Freeletics Coach Update- Alle Fragen und Funktionen

Since Tuesday, August the new freeletics coach update is available. Inside that video you will get all your question answered and see how the new coach is looking. If you yet not decided to buy the new online coach, the freeletics coupon is still valid. You will have 30% discount until 1000 are sold. It should be available for the next days until September. Who can obtain the discount? The coupon is egilible for all new freeletics customers and existing customers who had a freeletics coach in the past but have RIGHT NOW no coach. The discount code is not working if you have a coach currently and want to extend it. This is unfortunately not possible in case of technical issues. If you have an existing active coach you can upgrade the coach by jumping in a new week. For that you need to do a fitness test. The fitness test is different for each people. It depends on who you answered the previous question during the coach upgrade. Your coach will not be reset. How does the “Coach Feedback” looking like? Here you can select the “Level of difficulty”. The levels are: Hard, but OK”, “Much too heavy”, “Much too easy” Here you can switch your focus on a global basis: Strength, Endurance or Both. You can also select “How many days you like to train per week” Which limitations can i select? The limitations are separated in muscle groups. For example if i have problems with my triceps, i can select them and the coach will avoid excercises with triceps. For me there are no limitations and i would like to keep the 4 training days. Also i select the “hard but ok” feedback and press “Next week” Are there new workouts? No, but there are a lot of modification on the existing workouts. Lets have a look for the ZEUS workout Here you can see that the amount of reps per rounds are different and also some exercises are different in technique. Please have a deeper look on how to perform the exercises, have a look on the (new) videos in order to perform them correctly. Also there are different types of workouts. You can select between: Strength, Endurance or both and the exercises will change, e.g. Pushups are OH Pushups now or Muscleups instead of normal pullups etc.. So, heavy workouts are the normal workouts but with more advanced exercises You can select Strength, Cardio or both on a global level only when you turn to next week. Is it possible to comment on workouts or see the workouts of my friends in the Online Coach? No, the online Coach has still no “social effects” implemented, this is restricted to the freeletics app Are there still “MAX” exercises existing? There are no standard MAX exercises anymore, but you can select each exercise by hand if you select the “Free training” section Than select one exercise and you can select the amount of repetitions you would like to do. So, instead of a pre defined time, there will be pre-defined amount of repetitions now and also the points will change. Also in the Coach program itself there is no “time based max” workouts, instead there are “amount repetition based max” Are you interested in more updates regarding the new freeletics coach? E.g. the new slow motion videos or the new exercises? Than i appreciate your “thumb up” and your comment. Thank you so much

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