Freeletics Motivation – Create Yourself

2015 a year to strive for greatness No matter the circumstances No matter the struggle I won’t make excuses I will work for it 2015 the year of no excuses Freeletics

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  1. Ich liebe Freeletics, aber warum zu Hölle hat keiner der Statisten genügend Geld für Sportoberteile, so dass Sommer wie Winter mit freien Oberkörper trainiert werden muss ;-)?

  2. Pas d'excuses pour 2015 Athlètes libres entrainez-vous où vous voulez, avec qui vous voulez et surtout restez motivé !!!

  3. 2015 is the year of no excuses. What are your New Years Resolutions?
    Make 2015 the year of no excuses ►►►

    2015 is here. It’s a new year. Your year. 365 days of new possibilities. So instead of being one of those people who breaks their New Years Resolutions every year, make this the year you stick to yours. Why? Because 2015 starts today. There is no better day to start your journey. No more "I can't." No more "I won't." No more complaining. No “It’s too cold." No “it’s too dark.” No “it’s too early.” No excuses. Only results. Turn resolutions into actions. Make Freeletics a part of your 2015 and you will conquer.

  4. I just signed up for this. Kind of blindly since I did no further research after seeing like 2 videos. But once I found out this was training based of pure body weight I couldn't resist. I'm hoping this will better my core too.

  5. I have question in your freeze tics guide the workout plan in English is different from throne in Spanish !! For ex the English version the first week workout stars by Venus. Pull-up max. Venus.pullup max. In the Spanish version tarts by Venus. Burped max. Afrodite. Squat max. Dione. Is it ok to choose either of them ???

  6. 2014 was also the year of no excuses.
    2016 would be the yaer of no excuses also.

  7. I just finished my 5th freeletics workout.. It's unbelieveable, done a lot of sports – never felt better! I reccomend this to everybody..

  8. 'Life is not about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself'. Love the motivation you guys provide!

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