Forever-Strong Testimonial – Wayne

– Before I joined Forever
Strong, I’d just turned 40, I had two young kids, a
four-year-old and a two-year-old. I’d stopped going to the gym. I’d stopped going out on my bike. I’d basically lost interest
in staying fit and healthy. Trying to keep up with the children, chase after them, I’d get tired easily. I’d get out of breath,
and that just wasn’t me. Drank a bit more than I would normally, I would eat unhealthy foods and basically doing what a lot of dads do after their first children
arrive and let myself go. Made me realize how much I’d let myself go and I needed to do something about it. I remember the first day walking in and the gym instructor,
Kaela, was so encouraging, receptive and welcoming,
introduced me to everybody and straight away it felt like
a really good place to be. It was just different to all the other sessions that I’d previously done. It was a cardio mixed with weights and it just felt really good for the body. I’ve seen so many results
since joining Forever Strong. I am so much fitter, so much healthier. It’s brought back a real
discipline to my life. I am really strict with my diet, and that’s come from the encouragement that you get from all the instructors. They check in with you about your diet and make sure that you’re
following the right routines. A lot fitter than I ever was before. No matter how much football or gym I’ve done previously, how much cycling, I’ve never been as fit as I am now. I’ve lost so much weight,
I feel so much trimmer, and I can now start to say that
I’m getting a six-pack back, which is something to be
proud of at the age of 41. Being at Forever Strong has really brought back strength to me. Struggled to do a chin-up and
now easily do 10 chin-ups, I can do chin-ups with
weights around my body, something that I’ve never
been able to do before. I’ve been to other gyms where you walk in and nobody says a word to you. Self-conscious when you’re
trying to do the weights because you don’t know if
you’re doing them right. You feel as though everybody
else is looking at you. There’s none of that at Forever Strong. All the instructors really encourage you. Everybody else at the
gym is really friendly, really encouraging, pushing
each other to the next level. It’s so much more than a gym. There’s so many dads out there in the same position that I was in. Having had two young children,
not getting enough sleep, thinking that they’ll do
their exercise in a few years. Just do it now. Give Forever Strong a try,
you will absolutely love it. As well as loving it and enjoying it, you’ll go away from every session feeling exhausted, but
then seeing results.

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