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  1. https://github.com/geohot/corona | Follow and subscribe https://twitch.tv/georgehotz and help George get Twitch Partner! | Programming archive🡿 https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzFUMGbVxlQs5s-LNAyKgcq5SL28ZLLKC

  2. You can block news sites from search results using a chrome extention like Personal Blocklist. I've created a small list(top 50) of news websites feel free to contribute: https://github.com/barnabaskiglics/Newsite-Blocklist

  3. can someone explain the goal to all of this ? i don’t have time to watch it all sadly ! i understand he’s trying to learn everything about the virus, but in order to do what ? anyway good job and thanks george 🙂

  4. Because of geo's covid-19 streams, I'm now learning python (thru leetcode and this site https://runestone.academy/runestone/books/published/pythonds/index.html). Hope to come back to these streams a week or two later and follow along well.

  5. Such a bummer that clinical trials take so long. Someone should just put test subjects in a time machine, fast forward them some days/months, and check back.

  6. it would be awesome if the guy who broke the security from iPhone would break corona virus! i loved that comparisson about a computer virus length and the biovirus length

  7. I've followed this series from the first one and understand nothing from it. but its still a nice thing to watch anyway

  8. I wonder where the `if candidate == cigaretteSmoker{ return haveStrongerImpact() }` is located in the RNA string.

  9. We are in this for the rest of the year. Thinking it will end within the next few months is thinking optimistically which is what many believe.

  10. greetzz* & blessings from vienna: you are great, we like to watch you working on that stuff, great to see how all that stuff works man!!* THNX a lot !!* <3
    Nikita Visuals* | Austria

  11. All these streams would be so so much better just if Geo did not spend half of the time going in tangents. I admire you a lot tho Geo. You are the man. Hoping to see you give Lex a visit soon.

  12. George is one big hypocrite. He says that politics is scam and doesn't interest him at all but it's the only topic he talks about. And he used to say "im technical guy, I dont know anything about politics and social problems". You are saying that college is a scam but then you go to an interview and confess that college gave you the best lessons you've ever had. News are fake, coronavirus is scam but that’s what you have been doing whole week, reading news about corona and talking " if i was in charge of coronavirus task..". And why people cant write about commaai on your twich chat? You are the president of commaai, not the fucking united states. No one is coming on your stream to listen to your sermons about your politics and social views. They just want to get better at programming and you making them brainwashed.
    You should go back on your holidays because your streams are a tough listen right now.

  13. Hi, George
    Police officers around the world are handling too many papers from drivers and spreading the virus.
    A web-app with license plate recognition (or simply typing in the plate number) with a database would make huge difference.
    Consider, perhaps, sqlite3 for rust, rocket (rust) for front-end.
    Have a nice day.

  14. **finishes some playaround JavaScript*

    Sees George has uploaded another 5 hr stream of what seems to be efforts of, genuinely, hacking a virus that barely anyone knows all that much about.

    *Looks to computer*
    We are nothing

  15. Please! Please tell me what is he doing! It's the most interesting thing on YouTube but I can't understand it at all. In layman's terms, what is he doing!!?

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