Freeletics GYM – Primera Semana – Camino a Spartan Race

Welcome athletes. My name is Albert, I’m 37 years old and I want to win my next Spartan Race. We are on June 1st, 2017. And my body isn’t in good form. My measurements are terrible. Abdominal fat … Thin limbs … But still … I have a very fast sprint … I’m capable to do 12 pull ups in a row … But that’s not enough to get into elite series. I’m going to use the FREELETICS GYM method To gain strength, musculature and fitness body in 4 months. I like the high level of stress that you put your body during this workouts You always go against the stopwatch Also … I’ll dedicate 1 day a week to specific obstacle race training in bar parks And I’ll go to work running and riding my bike An old Japanese proverb says … If you sweat more in training … You will bleed less in battle. And I’m going to win my next obstacle course! Welcome to my transformation into an athlete.

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