Fall Series WOD 4 9′ time cap, 4 rounds where you’ll do a complex of power clean, hang squat clean and jerk then handstand walk and bar muscle ups the complex will have the weight increased the bar muscle ups will decrease in reps At “3, 2, 1, GO!” the athlete will go from the righ to the floor where he will do a complex composed of power clean, hang squat clean & jerk once done he will do 9 m of handstand walk Then 12 Bar MUs After that he will load the new weights and he will repeat the same complex once done he will head back to the rig via handstand walk to do the BMUs the following rounds will have the same dynamic with increasing weights and less BMUs once done the athlete will run to the platform for his time The complex’s standard: This complex must be repeated 3 times for each round the complex is composed by: Power Clean Top position of the power clean, feet in line, locked knees, hips open, elbows over the perpendicular of the barbell and the barbell in frontrack position Hang squat clean in bottom position the iliac crest must go below the higher point of the knee in top position: alligned feet, locked knee, open hips elbow beyond the perpendicular axis of the barbell and a Jerk according to Open standards jerk as to be considered as a shoulder to over head press, push press, push jerk or split jerk are all allowed in top position: alligned feet, locked knee, open hips locjen elbow and the barbel on the body midline handstand walk standard booth hand must touch the ground before the line no part of the hand can touch the line and must finish with booth hand over the line Bar Muscle up standard athlete will start from a dead hang through a transition that need a portion of dip in top position: locked elbow sholders over the vertical projection of the bar no regrip is allowed no parts of the arms can touch the bar except the hands

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