After a successful Year 1 under Brian Daboll, the Giants entered the 2023 offseason looking to build on the promising foundation established by their popular head coach. But, as the anticipation surrounding New York grows, team co-owner John Mara wants to make sure the lights aren’t too bright ahead of Daboll’s second season.

As is often the case with success, what’s most important is what happens as a follow-up, and for Daboll, the reigning NFL Coach of the Year, all eyes will be on how his 2023 season pans out. With that in mind, Mara issued a firm but amusing warning to the much-admired Daboll during an interview earlier this week.

Mara jokingly compared Daboll’s notoriety around town to being on par with legendary singer and U2 frontman Bono, but was quick to remind him how things could change if the team fails.

“We joke with him, I mean, right now, he’s Bono walking through New York City,” Mara said.NFL SiriusXM Radio. “But I’ve told him, I’ve told him, ‘In this business, it doesn’t take long to go from Bono to Bozo. So don’t get too big of a head now. But it’s been great.”

While Mara’s warning may already worry more than a few Giants fans, Daboll, for now at least, has done enough to warrant a reasonable level of excitement heading into the fall. And, with five new NFL head coaches set to make their debuts, the Giants coach certainly already stands out as a “Bonus” among the rest considering that several teams still haven’t found what they’ve been looking for.

Last season, the Giants, with an improved offense led by a resurgent Daniel Jones and a returning Saquon Barkley, went 9-7-1 and clinched a playoff spot for the first time since 2016. Daboll, an offensive assistant A longtime veteran fresh off a four-year run as the Bills’ offensive coordinator, he won the NFL Coach of the Year award, becoming the fourth coach since 2017 to win the award in his first season.

After defeating the Vikings in the wild card round, New York’s 2022 campaign ended in a divisional round loss to the eventual NFC champion Eagles.

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