Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is being denounced by Republican Congressman Greg Steube of Florida for his possible challenge to former President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

Steube, who endorsed Trump’s 2024 campaign this week, said in a pair of tweets Friday that he was “sad” to see the Florida state legislature “carry the water” on DeSantis and his unofficial “presidential ambitions.” .

The congressman made the statements by sharing a Politico article which reported that Florida Republicans were “deeply frustrated” at having to push the governor’s agenda, according to a quote from former Florida Republican state legislator Jeff Brandes.

“Sad to see the Florida House of Representatives and Senate, two bodies in which I had the honor to serve, carrying the water for an unannounced presidential campaign,” Steube tweeted.

“My fellow elected officials serving in Tallahassee were voted into those positions by your constituents to represent you, not to bow down to a governor’s presidential ambitions!” he aggregate. “Be strong and brave, the people of Florida will thank you.”

Florida Republican criticizes Ron DeSantis
Florida Republican Congressman Greg Steube speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on July 29, 2020. Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis speaks at Hillsdale College on April 6, 2023, in Hillsdale, Michigan. DeSantis is being denounced by Steube for his possible challenge to former President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.
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news week has reached out to DeSantis’ office by email for comment.

Although DeSantis has not officially announced a 2024 presidential run, the governor has recently been touring the country in what many have assumed was the prelude to an official campaign announcement.

The Politico article says Florida Republicans are frustrated that DeSantis has been demanding that legislation “deemed comprehensive” for his national presidential campaign be passed quickly in the legislature.

More recently, the governor has been busy positioning himself as a champion of the right-wing “culture war,” promoting a series of anti-transgender bills, signing a six-week abortion ban and continuing his battle with Disney after the company criticize his “Don’ Ley Say Gay”.

With just weeks to go before the current session of the legislature ends, Florida lawmakers have not passed a bill to repeal or amend the state’s “r.”design to runlaw. The move would be a crucial precursor to DeSantis announcing a presidential run, if he intends to remain governor while campaigning.

DeSantis has been losing ground to Trump before the race officially begins, and recent Republican primary polls show the former president defeating him by wide margins.

Trump has also been overwhelmingly winning the battle for endorsement, including among Florida Republicans. Only one Republican member of the state’s congressional delegation, Rep. Laurel Lee, has endorsed DeSantis.

The former president has amassed the endorsements of eight members of the US House of Representatives in Florida alone: ​​Steube, Vern Buchanan, Anna Paulina Luna, Matt Gaetz, Cory Mills, John Rutherford, Brian Mast and Michael Waltz.

Steube’s endorsement of Trump this week, during a Newsmax interview, included a dig at DeSantis. The congressman said it was “not a difficult decision” to back Trump over the governor, whom he urged “to finish his term and support [former] President Trump.”

Notably, the endorsement also featured an apparent gaffe regarding Trump, with Steube apparently referring to him as Donald J. “Chump” at first mention. Trump shared a video clip of the moment with Truth Social, as he thanked Steube for his support.

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