FULL LEG WORKOUT // Hannah Redwood

all right so we haven’t done one of
these in a very long time here I’m just doing some leg press not the best form
the Machine wasn’t world well but this is about six to eight reps and I’m
laddering up in the way every single time I move
up in a set so basically you add one foot on each side every single time
you’re going through the set here we’re doing a single leg press would you just
put two on each side and I’m just pressing with one leg going up and down
and a fluid motion and again the machine is not willing properly so I can’t go
much further down not hurting myself and I’m doing this for about six to eight
reps I can’t really count some time so I’m not sure if actually did six to
eight reps on each of those but the whole purpose of that is to engage the
quads and this one they called a linear like price which I actually hate but
they don’t cuz I don’t have a hack squatter they don’t have hidden have
anything really and I was just trying to make do with short times this was quick
exercise so you pretty much just go down it up and I just stopped it cuz I didn’t
enjoy the exercise but it’s figure to show you all anyways this is a light
note on line it’s a standing hamstring curl and I did it drops it on this
you’ll see in a second but this is three plates on each side so seventy-five
pounds for each hamstring to curl that’s where to say it like that but okay and
pretty much just doing six eight six to ten reps really and then this one this
is the drop set so just fifty pounds on each side and I think I did one leg in
the video but I did I did do both legs honestly and here what I’m do some Rd
yells which is really just going to engage a hamstring and I did it with a
lighter weight than I could I mean I can I could obviously lift more than that
but for the hamstrings I don’t see why I needed to lift much more than that food
that what I was doing this is a quick workout it was wasn’t meant to be a very
long or hard work on just a quick workout a few exercises just engaging
the hamstrings go about halfway down to your shins come back up again and just
feel the stretch in the hamstrings that’s pretty much that whole exercise
you pretty much you’re just trying to engage the hamstrings and you feel
bloating a little back too and this right here is seated calf raises I was
trying to go up with ten to twelve reps I’m not sure how they act
here’s I don’t count properly but I’m going down and up and then I’m squeezing
at the top and holding not really cooling that great but I am supposed to
be holding it and so should you and here that’s just just just some
quick abs that’s there’s just leg raises but you’re put yourself up online and
they use of the leg raise very simple stuff nothing too difficult very easy
very light workout yeah so I didn’t really plan on
recording this talking part in this car today just because I had planned to
record it like somewhere else but my friend is taking a little too long to
get here and I don’t have anything else to do besides sitting here so I’m just
gonna talk to you guys for a few minutes I’m gonna try to make this as short as
possible but I know I make some super long clips and that’s not kind I mean
it’s okay but that’s not what I wanted you right the second but um so my
fitness goals kind of going forward this morning that was well I didn’t bring my
ID away myself this morning so I don’t know but for the path like this past
week I have been 168 270 pounds like pretty even across
I’m just depending on how much I ate the night before depending on what time I
finish eating a lot that night before and that’s basically that I’m still 511
I’ve been 511 since I was 13 or 14 years old and that’s been like carry the two
that’s well seven eight years it’s been about
seven or eight years and I’ve been 511 for a very long time so it’s it’s
definitely been it’s definitely been a weird time like I’ve been I went through
like a different like different hotter weights at that height and it was just
it was weird but I’m really happy with my weight right now however I do want to
trim down a little bit get a little leaner I just wanna I just specially be
leaner mainly because I’m a little salty over how my bicep junaid of stuff I
guess like my mom has good biceps I have crappy loose my biceps are horrible and
it just kind of gets me upset because I workout super super good like super hard
I do my cardio I eat properly and all that and biceps still hate me I’m not
gonna show you guys right now but my biceps still hate me so I am that’s like
one of that’s like something I’m really gonna try to work on like while I’m
getting leaner I guess like definitely I really want to change a little bit and
also want a little bit more leanness in my calves and stomach that’s about it
cuz like my that’s about it that’s all about all I’m I’m like warning right
this minute in time and so I’m thinking about one I don’t think that I open the
Bible I don’t think that I’m gonna really really want to get down on the
115 all right honestly but 159 I don’t really know what we don’t want to get
down to oh you know I kind of just go based off of what I look good when I
feel good when I’m when I’m going I get when I see what I want to see that I
