Fall Series Throwdown 2019 team wod number 4 9′ time cap with a Buy in of 40 strict handstand push ups 1 teammate works and the other 2 are holding themselves at the bar after this you’ll have a tiebreak ad you’ll proceed 2 consecutive round each athlete 2 bar MU 4 sandbag ground to shoulder and 8 dumbell hang snatch 4 reps with right arm and 4 reps with left arm at “3,2,1, GO” 2 athletes hang to the bar as soon they are hanging third one wil star the 40 strict HSPU free changes are allowed to reach the 40 reps finished the 40 strict HSPU you’ll have a tiebreak and the second part will begin so each teammate must complete 2 round of 2 bar MU 4 sandbags ground to shoulder and 8 dumbell hang snatch after the 2 rounds are completed will go to back to let another teammate begin the same workout hang snatch standard is expressly requested to perform 4 reps with right arm and 4 with the left arm dumbell will reach the starting position and with an hang movement in topo position where we have to see alligned feet, locked knee open hips, locjed elbow and the dumbell over the body midline the arm change must be performed below the higher poit of the head or on the ground strict HSPU standard the rep starts in top position in bottom position the head must touch the ground back to top position with locked elbow, open hips during all the movement only your heels can touch the wall bar MU standard starts from a dead hang through a transition that need a portion of dip will go in top positio with locked elbow shoulder over the vertical projection of the bar no re-grip is allowed the hands are the only pert of the arm that can touch the bar sandbag ground to shoulder standard starts from the ground and finishes above the shoulder with locked knee, open hips sandbag on the shoulder touch and go allowed back drop is not

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