Getting messages on Fitbit

>>Wade: Hi. I’m Wade Wingler with The INDATA Project at
Easterseals Crossroads in Indiana. You know fitness and health and wearables
are all the rage these days. Charlie Downs is going to show us a way to
not only keep track of your fitness but this time check your email and text messages alerts. Let’s see what Charlie has.>>Charlie: Hello. Charlie Downs from Easterseals Crossroads
assistive technology. Today I’m going to talk about the Fitbit Charge
2 and it’s applications for assistive technology specifically people with hearing issues as
it vibrates and gives you a visual alert that you’ve received a phone call and text messages. Okay, so here’s the display for the Fitbit
Charge 2 and what it will do when someone texts you or calls you it’ll put a scroll
down here at the bottom and their name. The scroll will tell you what the message
is or will tell you the phone number that is calling you. So now I’m going to have Nikol send me a message
and you see it’s here on my phone and here’s Nikol. The Fitbit also vibrates whenever you get
these. You want to make sure that it’s turned on
and synched with your phone and the way you do that is you keep pushing the button here
on the side until it gets to the end where it says notification on. Many times when you put the charger on this
it will turn it off and if you hold it in you can see that it turned it off and hold
it in for about 2 seconds and it turns it back on. So, if you are not getting any notifications
on your Fitbit check and make sure that it’s synchronized with the phone and that it is
turned on at the Fitbit. So, that’s the tech tip on how a Charge 2
can help people who are hard of hearing.>>Wade: So, there’s a great device that helps
keep you in the know. That’s your tech tip for this week. I’m Wade Wingler with The INDATA Project at
Easterseals Crossroads in Indiana.

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  1. Thanks this is the only video ( that I've found) that shows how to activate the notification on the device, really helpful.

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