Full Hip Extension in the Sumo Deadlift High Pull

We’re just gonna work on kind of making this … putting some finesse into this movement. So, let’s take a look at where we are now and then what we can do to make it a little bit better. Come on down, Sam. So, here’s his setup position, here. And I like the knees are over the toes, the shoulders are slightly over the bar, let’s just lift the hips up, just a hair. Now I can see the shoulders are slightly over the bar and Sam, you’re gonna give me one of the best you have right now Ready and go. OK. So Jason, did he stand up all the way? Did he reach full hip extension? No. Which means, if we’re not reaching full hip extension, then that means there’s a core-to-extremity violation. Right? Let’s try and make sure that he actually understands how to open up the hips first and then hand that off to everything else in the upper body. Anna, what progression did we use to to that? What’s gonna help him out here? For the hip extension? Yeah. Just to squeeze his butt. Yes. We’re gonna tell him to just stand up and squeeze his butt. We’re gonna basically just take the arms out of the picture right now So I’m gonna borrow this, Jonathan. Alright, Sam, I’m gonna show you what you’re gonna do We’re gonna start here at mid shin. I’m just going to tell you to stand up. Then you’re gonna do this and I want you to feel the quads turn on and the butt cheeks squeeze. Let’s do that right now. Turn on your quads. Wait, stand up, I’m sorry. Turn on your quads right now, squeeze your butt cheeks hard. Good. And get your arms straight for me. This is what you’re going to get to. Your gonna go from mid-shin to that. OK, you ready? Come on down. From mid-shin, knees go open and go. Stand up. There we go. So, that’s full hip extension. How about, let’s do one more. Hold on to the ground with your feet so you don’t go flying backwards. So put those toes down for me. There you go. Good and go. Very nice. So, yes, full hip extension. From there, when you get here, I just want you to do … [shrugs] … that. Now its gonna look, I’ll face you to do it, you’re gonna go here and then do that. OK? Wrap your thumbs around for me and go. OK, it’s kind of in the same order. We want two specific movements. I’m gonna lead you through this a little bit better. Come on down. Only stand up for now. Stand up. Now shrug. Up, down. Good. Let’s do that again. And go. Stand up. Whoops. The shoulders are happening at the same time. Do you guys see that? We may have to slow him down again. Remember, you’re only standing up. Only standing up. Back down. And go, stand up. Now shrug. Beautiful. Back down. And stand up. And shrug. [laughter] Tha’ts alright. Let’s do it again. Just stand up. And then shrug. Very nice job. Alright, so, order is happening and we’re adding, we layered in a little bit of speed I think this is the speed we’re gonna keep. It’s stand up, shrug and then elbows is what you’re gonna hear me say. Just wait for me to say it and you can follow right afterwards. Ready? Back down. Stand up. Shrug. Elbows. Boom! Very nice job and you see this straight line, this is what we’re looking for for him to get tall, and then the shoulders, and then the elbows. OK, back down. One more time. Stand up. Shrug. Elbows. Very good. Unzip and right back down. Let’s do it one more time. Go ahead stand up. Shrug, elbows. Very nice, back down. All on your own, Sam, go ahead. Very good. Alright, much better. Now, team, is he done right there? No, what does he still need? He needs tempo. He still needs speed, but we now have core-to-extremity taken care of right? He’s understanding hips, then shoulders, then elbows, then unzip. So, we’re at least getting that piece in and all we would do afterwards is just continue to layer in some speed. Alright? Very nice job. Thank you.

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  1. Anyone else finding Nicole in this vid incredibly patronising to the guy? I get she's trying to simplify the movements and separate each stage, but even so- the manner is irritating…. Also shouldn't his legs be spread further to engage better quad and glute contraction ? That seems to be his overriding problem..

  2. Gracias Nicole por explicarnos tan clara y detalladamente la dinámica corporal de este ejercicio. Gracias también al Cuartel Central (HQ) por facilitar  estas gemas… en muchos países todavía no se imparte el Nivel 1 de Crossfit y toda esta instrucción es muy relevante para aprender a efectuar los movimientos correctamente principalmente para los que somos crossfiters independientes.

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  4. A suggestion to HQ is have an entire seminar by her to educate the community, contents like this is really helpful for not only coaches but athletes.

  5. What's the point of this exercise? Is it translating to anything? It seems like it would just create more injury potential than actually be good for anything.

  6. This is a really great video. I hope Nicole makes more video's, she has great clarity when explaining how to break down each part of the movement.

  7. His hips were fully extended in his first attempt. The bigger issue was that his weight was in his heels (opposed to having his whole foot connected to the ground) causing him to lose his balance. Way to over coach and confuse the poor guy though.

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