage.

  19. Nice explanations. Too many people are not happy with their genetics. The issue is to do the best they can do with the genetics they have, not piss and moan over what genetics they don't have.

  20. i need to get my right arm biceps stronger because my left arm bices are bigger. bcuz of fapping. what can i do right now?

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    She's not crazy; she's just educated… Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

  22. What would God think of all the time you're wasting, worrying about your genetic spacesuit and not your soul?? Tsk tsk….

  23. fortress,i would like to know if you ever bulked?
    you have decent amount of muscle and i would like to know if you bulked…
    thanks 🙂

  24. paul what exercises i can do to balance my right pectoral? cause my left is a little more bigger it dosent notice to much but is there and i dont use weights only bodyweight

  25. Hi, have you heard of MuscLeader (have a look on Google)? There you will find a smart free video featuring the best way to build visible muscles fast whilst shedding unwanted fat at the same time. Devan and hundreds of guys with the same goal had great success by using this methodology. I hope it will help you as well.

  26. dude your amazing. my right bicep and forearm is smaller than my left. this imbalance has led to tendonitis in my smaller weaker right arm. i just measured my weak arm's tendon and its 1/2 inch shorter than my bigger arm! i hope your tips help..God bless.

  27. your biceps are like that because you train from full extension of the arm. people who have a peak in the middle just are stronger in the middle of the movement or train in a way that accentuates the middle. also, your abs are not symmetric stop lying

  28. Fortress, do a demo for a chest variations, focussing more on the left pecs. ( because my left pecs are smaller compared to my right pecs)

  29. I think by focusing on the balance and pressure we can adjust it to the middle inorder to work out both sides. However, for pull-ups, we can mark the bar on three mark points. grips for left hand and right hand and one at the middle of them to balance your self easier.

  30.     Hey Paul,
    good vid, very informative etc. But you've only adressed one type of muscle imbalance. They are two types of muscle imbalance. One , the one you are mentioning, is the kind where you have an imbalance between two sides of the same muscle group. The other kind is when you have an imbalance between opposing muscle groups i. e. between the biceps and tricep resulting from doing to many curls and not enough tricep extensions and vice versa. Do you have any thoughts on this kind of muscle imbalance? It can be important in having healthy posture. For instance doing more pushing movements than pulling movements can result in a slouching-like posture. 

  31. I'm a right handed tennisplayer so the right side of my body is far more developed. My right bicep is also much bigger than my left bicep. Thanks for this good video. I'm gonna focus more on the left side of my body.

  32. You can also have missing attachments eg. Missing pectoral abdominal part (the outer most part of pectoral muscle that attaches to external oblique rather than the sternal coastal part)

  33. how do i fix oblique imbalance from the human flag? i can dold it with my good side, but with my weak side, every progression feels like ill fall and i cant get started with my weak side

  34. I had heard how the tendon length was a genetic thing, but didnt know about the attachment/shape. Unfortunately for me I have a long bicep tendon resulting in a empty patch and then a ball. Oh well, on the bright side I have amazing abs, even with some extra pounds on me they shine through.

  35. I don't know why this has so many thumbs up. This video is not good.  It must be gay men giving a thumbs ups to your body.

  36. Some people have muscle imbalances from injuries as well. I injured my spine and muscles on my left side see noticeably less development than the right side even if I do the same workout. Would I have to work out the right side a little more than the left side to balance things out?

  37. when trying pull ups and im pretty exhausted i can see how i pull more from my left arm than my right one…the curious thing is that im not left handed.

    By the way id like to ask something. As a total beginer im helping myself on pullups with my legs to create a little inertia so im not a deadweight on the bar. I can do about 7 with that little help, should i stop doing even if i can only do 2 o 3 without it?

  38. I recomend you all, if you have some kind of difference between a pair of muscles, to accept that. Is very difficult to change. And if you have for example scoliosis is imposible.  

  39. I don't think there'anything you can really do to fix muscle imbalances, because it's mostly a structural thing according to bone shape. So many times the muscle imbalance is actually asymmetries in the ribcage, or other bones size and shape. Many people have scoliosis and slight deviations in the sternum. If you stop and notice, most people have the left chest slightly wider than the right (which I obviously attribute to the existence of the heart in the left side). I've seen a few people who are totally symmetric, and rarely see someone with a wider right chest.

  40. I noticed massive imbalances in my body when doing calisthenics for mass and strenght. Even tough I always started with my weak side and concentrated more effort on the weak side.

    I saw the solution somewhere (cant remember) an it worked. I started doing more cardio/circuit calisthenics, or HIIT. For some reason, doing cardio with a bit of resistance training corrects all thoses imbalances. Maybe it does some kind of "cut" like in BB. Do one of those MadBarz circuit. Or do somekind of calisthenics cardio twice a week if possible.

  41. my issue is in my forearm. i play baseball so my right side is much more developed and larger, my left side has more definition but is much smaller. i measured and its half an inch smaller all the way around. it distracts me to where i have to wear long sleeves or else i cant focus in school and i work on my left one all the time and try to ignore the right one

  42. yo guys. I recently had a problem when I do pull up, it goes to the left side and I feel tightness on my right shoulder. how to fix this? I'm right arm dominant but now my right side is a lot weaker.

  43. Hey fortress I have a chest imbalance and I think it's the way the muscles attach and the size of my pecs. The lower pec of my right side. The muscle ends 2/3 of the way compared to my left side and my lower right pec is smaller in size too 🙁 I just want to make sure that my main problem is genetic. Thanks for the informative video 😛

  44. I have this with push ups, I noticed my left shoulder seems further back than my right, like my right shoulder looks slightly round and my left doesn't, is this an imbalance that can be changed through more of emphasis of th left side?

  45. thats defenetly not true, because i was very symetrical , before i started training one bicep only .
    since then my right arm has developed and the space has decreased , my left still same .
    wouldnt recommend to train one side btw
    Yours sincerly Julet Harzi

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