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Hey guys – we are starting a 12 week fitness program on the 2nd of April! And we want you guys to come along for the ride! so as you know gamers aren’t the most typically active of people but we want to get healthy and we want you to be healthy too! so we’ve started a Discord where we can all chat about our fitness goals! so like I say – we’re starting on the 2nd of April and we want you to come along for the ride! and the feeling of the pump is like the feeling of cumming can you imagine like how much I am in heaven? ahhh he’s gonna be doing that impersonation a lot I think… yep…

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  1. Britt is fit than the three of you guys combined.. Edit If you hit the gym and also play games, there will be a slight difference with your hand eye coordination, plus those keyboards and mice should be reinforced.. Broke mine when I hit the gym.. Kinda too strong in pressing the keys and clicking and all that..

  2. is that +strength really necessary? I mean if I would do a stealth character I wouldnt need strength, but agility or something.

  3. Sign me up for whatever the gym u are going to, sooo i can watch you guys sweating with ur tight vests. For science of course, nothing weird.

  4. Working my way slowly from Vesimir to Geralt. Worth the time! Good work trying to get people moving, gents! Kudos!!! 🙂

  5. THIS is so funny. I just started a workout challenge myself!! I will most certainly keep an eye on your beautiful bods becoming true machines of power!!!

  6. Way to go, guys! I've been working on getting in better shape since the new year and am down almost 30 pounds. 💪

  7. This is actually a really dope idea. Having an exercise buddy is super helpful and motivating. The problem is finding someone to do it with. I am really excited for this :D. This is something I didn't know I wanted, thanks guys 😀

  8. Get it! I think it'd be awesome if y'all did a sketch with Epic NPC about speed levelling, while showing your gains over time! You'd just have to recreate the scene 10 times over the period :p

  9. What a great idea to get gamers moving. You get your workout and make videos at the same time. I may be somewhat motivated. Hope it's a very successful journey!

  10. Nah, I just do cardio because I like running, plus a few series of other exercises for about half an hour after running to keep variety. Everything else bores me to fucking tears, specially lifting.

    But, GOOD LUCK GUYS! And keep those Arnie impressions coming!

  11. 10/10 exactly what I needed! Let's do this!

    P.s. @brittscottclark told me about this week's ago and she's way ahead of us but we've got this!

  12. I appreciate the message here, boys. Whilst I am already pretty ripped (disregard the only video on my channel, t’was when I was a stick), I encourage you to encourage your audience to encourage you boys to work out! But yeah, fit gamers are sort of a new thing in my opinion; no reason why being a nerd has to also be synonymous with being unhealthy! #BuffNerdsUnite

  13. I'm in. I just happened to get a membership to Planet Fitness so I can from Planet Fatness to Planet Fitness (ok, it's my dumb slogan). I'll be in! This is great.

  14. I play video games every night, but I also get a workout in beforehand every single night! I have been lifting for a year now and am excited for how things are going. Good luck to you and all!

  15. I'd love to come on board, but, a month ago, I had an anxiety attack, and myheart and the like have not been the same since, haven't had my medical insurance all put together to see a doc so, until then, I'll cheer the rest of you on.

  16. Absolutely love this, good on you guys! Stick with it and get those gains!!!! I hope a lot of you VLDL fans out there start your journey to a more healthy and active lifestyle

  17. I'm one of those rare guys. I'm a gamer, 100%, but my job is as a sports coach, I do two runs per week and I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Best of both worlds, just gotta learn how to schedule your time. Have fun boys, and everyone getting involved – you'll have a blast!

  18. I created a 30 day workout challenge with a prize at the end! I really want to get 10 signups this week! Sign up here:

  19. You know what you guys should do? You should stream the workouts on twitch that way we can all do it at the same time! It'd be gym class for all of us. The time zones would be a problem but anyone could always go back to it and watch it…

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