FLAT BELLY Workout for Women (10 mins)

– I get asked a lot, “What
are the best exercises “for a flat belly?” The only thing is, I’ve been able to see what moves what best to
give you a flat stomach. So, today I’m gonna share
these exercises with you. And guys, I know that
you guys really wanna get a flat stomach, and
finally start seeing results. It can be so hard to do that when are limited with your time, and you are confused where to even start. And trust me I get it,
I’ve been there myself. I used to get so
overwhelmed trying to decide what diet trend to follow,
and I always felt like I had to work out for at least
45 minutes to see results. If you follow my YouTube channel, or you’re even a part of the app already, then you know that I have helped thousands of women transform their bodies, following a very simple
and unique structure. Using behavioral science and
the philosophy of less is more, all of the workouts inside
Pink Dragon are 15 minutes, and the meals are easy to prepare. So honestly, there is no
need to work out hours on end to see results, because it’s
all down to the intensity and how efficient you are. And if you believe in this philosophy and you enjoy my workouts here, then you are gonna love Pink Dragon. So, click on the link
below, complete the quiz, and we’ll show you exactly
what you need to do to achieve your goals. (techno music) Okay guys, so for this workout, we are gonna be doing 50
seconds on 10 seconds off. First move that you’re
going into is in our abs in a Russian Twist position. So, what you’re gonna do is
have your arms behind you, and you’re just gonna bring
those knees up towards the chest and kick out. With this move, make sure that the core is really engaged and sucked in. You’re exhaling as those knees come up, and inhaling out as they go down. So you guys, keep pushing
through, not long left, I know 50 seconds is a long time. Excellent job, 10 second rest before we go into the next move, which is going to be Plank Step Outs, switching between Spiderman crunches. So, come up into a high plank position. You’re just gonna step out
to the side four times, and then you’re gonna go
into Spiderman crunches. Four of these as well. So, with this move,
make sure that your back is nice and straight,
core, again, is engaged, and you’re exhaling as
you do those crunches with those legs coming up
in the Spiderman crunch. Crunch up, down, up, up, back
to those Plank Step Outs. Excellent, 10 second rest now, guys. For the next move, you are gonna be going into Hip Dip Pulses. We’re gonna be doin’ 25 seconds per side. So, come down into a low plank, twist the hips to one side,
and just pulse up and down. This is really gonna burn those obliques, but that is what we want. Other side now guys, same
move, pulse up and down. (upbeat music) Excellent, come down. 10 second rest before we
go into the next move. For this you’ll want to
be laying on your back. And what you are gonna be doing, guys, is just bringing one leg up straight, the other leg is gonna be
positioned on the floor, and you’re just gonna exhale when you bring that leg straight up. Keep those toes pointed. So, up, and down. That’s it, up, and down. Switch over to the other side now, guys, 25 seconds on this side. Keep that core engaged, sucked in. Exhale, inhale. ♪ I know that you know it ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you already messed it up ♪ Excellent job, guys. For the next move, what
you’re gonna be doing is in the same position on the floor. You’re just literally
gonna cross your legs over and do some crunches here. So, crunch up, and down. Same move guys, you know to really roll that stomach in as you come
up, contract, and lower. ♪ Blaming me for causing your insanity ♪ ♪ I’m pretty sure you’re born like this ♪ ♪ Talk before you think
is your original touch ♪ ♪ But I guess it kinda works on you ♪ Switch over now, guys. So, other leg up. That’s it, crunch up, and down. Up, and down. ♪ You got me good, baby ♪ ♪ Keep on coming back to you ♪ ♪ I know that you know it ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you already messed it up ♪ ♪ You already messed it up ♪ 10 second rest here, guys. And the next move is
actually one of my favorites at the moment, it really does
help to challenge that core. So, what you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna bring your legs up into a 90 degree, arms up as well, and you’re just simply gonna alternate between lowering the legs. The key with this move is making sure that you keep that stomach
sucked in and flat. You don’t wanna see a dome, you just want it nice and flat. If this is too challenging at all, you can put your arms by your side, and you can also have your
neck laying on the floor. The head up is just
giving an extra challenge. That’s it guys, make sure that
the leg doesn’t go completely on the floor either,
it just wants to hover, and come up. That’s it. ♪ I know that you know it ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you already messed it up ♪ ♪ You’ve got me paper thin ♪ Excellent job, guys. We’re going back in with
three pulse crunches, I really hope that
stomach is burning by now. So, what you wanna do is
you wanna come down here and just gonna do three
pulses into a crunch. So, you’re gonna go pulse, pulse, pulse, crunch, and down. Pulse, pulse, pulse, down. Fabulous work, guys, keep going,
50 seconds here, remember. (intense music) 10 second rest here, guys. The next move that you’re going into is gonna be in a U-boat position, so you’re gonna be balancing, and you’re just gonna do
some toe taps on the floor. So, lift yourself up, and just
alternate between toe tapping on the floor. This is a nice and
controlled movement here. No need to go super quick. That’s it, guys, keep going. You can do it! Excellent, drop the feet there guys. We’re gonna be in this same position, we’re doin’ Russian twists next. If this is too much for you, remember, you can keep your feet on the floor. Just like this, keep
those feet nice and flat on the floor, but for an extra challenge, you can bring those legs up. So, make sure you really
are twisting here, that whole upper body. Keepin’ those hips grounded. So, keep goin’ guys, keep
smiling through, not long! Great job, guys. For the next move, we’re gonna
be on the knees facing me, and we’re just literally
gonna move the rib cage from left to right. This move is really, really
good at targeting those abs, because you’re just isolating
the abs in the rib cage. You don’t wanna move those
hips, keep them nice and still. That’s it, guys, keep
going, keep breathing, just have fun with this move. And, that is it guys, well done
for finishing this workout. So, if you liked this workout video, then make sure to hit
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for you in this routine? Let me know in the comments below.

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