Garudasana – Eagle Pose For Beginners (yoga poses easy)

welcome to jivayogalive my name is
Jane today were going to take a look at in garuda sana eagle pose today’s pose features garudasana eagle
pose garudasana comes from the word guru which means eagle and asana which means
pose or seat it said that this mystical King bird was protector of humanity
Eagle pose stretches your hips your shoulders your upper back and
strengthens your legs and your ankles so I’m gonna have her start in the center
of the mat in Tadasana so Eagle pose a wonderful shape to open up the shoulders
and the hips it’s also really good for creating balance and stability and your
ability to narrow your focus so actually have you turn to the side okay and just
get a sense of neutral in the pelvis neutral in the pelvis and eagle pulls is
kind of elusive but it’s still something that we’re actually working towards so
from here bend your knees very much like Luca tossin ah take your right leg and
twine it as high as you can get it up and over your left leg and your right
arm comes up and underneath your left arm okay so you could tell that she’s
actually swung her hips to the side to wrap her foot around her ankle right and
I’m actually gonna have you come out of the pose for just a second I’d like for
you to try that again without swinging your hips to see if your foot will
naturally wrap around your calf does that make sense
okay so bend the knees right you can take the arms out to a tee wrap the
right leg up and over don’t yep keep the hips square right arm
travels up and under good so I’m gonna have her lift her elbows in line with
her shoulder heads and then pull the arms actively away from midline so she
feels a stretch in the upper back pull the back of your heart into the front of
your chest good sit back a little lower and three more breaths her right hip
teases back her left hip spins forward and I’m gonna bring her back in space so
that she’s upright you couldn’t imagine if she dismantled the arms and
legs that her pelvis would remain in Tadasana as we started five bones cling
to midline arm bones pull away from midline drop the hips a little lower but
without pushing the way forward inhale raise the arms up release the shape look
up palms touch exhale hands to heart thank you so much for watching hope
you’ve enjoyed namaste would you like to dive deeper into
today’s sequence click the link in the description to help get tips on how to
deepen your practice

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