Fun Workouts For Couples | Exercises & Tips For Training In Pairs

– You might have noticed that
today is February the 14th, but don’t worry, we’re not about
to get all romantic on you, although, we did think that
we could use Valentine’s Day as a great excuse to bring
you some training suggestions that are perfect to do in pairs. – Yeah, so if you’re not one
for sitting in a restaurant consuming overpriced food and drink, whilst being surrounded by other couples that are insisting they
are having a great time, then why not use this time to
get some good quality training and while spending some valuable
time with your loved one. – Exactly. Well, whilst we were out in the warmer climates of Fuerteventura, we actually filmed some of our ideas for swimming, cycling, running, as well as a few others thrown in too. (upbeat music) – Now, we’re always looking for ways to make our swim training
more fun and more engaging. If that’s you, then why not check out one of our recent videos on
how to make swimming more fun, and whilst you’re there, why
not subscribe to the channel? – Exactly. Well, we’ve actually come
up with some even more ideas of how to spice up your
swimming that involve a partner. Let’s take a look. – [Mark] First off, we’ve
got the synchro hand tap. This stroke requires you
to swim at the same speed and stroke rate as your partner. Push off side-by-side
and time your recovery so that the arm closest to your partner’s comes out of the water at the same time. Aim to make a mini high five
at the top of your recovery before rotating away to the opposite side. – How about drafting? It’s an important skill
for open water swimming and one that does require
a bit of practice. The great thing about this, it helps you to swim faster
for the same amount of effort. In this case, if one of you
is faster than the other, then let the slower
swimmer enjoy the advantage by drafting on the feet. If the difference in
natural speeds is greater, then have the weaker swimmer
drafting off the hips, if you have a lane to yourselves, as this not only gives the
swimmer more advantage, it’ll also slow down the strong swimmer, hopefully meaning you can
swim together for far longer. You can also play around
with the distance, so if you’ve got one
swimmer that’s a bit weaker, then maybe they can go
off slow turnarounds and do less reps, or alternatively, you could shorten the rep
for the weaker swimmer, then hopefully, you’ll still finish at roughly the same time for each section. – And of course, if you’re
swimming in the open water, the stronger swimmer could
just do a longer, larger loop or do some upright kicking
whilst they’re waiting. And of course, you can
implement some drafting. Well, it’s rare that we swim at the same pace throughout
every swim session. Doing different strokes, swimming
with fins or a pool board, using paddles, or
wearing resistance shorts will all affect your speed. Use these tactics to
even out your swim pace. Say there’s a large gap between you, then one could wear fins and paddles, whilst the other wears board shorts. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Moving on to the bike, and the obvious one is drafting. Just like in swimming, it
makes a huge difference, even more so on the bike. Get on the wheel in front. If there’s a headwind, it can
have even more of an impact, allowing the strong cyclist to
do most of the work on front, whilst you’re both
riding at the same speed. – Now, this one might seem a bit extreme, but I’ve heard a lot of success from couples investing in an e-bike. Perhaps, one of you loves cycling, the other one maybe doesn’t
want to get hot and sweaty, or you both love cycling, but there’s a big difference in ability, then actually an e-bike can
really help to level that out. – Yeah, or a cheaper option,
which allows you both to cycle side-by-side,
could be on static bikes, and that way, the power difference makes no difference at all. It could be going to a spin class together or maybe even setting up
turbos next to each other and then you can have some
quality time together, whilst not affecting
each other’s training. And you could even go on
to something like Zwift, where you can ride side-by-side
in virtual reality. (upbeat music) – [Mark] But what about hill reps? Sometimes, it’s just best to
get your training done outside, so look at how you could alter that to work for you at your different speeds. Hill reps are great for this so you can regroup after a session, but you can constantly
be passing each other as you go up and down. You could always change the distance and one of you turn around sooner so you always start together. – Not all cycling has to be serious and it can involve cake and coffee. I think pretty much everyone
enjoys cake and coffee, hopefully not just me. But if your partner
maybe isn’t so passionate about cycling, then why
not get them to come and meet you at your coffee stop, then you can maybe even
cycle home easily together. (slow music) – Well, there are
several similarities here with the bike training
as we try to compensate for different pace runners. Well, the easy option, if you
have a joint gym membership, would be the treadmill. Just like a turbo, it
really doesn’t matter what the other person is doing, you’ll always be next to each other. – Just as we’re cycling,
hill reps or any sort of rep will work well ’cause if
you’re at different paces, you can actually run to time, and I quite like the 60 second interval. When it gets to the minute,
you both turn around and you should end up at the
