Fruit of the Spirit Christian Fitness Stretch with Chair

good morning or afternoon or evening or
middle of the night whenever you’re doing this this is Mary Limon my good
friend and Rebecca Deaver my good friend I’m Lala Monica and we are going to do a
wonderful workout for you today on YouTube we it does have ads and we do
split them up into parts but if you want the full ad free version of the workout
you can go to wholly fit org and become a member for five dollars a month and
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easy you just go to WholyFitt or click the member button and then you will have
access to our holy bit cloud gym so enjoy today and blessings welcome to the Holi fit studio I’m Mary
this is Rebecca and this is Laura Monica the founder of WholyFit and today we’re
going to do a WholyFit stretch and strengthening workout to the fruit of
the Spirit from Galatians 5 okay we’re gonna start out in our new car pasture
so I want you to really plant those feet into the ground about hip width apart
engage those quadriceps abdominals engaged tilt that pelvis under shoulders
rolled back and down with your head in line with your spine and then let’s just
press our palms together we breathe while we do our exercises
that’s a big inhale through your nose and as you exhale I want you to bring
your arms out and forward as we Bend those DS into a
seated position you have those abdominals engaged you still keep that
pelvis tilted under with your chest lifted and this is love the fruit of the
Spirit is love inhale as you straighten those legs and
you reach up exhale as you swan dive down and just come forward as far as you
can with a flat back shift the weight into the balls of your feet and I just
want you to feel a stretch down those hamstrings inhale as you bend those knees and come
into peace so the fruit of the Spirit is love joy
peace around your back roll up just until you
have your shoulders over your hips that I want you to press your left hand
forward with your right hand and then drop your chin to your chest and feel an
amazing stretch down these neck extensors all the way down your spine
and across your shoulders I always say this posture looks a bit funny but it
feels amazing and reach up in the kindness remember this is just like you’re in a
car everything’s engaged and lined up bring those arms down this time step
back with your right foot okay so your front foot is facing forward back foot
at an angle with your hips Square to the front we’re going to straighten that
front leg inhale lift up out of those hips and come forward with a flat back
into goodness use that thigh for support and again just come down as far as you
can with a flat pack and don’t forget to breathe Ok now we’re gonna win meal back with that fist in that hip and that
helps you to make sure your hips are square and reach up into faithfulness love joy peace patience kindness faithfulness exhale bring that arm in
and out bring your other arm out bend that knee and come into gentleness now
if you have to just your feet go ahead you can step back you want to keep that
knee behind your toes this is all for safety gentleness exhale he now engage those abdominals
step up and straighten that front leg the left leg that’s in back you’re gonna
put it behind you hips square arms out to the side or up and I’m gonna show you
a side angle here point that back toe really hard and then if you can tilt
forward and come back
Oh inhale exhale and come back into the car we’re gonna do the other side this
is our warm-up now if I’m already feeling it I hope you are too big inhale
and exhale and if you are feeling warmed up you’ll probably notice you can sit a
little deeper maybe reach your arms a little bit higher up but keep that chest
lifted and your shoulders engaged so no
scrunchie shoulders back and down inhale reach out okay if you’re feeling a
little warmed up here you can put a little arch in you have to tilt that
pelvis under and lift the chest and then swan dive down into joy the joy of the
Lord is our strength and exhale as we bend those knees and
come down into peace the piece we get through Jesus it’s a
piece at the world cannot have you can only have true peace through Jesus how
can read your back and let’s roll up this time we’re gonna push the right
hand forward with the left hand and drop that chin to your chest into patience
keep that belly button pulled into your spine and inhale as we reach up
into kindness and again if you want to put an arch in here now tilt that pelvis
under lift that chest and then arch from the top of the back or what you might want to even do that’s
betters use your fists in your hips and then you can get a deeper stretch and
protect that lower back bring those arms down step back with
your left leg straighten that front leg hips square inhale and exhale into
goodness we want those quads engaged and you’ll feel when you get a little
release and you can go down a little deeper and let’s wind meal back come
into faithfulness again if you’re feeling warmed up now you can reach down
the back of your leg put an arch in there and come back up
swing that arm in front of you and out and Bend that front knee and come into
your gentleness and don’t let it be too gentle shift
that energy into the back leg so that you feel it all the way down the outside
of your back leg as well as your front quad and now let’s straighten that front leg
and come up for our balanced posture point that back too hard
and then if you can tilt forward keeping everything lined up and see I switched to my hips because
that’s another option but it also prevents me from smacking Rebecca okay
and back up to the I’m used to seeing top of the mat but just yeah exactly
back to the top of your mat and let’s get back in tune our are in a car and
what we’re going to do just get a little more warm up and get that heart rate
going cause we’re gonna put this into a flow okay so the fruit of the Spirit is
love joy peace patience behind this this time
step back with your right foot goodness faithfulness gentleness and self-control
and now the other side joy peace patience highness goodness faithfulness gentleness and
good old self-control oh there we go inhale and exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale step back with your right foot exhale in hell exhale and now
and exhale okay now we’re gonna do the right side
big inhale and exhale into love in hell
exhale joy exhale peace exhale patients behind this step back into goodness exhale inhale in faithfulness exhale gentleness
inhale self-control and the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace patience highness goodness faithful gentleness
and self-control now on the left side or the right side the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace patience kindness step back and goodness faithfulness gentleness
and self-control love joy peace patience on the left side kindness step
back with your right foot goodness faithfulness gentleness
and self-control hey last time on the right
inhale exhale into love joy peace patience on the right side so push that
right hand forward reach up into kindness step back and come forward into
goodness okay windmill back into faithfulness
drop that arm forward and out into gentleness remember to keep that knee
behind your feet protect those knees reach up end is self-control good job

6 Replies to “Fruit of the Spirit Christian Fitness Stretch with Chair”

  1. Just finished following you on this video! My favorite routine to teach in its entirety! Thanks Mary! ❤
    Loved the flow with the spoken Word of the Fruit of the Spirit! 🔥🕊✝️

  2. You really are warmed up by the end of this and ready for standing and stretching. Also a great mini workout, just to get you energized!

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