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– So, whether you’ve been struggling to see results from your workouts, maybe you’re just having a
hard time getting started, or maybe you just don’t know what to do. I would like invite you in
for a free strategy session where you’ll meet with me in person to develop your personalized
fitness blueprint. My name is Coach Alan, owner and founder of
PPC Fitness in Pasadena, where we specialize in helping busy adults transform their mind and body through amazing fitness programs. In fact, we’ve helped hundreds
of people just like you undergo their very own transformation. So, you may be wondering exactly
what a strategy session is. So, once you come to our facility we’re gonna greet you at the door and then we’re gonna put
you on our InBody machine. The InBody machine is gonna give us the in-depth overview of your health, which includes your weight, muscle mass and body fat percentage. Once we have this information
we’re gonna sit down together and develop your short
and long-term goals, discover any challenges
or obstacles you may face to achieve these goals and
then implement a strategy to overcome any obstacles
or challenges you may face. Which includes a fitness
regimen that aligns with your schedule and
your day to day activities, we’re gonna go over the
exact workout you need to do, the frequency and the days of the week. After we do that, we’re gonna
develop a nutritional strategy that you can use to start
seeing results right away, I’m talking about results
you can see in the mirror. Because we already know that
nutrition is 80% or more of the work required to have
that amazing transformation. Once the meeting is over you’re gonna have a personalized blueprint
that you get to keep, so that way you can leave
knowing that you have the exact steps you need to take to achieve your long-term goals. So, the only thing that’s left is for you to book a meeting with me so we can establish your
fitness blueprint today and get you one step closer to your goals. My name is Coach Alan and I look forward to
seeing you very soon. Peace. (soft funky music)

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