From Average to Greek God – Step by Step Transformation

you don’t when watching movies how many times do say damn that guy looks awesome I wish I could look like that well guess what you can you just probably never knew how after working with thousands of people my partner Greg and I realized that most people want the physic that fits one of these three categories warrior Greek god or super hero the warrior physique is very very exceptionally linear ripped but you still look slim in clothes this is the Luke Henry Cavill had any mortals or Cam Gigandet in never back down then we have the grid gut visit this is where you have a perfect balance of size and definition and you definitely stand out in clothes this is the Luke Brad Pitt head in Troy or Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and the final step the superhero physique at this level your physique is just astonishing you probably couldn’t find another man within a mile from where you live that achieved such an advanced level of fitness examples for this physique are Chris Hemsworth in tour and Chris Evans in Captain America now depending on your current physique you need to take different steps to go from where you are to your gold if you start from a high body fat percentage your first move will obviously be to cut if you start from a very skinny physique your first move will be to gain weight and muscle each person needs to take different steps in this video we’re going to address one of the scenarios how to go from the average physique to the Greek god physique let’s get started the average physique is a term I use to describe the most common male body 13 to 17 percent body fat with little muscle mass most people start their fitness journey from this point me included this is how I look before I started lifting pretty average one and a half years later I reach the word physique and one year after that I reached the Greek god physique this is how I look now the process is pretty simple you just have to be patient and persistent I’ll show you how to do it to reach the Greek god physique you need to reach certain standards of strength while maintaining a slim waist muscle is the byproduct of strength to reach a certain muscle size you need to hit the strength level that corresponds to that size then to have great proportions great muscle definition and six-pack abs you need a low body fat waist circumference around the navel corresponds fairly well to body fat percentage this is why we use that as the goal having a very slim waist guarantees a low body fat isn’t that nice to finally have clearly defined fitness goals this is what you have to do when you hit those standards you can be sure that you will have the Greek art physique you should feel she will have you got a husband who’s in such great shape like this huh stop flexing your muscles Jordan you look like a fucking imbecile the most common issue people have when they start from the average physique is that they’re unhappy with both their size and definition they would like to get bigger and leaner at the same time unfortunately you can’t do that efficiently your transformation needs to go down this way pause the screen and read this I’ll explain why in a minute but dude if you cut first you’re going to be fucking little now I know a lot of people will argue against starting with a cutting phase because you end up looking too small they’re right in the first few months you will look very small but it’s worth it because as a beginner you can also build muscle while you’re losing fat while you’re cutting at the end of your cut you will be smaller but you’ll be ripped also by losing fat first you can then stay in a calorie surplus for a very long time without getting too fat getting down to around 10% body fat is the best thing to do before you bulk ok let’s explain another term the base level the base level is something that I used to describe the point where you are lean you are around 10% body fat and you have decent strength you can do eight chin-ups with your body weight and lift 90 percent of your body weight on England bench press for five reps this is where you end up after one or three months of cutting and lifting to get there from the average physique you need to lose 5 to 10 pounds of fat and gain 5 to 10 pounds of muscle if you’re just getting started you’re probably confused about how to lose belly fat and how to gain muscle I understand I used to think high intensity exercise local diet and cardio were the reason we lose body fat I also thought that muscle confusion would get me bigger the truth is much more boring fat loss is all about staying in a calorie deficit and muscle growth is all about getting stronger if you track your calorie intake directly and you make sure that you’re in a deficit you can eat all the food you want also you can lose fat playing on your phone instead of doing cardio fat loss is a numbers game to lose fat quickly without affecting your muscle mass testosterone or gym performance you need to have a calorie deficit that is 20 to 25 percent under maintenance not more here is how you said that for example someone who works a desk job and doesn’t do any cardio and doesn’t play any sports and lifts only three times per week they would set their calorie deficit at 11 or 12 calories per pound of body weight also to support muscle growth you must make sure that you include around one gram of protein in your calorie intake getting enough protein in your diet makes a huge difference for muscle growth so to recap to lose 5 to 10 pounds of fat here’s what you need to do number one have a 20 25 % calorie deficit number 2 get around one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight or 2 grams per kilogram number 3 fill the rest of the calories with fats and carbs by the way you don’t need to track fats and carbs very closely and number 4 you do this until you get to around 10 percent body fat if you stay in a calorie deficit for 4 to 10 weeks while also getting 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight you will be getting lean while also gaining muscle when you want to build muscle the main goal of your workouts should actually be getting stronger most people don’t understand this but we can train for size muscle growth either to produce more force increasing the size of the contractile tissue so it can lift heavier weights or to improve endurance increasing the capacity to store fuel known as glycogen around the muscle fibers basically muscle growth is a side effect now most of the muscle mass a natural lifter can gain will come from getting stronger in the 5 to 12 rep range that is because lifting heavier and heavier weights over time increases the actual size of the muscle fibers doing a lot of light reps will only lead to a small amount of growth that’s because after your glycogen stores have increased enough to handle that volume there is no more reason to grow what this means for you is that the routine that will get to strongest in a medium rep range is also the routine that will get you the most muscular so here is how your first routine could look like and here are the notes for it you can post the screen and read it right I mean you don’t need me to read it for you or do you need that but let me know in the comments after 1 to 3 months of cutting and lifting you will be at the base level to reach the Greek god physique you not need to focus on gaining weight in addition to gaining strength you will now shift your focus on maximizing muscle growth by lean bulking to do this you’ll eat a slight calorie surplus 5 to 10 percent above maintenance for long periods of time remember that for Naturals the rate of muscle growth per month is pretty small you can gain maybe two pounds per month so eating a lot of food doesn’t make any sense you’re just going to gain fat after those two pounds has your gain strength on the key movements you will also build muscle and size so how long will it take me to reach the Greek god physique about two years two years fuck that shit a lot of guys get discouraged when they hear that but I think they miss a very important point you won’t go from your current physique right to your goal physique it won’t be like fat and weak fat and weak fat and weak fat and weak and finally on the 738 day you will wake up looking awesome No you’ll gradually look better and better this is the reason why we need to stay lean as we’re building muscle to keep our motivation high and enjoy our fitness journey we need to start out looking good and end up looking great to look good you need to stay under 15% body fat at all times you’re cuttin Bourg cycles will be kept in the range of 8 to 15 percent body fat you will inevitably gain some fat as you’re gaining muscle so once you have to 15% body fat it’s time to cut back to around 10% you will repeat this process until you reach the regard physique hey hey Trudeau here I hope you enjoyed the video obviously I couldn’t address everything here so I encourage you to watch other videos of mine to learn how to set your diet and training for your goals or even simpler I’d encourage you to get the Greek art program it’s the program I used for the last two years and what built my current physique click on it to check it out also for more videos make sure that you subscribe

