Getting WIDE Like Kylo Ren

Hey guys welcome to swollow like Solo. My idea for the gym first started when I saw the movie “The Last Jedi” When Kylo Ren stood there shirtless I couldn’t believe it it was unlike anything I’d ever seen before I had to have it, and now I do. The online community was fascinated with Kylo Ren’s body too, you couldn’t even get on Twitter without seeing a shirtless Kylo meme. That’s when I knew what I had to do Start a gym for people who wanted to look exactly like Kylo Ren! We have classes every day that I teach. And we really try to focus on getting as wide as possible. I have studied Adam driver Extensively his workouts his diet. I email him every day I Mean yeah, he’s never emailed back But it doesn’t matter cuz I have it down to a science and the results they speak for themselves. I love my new body Thanks to swollow like solo I’ve never felt better. Yeah, I thought this was just a normal gym when I started coming here. I did not realize this was going to happen to my body. Every time i meet someone new I get the same thing, oh my god! What happened to you? The shape of my body does get in the way sometimes, like when I’m trying to get through a narrow doorway. Or getting into my car, or you know just walking down the street, and it’s a windy day But that’s the price you pay to look good. I also get super angry all the time now, and I’m not sure if that’s supposed to happen. This is a really cool gym and all, but some of these guys get like way too into it. I started to see results after just one week, and I killed my own dad after two! Everybody knows that if you want to killer body (Chuckles) literally you need to exercise, but you also need a diet. That’s why I’ve include a free meal plan in every membership, the diet is fantastic. I will live and die by it, and you won’t find it anywhere else. Yeah, I read the diet plan, but I don’t really use it. It just says blue milk for every meal. I don’t even know where to get that. Let the fat die, kill it if you have to. That’s the only way to become who you were meant to be.
We’ve built more than just a gym here. We built a community of like-minded people who shared interests and a mutual appreciation for Kyle Ren. Membership is $300 a month, and if you sign up now. I’ll throw in a free pair of high-waisted pants Thanks for watching, and I hope to see you soon. It’s swollow, like Solo. I don’t even like Star Wars! We started off the week by just brainstorming a couple ideas one we came up with is this Kylo Ren workout plan one It’s time for us to do something new in this channel not a blog anymore It’s a show a show that teaches you things, shows you things all the interesting things that a life in YouTube gives you, and making those videos that everyone wants to see but no one is making. Whether it’s a kooky idea, a funny idea, crazy, intense, horror story, It doesn’t matter people aren’t doing that and it’s time for us to step forward and do that.

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