stop kind of a thing I would think that that would be about 163 160 160 163 I
don’t know why I do my numbers like that but I think about 160 163 and I’ll be
a-okay so yeah those are pretty much my fitness goals going forward just get
leaner my just get leaner in certain areas and you can’t really spot reduct
fat or nothing like that or anything to that effect but that’s the goal okay
it’s not the goals not the spot reducted goal is just to this is what I want and
just kind of based off of how I know my body composition already I know what
will get leaner quicker and what won’t get leaner quicker my biceps will not
get leaner the quickest my calves will be finally everything it’s I don’t I’m
doing okay so yeah that’s pretty much that I’m not even gonna try to lie about it I
had a pretty crappy workup because you know from me like I thrive off of
environments and when the environment sucks I just really like I just feel
like I just don’t really want to do it or whatever and it’s not all the time
but I went to a different gym that I normally go to and I don’t like that gym
anyways and I just went there as I had to do something over there and just
didn’t work out for me I like I I recorded part of it and it’s just it’s
just bad like I was it was bad work and I did like five six exercises I just
focused on volume once I figured out that I was not enjoying myself and that
was pretty much it I don’t really know how how else you can combat not enjoying
yourself you should probably just get over it and live but I couldn’t do that
today so that’s mean now I’m gonna go eat that was a creepy ass face wasn’t it
I shouldn’t use that word on the screen oh well it was a pretty creepy face I’m
not gonna cut it out but it’s pretty creepy face I’ll just bleep it you know
bleep it whatever goodbye good morning guys so I just got to Home
Depot um we have to get some kalman here today and we have to get some other
stuff I don’t remember everything I need to get but I know I need to get cow
manure and that’s like the first thing on my mind so we’re gonna hop into Home
Depot and let’s see what we can get and hopefully they don’t cause me a problems
like they did the last time because they were kind of rude and annoying and it
was just a not my thing I just finished up my workout as per usual you can see
that I’m kind of sweaty yeah and YouTube is still taking down
all of my videos and I don’t know why yet so I’m gonna insert some of those
clips from the past video because it was taken down before anybody really got to
view it and I was kind of mad about it but it is what it is and I’m not over it
yet but we’re gonna act like we are and so yeah we’ll see you guys inside maybe
or whatever I do all right so as you saw about footage
they don’t have any of the black cow that I was looking for they told me they
did caused me a bunch of issues made me go inside do the returns I had to do the
two returns and all that crap just to get through with whatever I need to get
through with maybe because I said I don’t want have any problems at home
people today I had a problem but it’s all good um it happens you know it’s
life right now I am ordering some food and I’m gonna show you guys what I
ordered this is a local restaurant to here so you guys probably don’t have it
in your area but it’s basically Greek food what I am trying to do is I’m
trying to order it online so when I pull up I don’t have to wait because I’m not
in the waiting mood today uh uh-huh let’s see cuz you know I just
I just spend a bunch of time the Home Depot at Home Depot I’ve been here for
probably I don’t know 45 minutes or so 30 minutes so I am kind of annoyed right
now but I am going to be a good little
person here and order some good food and make it chopped yes they charge you a
dollar 25 to chop your lettuce for you believe that let’s add some chicken
because you got to get your protein in let’s get a whole wheat pita bread
because why not blah-blah-blah-blah-blah no pepperoni
pepper Ron Chinese Oh pepper rod cheese not pepperoni food Kim and no onions
uh-huh Wow okay we’re running out of space okay
none of that somebody waiting on my parking space or I’m so sorry yeah cuz
you know I got the closest parking space and I’m just sitting here ordering
something because I need to order this and I am NOT gonna move in until I’m
done ordering this because I am NOT waiting when I get to this place so
let’s see here I don’t know what you want my friend
you see I’m such a good person I’m ordering something for all of my peoples
and I don’t even know what they want but I’m just gonna make a guess and you’re
gonna love it or you’re gonna hate it no parmesean sheds no cheese not sheds
my bad all right let’s do another whole-wheat pita because health on the
side let’s get some rice because some people love rice and it’s bulking season
for some people some people need to be bulking right now you know they need to
gain some muscles so bulking season for this person I don’t know if I want
anything because I have chicken at home and I’m really just set with that how do
you get something I can get a little something but I don’t really want
anything I’m not really eating today like that kind of stuff and try not to
