I am russian free athlete, from moscow, Even though I could be athlete from every other city. I lived in different cities. In many of them. The only steady thing are my workouts. I train everywhere I want and at every time I want. My gym is the world around me. I discovered Freeletics about an year ago. Watched Levent’s video and other videos about body trasfomation, have got the main idea of training routine. However, as I found a bit later – to begin that was easier than I expected. Over time I got new friends and I like the way we are doing. Also we like to train together. It is always a challenge and has a lot of motivation. New athletes from different cities became to join us! We band together to call for a new challenge! Every month our number grows! There are over 2 millions Free athletes over the world and , damn, it is so pleasure to feel yourself as a part of this big team! And we are free athletes from Russia! Freeletics for us is not only exercises… Freeletics is sport! My sport! Ours! Athletes from many cities of Russia train every day. Together or alone… Share their experience in the web, make new challenges and break new records. And I love to be with them at this moment… And I love to try strength against me, too. It is Freeletics Russia.

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