same starting point each time. – Well, I find that for an easy run, I have no problem running with others who have a different race
pace or training pace to me. Most people take their easy
runs too fast as it is, so go out and have a chat
and make it super leisurely, running at a pace that is comfortable for the naturally slower runner. But of course, if there is
an extreme difference in pace or perhaps, one of you
just doesn’t like to run, then why not consider using a bike to cycle alongside the runner. – Yeah, I’ve actually had that situation when a friend has very
kindly cycled along with me and it’s brilliant for morale
and just keeping you going. And also, if you ask nicely, they might take some good pictures and maybe even pass you some nutrition. Strength and conditioning
and core exercises are actually much easier to do together, as obviously you’re not
covering a certain mileage, but there’s some exercises which actually complement
doing them together. – Yeah, so we’ve actually
got a selection here that you can try for a bit of fun, but with the added bonus of
giving you a good workout too. (upbeat music) – [Woman] This first one
is simply a Russian twist, but sat side-by-side. Use a weight or a medicine ball to pass between you and your partner, and whilst you’re waiting,
without the weight, continue the movement in
the opposite direction. – [Mark] Then we’ve got plank high fives. Get into a straight arm plank
position facing each other. This is basically patty cake,
if you know what that is. High fives on the diagonal. Get a good rhythm going and
it’s a great distraction from holding the tough plank position, whilst adding another dynamic. – [Woman] Now, staying
in the plank position, it’s plank rotation and tap throughs. In a plank position side-by-side, and it’s a rotation movement,
again, with a hand clap. This one does require
a bit more coordination and synchronized timing, though. Make sure you swap sides
and you keep it even. – [Mark] Well, here’s one
that will make you giggle, the wheelbarrow squat press, and this is a full body workout. Start in a wheelbarrow position with one of you in a
straight arm plank position and the other holding their ankles. You’ll need to communicate here, as when one plank holder bends
their arms into a press-up, the one standing needs to squat. It might look a little bit funny, but it’s harder than it looks. Make sure you swap roles
so your arms and your legs get the full workout. – Finally, we’ve got
hip flex-up push-downs. I actually used to do
this exercise in the squad and it’s a great one
for firing up the core and obviously, the hip flexors. One of you lies on your back and you hold onto your
partner’s ankles, and then, if you’re the one lying down, your aim is to keep your
legs as vertical as possible, whilst your partner, who’s standing, pushes your ankles away and
down in varying directions. Try to keep the element of surprise so it engages all aspects of your core. The list goes on. Sometimes, you just need a
little bit of imagination in order to make your
training more enjoyable and beneficial for the both of you. – Yeah, and there are
so many important parts to training for triathloners that are also so often
overlooked, such as recovery. Anyone can stretch and foam roll together. And if you like, you can
actually physically assist the other person in stretching. And if you’re lucky, you may even get a little massage out of them. But do bear in mind, you probably will have
to return the favor. – Yeah, I think you should. And then, there’s a final aspect, which really should never be forgotten. And that’s, of course, refueling. And I would say that eating has
to be one of the most social and enjoyable activities out there, so you can obviously do
that with your partner and if they share the same passion, then you can still even
talk about triathlon. – Well there are endless
options out there, so do let us know your favorites
if you have any experience, keep them PC, in the
comment section below. And don’t forget to give this video a like if you’ve enjoyed it. And follow GTN on social media. – So Mark, what have you
got planned this evening? – Um, just sitting around
on my own, actually.

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  1. I love the channel and its contents (all of) but this is the most useless tips (for me) I've ever seen from the channel… T^T

  2. Careful with the ebike suggestion. Where I live they aren’t allowed to have motor support at over 25 km/h, which is below even a casual ride pace on a road bike.

  3. Hey GTN, quick question. Should you use your triathlon aerobike for training? Or just the regular road aka racing bike? (I'm quiete sure you have talked about this in a video not long ago, but I can't remember which 😉 )

  4. I always do my hard runs prior to running with my wife, for example, I can do my long run, and call her when I reach a point we can meet up. After a 20 mile run at pace, it isn't to hard to keep a slower 6 mile pace with a partner. Also you missed yogo together.

  5. – For riding & running u can just add weight on the strong one.
    – all of these activities are chizi in public except for the riding bike & swimming in open water/lake

  6. I can recommend core training as a couple, its so much more fun than alone! Actually there is a great training bible for this, its called ..

    The Kamasutra 🙂

  7. you could have a Swimrun cord between you during the OW. that way the faster one can go as hard as has they like without swiming away from the slower one.

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