Full Body Mobility Routine – Follow Along

Hi and welcome to my follow-along mobility
training for badminton players. Mobility training on one hand is perfect if you
want to start into a training or you can do it also before stability training for
example. So we just want to go through the most important joints that you
want to keep mobile or make mobile before you go into a training or start
your stability session so let’s right away dive into it. First of all we start
out just sitting on our feet, sitting on our heels and the first thing we’re
going to do is, we stretch our hip slowly out and now we’re going to do a lunge
with one leg, not too big, so the goal now is to push the knee right to the front.
Really far above your foot, so try to make your ankle as mobile as possible.
In this direction here we want to get mobile, get back down again, slowly go
down, sit back on your heels, up again, other leg. Again push your knee forward as
far as you can, go back, put down your foot, down and one more time again with
the right leg, get over with your knee one more time left. Okay next time we
we go up and now we put the foot here to the right side. Again get with the knee over your foot so you want to get more mobility in your ankle, going
down, same on the left side. Get over your foot, get inside
sit down and again one more time here with the right leg. Sit down again and we
get up. Okay next step we move upwards and we focus now on the hips. First thing
we’re going to do is put your hands behind you, chest out and leave a lot of
space in between your two feet and now let’s drop your knees down to the ground
so there should be enough space here for your knee. So it’s not on your foot
foot but beside your foot. Get up again and let it drop on the other side. Always
dynamically from right to left and always try to stay upright, push your
chest out, and one more time. Right to left and left to right. Okay, next step from this position here
we try to do that now without our hands but try to stay as upright as you can
and change to the other side. Your heels are always staying at the
same position, you turn to the other side and free up your hips, again change and as I
said try also here to stay upright. Don’T make your back to round when you change
sides, push your chest out as far as you can and one last time. Okay! Next step we
do the same thing but always when we’re in this position we want to stretch our
hips and get into this position here. Again from here we go down slowly,
steadily, we stay upright, change and do the same thing here. Stretch the hip, bend the
hip again, back to the other side. Okay do that a couple of times,
always slowly up, slowly down, so you really want to work with the hips here. Back again to the other side and one more time here on the right
let’s change to the left. Okay so much for that. We go
into a big lunge. For the next thing we need make a big lunge, the food should be in
front of the knee, be on your toes on the rear foot and then every time you
exhale go a little bit down, a little bit deeper, free up those hips and try to get
maybe with both elbows down to the ground. That could be maybe the goal, if you
don’t get so far down, no problem. Try to free your hip up and now get on both
of your hands, both arms straight and now the inner arm, so I’m standing here with
my right foot in the front, I take my right arm and I rotate it
upwards. My eyes are always following my hand, down again and up. We do that five
more times, one last time. Okay and we change sides so right leg goes to the
rear , left leg to the front and once again try to go a little bit deeper
every time I exhale I go a little bit deeper into the stretch, free up the
hips and again try to get as far down as I can. Okay same again here. Get onto your hands
and now the left arm goes upwards, eyes following the arm. again foour more, three, two, one, okay all right.
We go a little bit upwards. Now we want to focus here on the upper part of
our spine and starting position like this. We put our hands beside our head
and now we want to turn as far as we can to one side, still stayin upright and
now we get with this elbow here in the back down to the ground. Get up and now we
should be able to get a little bit further here with the same one more time
and now a third time, a little bit more turning, down and same thing on the other side. So turn, elbow goes downwards and a little bit more second stage and third
time again. Change to the other side. Again try always to stay upright
so when you go down and up you still want to put out your chest, don’t get
round with the back and always three times, other side. One, two, three and one last time. One last
time left side here for me three and the right side. This part here of the
spine is so important if you’re turning in the rear court and if you want to reach
especially for the round the head shots here you want to have a
lot of mobility up here so very good exercise and now let’s focus on the
shoulder last part we’re going to do now in this follow along. A very easy relaxing
exercise, you will like that, you put both your knees on top of each other you have
90 degrees in your hips 90 degrees in your knees, you put both hands
on top of each other and now I’m going to open up here, go down as far as I can
and I close again so hand on hand try always the knees stay on the same point,
so I’m not going back here with the knee, I always stay on top of the other knee
and I’m only working up here as far as I can. Some of you will probably get all
the way to the back with the shoulder so then you’re also have areally good
mobility up here in your spine, that’s nice but also shoulder mobility helps
you here to get that far. Okay and now from this position on we want to
draw a big circle with our fingertips so we go up here, again the knees stay on top
of each other, then we draw a big circle as far as I can. I have to move a forwards
and up to have more space and then until here then I go back again close the circle
and then again. Big circle, I’m not able to stay here on the floor, good if you can
always stay with your fingertips on the floor, one more time. Getting better and last time closing,
okay. And of course we’re gonna switch sides so we
also want to do that for the left arm, the left shoulder. Of course
same here, 90 degrees hip, 90 degrees in the knees, start with hand on hand and we
open up. I can hear that something is freeing up, something in my back. It’s also nice if
you have maybe a little towel that you can put under your head so you don’t
have to lie in this position and don’t have to lift the head all the time.
You can make a little pillow for yourself, that’s totally okay for the
exercise here, a good idea. Okay open up it goes one more time and then final
thing, let’s make the big circle again. Knees staying on top of each other. Back again and we make another one and forward. Two more big circles here and the last time. Okay so much for this
one here now we went through all the important aspects we started with the
ankle, the hips, upper part of our spine and also the shoulders in the end. All the
important parts that we want to keep mobile or where we to want improve or keep our mobility. Now
we’re ready for maybe a normal stability workout, I can only recommend you to do
these kind of small things, maybe every morning, that is also a nice morning
routine and yeah if you’re ready for a stability workout, also check out my
follow along stability tutorials. You have two options with legs and upper
body, so perfect if you do that right away after the mobility workout. So much
for now have a nice day and I hope I see you in
the next video, bye-bye!

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