German Fluency Mission (Ep. 5) | After 7 Months of Progress

Hello dear viewers. Heart-filled welcome to a new episode from Sike This is my last German progress video, actually. I shall of course continue to improve my German. “Continually” (Mimicking) No but…how do you say the verb? “Continue” (Mimicking) I will absolutely ‘continue’ my German. but… I’m actually not in Germany anymore. I’m currently in Vietnam. In this video I would like to tell a bit -Obviously show you my German progress. You can see that I’ve learned a lot. That my German is much better. And that’s because The Mimic Method is so good! But… What are we doing today? That’s right. I would like to give you guys a lesson about a word that I’ve already forgotten. (asking how to say “forgot”) “forgot” That’s I’ve already forgot (trying to remember the word for “stereotype”) No. “Stereotype” (mimicking) Yeah – the reason why I wanted to learn German The reason why I wanted to go to Germany And the reason is I must confess How do you say “confess”? :0 !?! “confess” It’s like “admit” right? Yeah Yeah. “Confess” So I must confess to you guys That I had a lot of stereotypes “Stereotypes” right? “ste–re–o-” what was the word again? Yeah. The word is correct Oh haha! Cool. I had so many preconceptions about Germany. In 2014, or 2013. I don’t know. I was in Portugal, in Lisbon. Then two friends of mine came to visit me. In Portugal And they wanted to travel to Germany. Like “Yeah yeah I’d like to see Berlin.” And I was like “Man Berlin? Really?” I don’t wanna do that. Berlin is so cool! But I didn’t know that yet. And I thought that Berlin and Germany would be so… Boring. But yeah. I dunno my whole life I had it in my head That Germany isn’t so interesting. And in my list of all the countries That I would like to visit someday in my life Germany was at the end, actually. Man! I know, it’s a shame. Yeah so I had that in my head But there was also a conference in Berlin. During this time. So I thought “Cool, I can stay just for a weekend.” I’ll stay in Berlin four days maximum. Then I’ll go to some other more interesting place. So I’m like “Cool. I can do that.” I was one or two days in Berlin And I thought “Damn!” Berlin is awesome! It’s a cool city. Man it’s like New York or London. Super diverse. Can you say “diverse”? Very multicultural. And a lot of things to do. I can now say, well, I decided that. I can’t stay here for only four days The conference was cool. But I decided that, damn, I would like to stay here much longer! So I think I ended up staying 3 weeks in Berlin. (asking how to say “stayed”) I stayed 3 weeks in Berlin. But this was an important moment for me. Because I don’t know. I have this idea that I’m That I am a person free of preconception. And that I’m an open person. I know so many people who never travel. I don’t want to travel because here it’s the best. Why would I fly to Brazil or Portugal when When I have all my McDonalds and stuff here? I find this so dumb. No man. You must travel. You should have no preconceptions. Nevertheless I was like You must travel! But not to Germany… Then I came to Germany Then I realized that I wasn’t any better than the other close-minded people. So in that moment I decided I can’t do this now. But next year I’ll come back to Germany. And then I’ll learn the language. I’ll learn the culture. I’ll make new friends. And understand the culture better. And now I’m seven months into it This is my 7 month progress video. I believe in total I was Four months in Germany. In Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne. I also went to Munich. And maybe some other city – who knows. There are still a lot of things to discover. (confirming the word for “discover”) And a lot more German to learn. But I will absolutely study German more. But in general This was a good experience for me For me, Berlin and Germany Is one of the 3 or 4 countries in the world That I can say that I can come back here once a year. Only in summer. There’s a lot of countries where you say “Yeah this is a cool place but actually…” I ain’t comin’ back here ever. But Germany. Man, I most definitely want to go back to Berlin. Go back to Cologne. I also learned a lot about the culture. We were at the Christmas markets. I learned a lot about Christmas in Germany It’s so different from Christmas in America. And this is the reason why I travel and learn languages. Because I find it interesting and important That I understand the world better. And that I better understand myself. And that I make myself a better person. And yeah, that’s all. Until next time!

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  1. Wow! How did you learn so fast and be able to maintain a conversion and comprehension? Also your link is broken:

  2. Schönes Video 🙂
    I live in germany and i have to say that im prejeduced aswell. I really feel like Germany is really boring :/
    Of course Berlin is much more interesting than other places of Germany.

    Dein deutsch ist wirklich gut 😀

  3. Love your approach to learning language and culture. Too often we focus on grammar rules and conjugations and such. Focus on communication is key. Look forward to your blogs from Vietnam.

  4. But the real question is when is the app coming out? I know me and other backers are waiting and have been waiting for a long time…

  5. super! du spricht sehr gut nur in 7 Monate. Ich habe jetzt 4 Monate deutsch lernen, aber have ich viel problem. Ja, und du hast echt, viel Leute haben diese stereotype über Deutscher manchen, aber nein, wie in jeden landen es gibt gut und Idioten leute. Also, ja.danke fur dein video. tschüss!

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