Freeletics Transformation – 32KG abgenommen – Freeletics Interview mit Heiko Straßburger

Welcome to the vegan-freeletics Hangout, this
time with Heiko Strassburger one famous freeletics athlete with a great freeletics transformation.
Welcome Heiko Servus Christian Tell us something about you My name is Heiko Strassburger, i am 31 years
old, and do freeletics for 34 weeks. When did you begun exactly with freeletics, and
what exactly was the motivation to start with freeletics? My motivation was that i saw a photo of myself
where i was really fat in my “gamer-pose”. I was really upset about my belly, but in
case of a injury it was not possible to do some sport. Than i found the video from Levent in the
internet and exactly at that point i thought:Was Levent can do, i can do also – to 100%. What did you reached with Freeletics since
you saw that video from Levent? In the first 15 weeks – with the C&S Guide
from freeletics my goal was to loose weight. I also
changed my diet. I lost 27kg in the first
15 weeks, in general i lost 32 kg over the full period. The next 15-week guide i gained
4,5 kg muscle. You changed your diet, what exactly did you
changed? I changed my diet to “Low Carb”. I
used and consumed only between 50-70g
carbohydrates during the day. No candy, no sodas.. Did also other parts of your life changed
with freeletics? Yes i am feeling better over all. I can go
outside and play with my kids. Do you also have a blog or some pictures of
you? Yes – there are lot
of pics, blogs etc… Respect for all the things you accomplished
until now. Do you want to say 1 – 2 more sentences? It´s never too late to start. And everybody
can do it! I had 112 kg when i started and also i reached my goal, so everybody can do
it. Set your goals, do what you have to do and you will reach your goal. Thank you very much for the interview Have a look at for freeletics
interviews and lot more. Thanks and see you again. Yours Heiko and

8 Replies to “Freeletics Transformation – 32KG abgenommen – Freeletics Interview mit Heiko Straßburger”

  1. Doch gibt es. Ich lass mir ständig mein kfa messen 7 Punkt Messung. Am Anfang vom Start der 2. 15 Wochen strenght coach hatte ich einen kfa von 11,41% bei 80,6kg. Nach den 15 Wochen ein kfa von 11,23% bei 85,2kg. Was sagt uns das ? ;))

  2. Die Geschichte von Heiko hat mich wirklich motiviert endlich etwas zu tun. Vielen Dank dafür! Kann man Heikos Anfangstrainingsplan irgendwo finden? 🙂

  3. Hey lieber Christian.. sehr motivierender Kanal, den du da hast ;)) Mein ABO lass ich glatt da.. und bist auch herzlich bei mir willkommen.. Respect für den Erfolg in dem Video!! TOP..

    bis bald und immer weiter so ;D dat gefällt!

    vg, Max GREEN aus Berlin

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