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Win at life,
one day at a time, with the Activity app
on your Apple Watch and iPhone. Here’s how it works. Open the Activity app
on your Apple Watch to get a quick glimpse
of your Activity rings. The red Move ring tracks
all of your daily activity from biking to work
to dancing at a concert, or even walking outside
to get the mail. You can customize your Move goal
based on how active you are or how active you’d like to be. The green Exercise ring
shows how many minutes of brisk activity
you’ve completed. Whether you’re just moving
at a fast pace, or doing a specific workout
in the Workout app. You’ll close this ring
if you exercise for at least 30 minutes. The blue Stand ring motivates you to get up
throughout the day. If you’ve been sitting
for too long, your watch will nudge you
to stand up and move around. Do it at least one minute
every hour for 12 hours and you’ll be set. Want more details
about your daily activity? Scroll down to see how close you
are to meeting your daily goals and keep scrolling to see
how many steps you’ve taken. You can also firmly press
the display to check up
on your weekly progress or change your Move goal. This is the only goal
that you can adjust. Are you sharing your activity
with friends? Swipe left to check
their progress for the day. Firmly press the display
to sort your list of friends based on their daily activity. Tap a contact
to see their rings and scroll down
to challenge them to a little friendly
competition. From here, you can also send
a message to cheer them on. The Activity app syncs all this
information on your iPhone too and makes it easy
for you too look back at your activity history
to really track your progress. Let’s take a look. Open the Activity app on
your iPhone to see your rings. In the History tab,
tap the month on the upper-left to see a calendar
of your daily activity. Tap the Workouts tab to see all
the workouts you’ve completed and how many calories
you’ve burned. If you tap the Awards tab, you’ll get to see
the badges you’ve earned. Nice! There are a few ways
to earn an award. Did you win a challenge
against a friend? You get an award. Did you go on a hike
on Earth Day? You get a super special,
limited-edition award. Did you try a new workout or close your rings
for an entire week? Yep, you get an award,
plus some bragging rights. Some awards can be earned
multiple times, so get ready
to break your own record. Close your rings,
earn a shiny award, win at life. And keep track
with the Activity app on your Apple Watch and iPhone. For all the latest tips
and how-tos, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel or click another video
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