eat out so much right now so are you kidding me
I have to pay online ah I don’t want to pay online I want to pay when I get
there the heck Wow Wow the hell oh come on man I got to sit
there and order this when I get there Wow
so I’m not using my card for this because I don’t want to so basically you
heard the order but that’s what I’m getting and I have to actually go there
now and go get it so this is gonna take another 35 minutes fantastic
so yeah I am having an interesting day here I don’t know this is not fun but oh
and we need all right so I finally got the food
right here um I didn’t get anything for myself but this is some yellow rice with
a chicken pita as you can kind of see it there and put that right there I was
gonna get something to eat but I have chicken at home I’m just gonna have and
this is a salad pretty much it’s a big salad with some chicken in it
it looks good honestly I’m kind of jealous I didn’t get anything to eat but
it is what it is I’m trying to eat a little bit healthier and I feel as
though if I eat this today I’m gonna have like poke a or have sushi or or
something something I actually really would want to have tomorrow so or
another day so I decided against having this one I have my chicken that I have
sitting in my house and so yeah that’s pretty much what I’m gonna have and all right so pretty much this video is
kind of all over the place there’s a lot of car talking and this is another car
talking I was just I’ve just been in the car a lot recently so whatever vlogging
equals you have to use get like my life and you just get me in the car locker
that’s just where I am but one thing I didn’t want to talk about before I end
the video because this isn’t in the last part of the video here today or whatever
this video goes up the newest thing I’m the glute force website will be live
which is going to be daily workouts daily nutrition or nutrition that are
about daily nutrition but nutrition so that you can reach your fitness goals
there’s a bunch of Matt it’s really macronutrient stuff there’s places on
there for you to ask me questions for me to answer and so the you guys can reach
your fitness goals daily workouts are going to the Hat they’re gonna be
they’re gonna be gym only workouts for the time being that’s just that’s just
the easiest way for me has started off and so it’ll have the exact number of
reps sets workouts exercises warm-up got warm-up routines for each arm for each
day they’re up for 24 hours the videoing the the work on it for 24 hours there’s
mobility guides in there so you Commission you’re getting you’re still
staying flexible and you’re still able to do all the movements and though the
alternative exercises if you have like injuries such as on knee injuries and
things to that effect it’s got everything in there it’s a really it’s
like the best way to put everything in into one little bundle instead of
instead of having it so having it all like all thrown all over the place the
best way to bundle it up you guys are gonna love it
I am very excited for it I’ve been working on it a lot recently to make
sure that he gets ready for you all and it is only nine dollars a month which is
less than $30 a days thirty cents a day I can’t even think these days less than
30 cents a day so it’s cheaper than um in the amount of money you spend every
single week every single year your single day every single whatever it is
for coffee so I’m sure you’ll be just fine and affording it I know you guys
are gonna love it and I can’t wait to see you guys crush it and kill it and
reach your fitness goals so yeah and that’s pretty much the end of this video
I don’t have anything else to say this video is kind of long all over the place
hope you guys enjoyed my little leg workout in the beginning wasn’t the most
intense leg workout but you know leg workout nonetheless from here on out we
should pretty much have pretty consistent let wean the leg workouts but
consistent workouts and all that I will try to get on
consistent uploading schedule but I want to do so I do want to say I did upload
last week and YouTube did take my video down and then like what they do is they
take it down and they don’t show you guys they don’t should like put in your
sub box or nothing like that so then they don’t know they don’t notify
anybody about the video and so it’s kind of pointless that I leave them that they
leave them leave it leave it other than that I can even talk even leave it up so
when they do that it just it just sucks for me and it sucks for you guys because
I put the work into the content and I show it to y’all and then they mess it
up for me but it is what it is I am making sure I don’t get Devon times I
turned off the entire radio in this car and all that stuff I’m making sure they
don’t get any copyrights or anything on there like that so hopefully you guys
enjoyed the video if you’re not already subscribed please sir just subscribe I
don’t really know anything else I’m I don’t even know I’m saying any more
right now turn on your post notifications and I’ll see you guys in a
couple days or in the next video or whatever happens next
so yeah

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