Freeletics Body Transformation – amazing transformation with freeletics

I searched for a while, something to do in
a hotel room or at home, wehre i can make fitness and then I saw your video in youtube,
Christian and i tried out and I was convinced about the quick results. I’m doing Freeletics
since one year. I started on the 22.04.201, the first Freeletics session. How you feel
with Freeletics Hera, Are you ok? You have three workout to do Hera, Metis, Poseidon
and at last Helios. Do you think you will carry of the pull-ups? Yes. To give up is
not an option. Keep Going Stefan.

8 Replies to “Freeletics Body Transformation – amazing transformation with freeletics”

  1. Woche 46 means week 46? Now I understand that some of  us didn't change much for the 15 weeks duration. You need to make freeletics your hobby and sport.. 🙂
    Great change bro!!

  2. Guys… Is there an extended program I should know about…? Is there one that goes up to 46 weeks?

  3. at least 46 weeks is a reasonable amount of time. when i see other shit here telling you u can have a well trained body in 40 days…pfff…get real! changing your body needs time and hard work and again time.

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