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  1. I'd recommend ambrosia and nectar. For those who are interested in ancient Greek ideals of male beauty, I understand that neck, arms, and calves should all be the same. Incidentally, a big penis was considered gross, which is interesting, given most modern males are obsessed by this.

  2. is it possible to write down alternative for workout for this program but without gym equipment 🙂

  3. I trust him mostly because the accent that sounds like a foreigner who might of fought bears a fuck alot

  4. Dude you spelled Greek with Greek letters and instead of the Greek "'Ε" you used the Greek "S". It's like you wrote GRSSK

  5. Everything is false,. Just work harder. Don’t count calories. Just eat healthy. And workout. Your making it difficult,

  6. Very well explained and about the process….
    They are well elaborated and explained with common sense!

    Very informative over the steps to have the greek god physique.
    It does take time and effort, while keeping the smile up of course.

    I will follow your advices, thank you. You should do a Saiyan Physique edition! Lol 🤣👌

    I leave you with a like and an a subscription to your channel dear friend. 😁

  7. My legs are big. My bones are heavy. People who look like me weigh 180 I used to weigh 240. I now weigh 213 but again people who have my body shape weigh so much less.

    What do you do if you have strange genetics? Is this a benefit?
    – I come from a family of military men. Every first born joins the military.

  8. 10 minutes of pure gold. Best fitness video for begginners I've ever seen! Most videos are too specific and can scare begginners. This one keeps it simple and straight foward while still giving an excellent overview on what it takes to change your body for the better.

  9. I thought I was this version of skinny fat so I cut first, now I'm just really skinny lol I can just about see abs in perfect light

    Ahh well, it's probably not a bad starting point to work out and gain weight from anyway

  10. The most important thing to do is your nutrition. As long as you are working out somehow around 3 times week you will make progress. It's like he said it's only a numbers game and as long as you stay in a small deficit of around 300-500 calories you will lose without adapting to your new intake. I think the protein numbers are to high several studies show that there is no difference in muscle gain over 1.2g protein per kg bodyweight.
    Just workout and learn how much calories you can eat you don't need to be on point but at the end of the week you need to have that caloric deficit.

  11. finaly a REAL fitness video
    first real shit i have seen in years
    so much fake shit in this fitness industrie

  12. In russia you don't lift the weights, the weights lift you! Я кстати тоже русский так что если вы тоже то поставьте лайк 🙂

  13. He's right about fat loss. Many people rarely understand that it's calories in and calories out. I sat in my house and watched Netflix all day only eating 1000 calories a day and dropped 25 pounds in 2 weeks

  14. Really interesting video and very well spoken. I also liked the fact that you were not reading the instructions, haha!

  15. I know i'm really late on the video, but if i'm a teenager still growing would it be more profitable to start with a bulk? Anyways great video.

  16. It's better if you read it because I don't always look at the videos most of the times I just listen to them

  17. I am Greek and God, so I don't need to do something!!🇬🇷💙🇪🇺💙🇨🇾💙🇺🇳

  18. I’m 5’6in w a 32 inch waist and I’m not even fat.. 😂😭 I’ll just be a square who needs a body rlly

  19. Ok so there is something I don't understand.
    I currently weigh 80kg (I did clean bulk). Body fat around 15% (height 180cm, waist is 50%x180= 90cm, from your video).
    So now I should start cutting until waist is around 45%x180cm =80cm.
    And I will probably end up at 75kg. Then what?
    If I bulk again I will end up at 80kg with 90cm waist, and then? How do you break this cycle? How do you get bigger but leaner?

    Am I missing something?

  20. Let me tell you something so simple you won't believe it.

    Train and eat, 6 days a week look like a god. Simple.

  21. You can eat whatever you want as long as you maintain a calorie deficit is the crappiest advice one can give.


  23. These "base level" shit is bull shit he pull that shit right out his tiny anus. He doesn't even look like he fucking works out lmao. Greek God my ass. You cant build muscle and lose muscle unless you just started.

  24. Hi everyone!
    There is a lot of calculation to do, but, since this video is helping me, i've decided to give something back to the community, so, i've programmed a basic calculator based on this video, acessible via!
    All credits goes to Radu!

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