Girls of CrossFit Redyar / Девушки CrossFit Redyar

The most girls’ life by 30 is boring Work, home, little to none of physical activity, minimum of life events. As a result heavy figure, excess weight, dissatisfaction. What’s the way out? Go to gym, doing boring exercises, pushing yourself for endless treadmill strolls, telling yourself that this is the price for being fit, not speaking about pleasure. I wasn’t also inspired by ordinary gym: it was boring, monotonous and non-productive. You can get a perfect body as a side-effect of doing sports, when sports make you satisfied. When sports become part of your life. Coming to crossfit I was afraid of being clumsy and unable to do anything on one hand, and become a huge pile of muscle on the other. As many of us, me for 100%, I had the only and one goal — a perfect body. Now I can say, I just like it. It makes me happy, when I push the barbell overhead, doing squats, or just watching others do this. I can not just refine my skills, cope with higher weights, but I seem to be developing personally. The strength of mind, strength of character raise inside me. Of course, the initial goal is still here. But looking the mirror, you want to improve yourself more and more. I’m 48. For more than 25 years I keeping myself fit. During these years I tried everything from elite gyms to ordinary basement muscle farms. From slimming belts to fat-burning creams. Rubber shorts and endless isolated exercises do no good to you. Only basic functional movements with barbell really work. Crossfit barbell is something special. A lot of girls have no idea how exciting it can be. It’s not just the best way for building an ideal body, but also a lot of emotions. There is one more popular myth: barbell makes a muscled male out of a girl, but to become really big you’ll need something different. Crossfit is a perfect way to keep your hormone system working. And this brings you beauty and youth. The 60 year old participants of the Games finals are perfect examples. When you see them from the back — their just young girls in tops and shorts. And only when camera shows their faces, you can guess their age. Over 60! I want to be like them! There’s a hobby for yourself. For example, you start embroidering, you get technique, skills, you emroider and you get pleasure from the process. You don’t have a goal to do it better than an aunt Ann from your neighbourhod. It’s just a work for your soul when you take a rest. But there’s also the other hobby. Here, in the club you want to wake up your inner beast. You want to become better. I’m the person who likes quality. I want my body to be a perfection. I’m overcoming my fear of barbell and slowly moving towards real result, though I have never gone for sports in my life. It’s far beyond the figure, health, muscle and appearance. I’m use fond of it. Crossfit and weightligting are extremely technicaly difficult for me and I’m happy of every little progress. Despite the passinon and contest, you are surrounded by people who understand what you are doing and why. People who will joy with you on your success and wipe out your tears when you fail. It’s a simplified picture of the world where you see your people. You cannot just sit on the sidelines. You are either in the team, or you are out. You cannot hold both the mask of pretendence and the barbell. Maybe that is why everything is open here and goes from the heart. Sometimes you go to the gym and understand that there will be no records today. But you go there because of people who will improve the most worst day for sure. It’s a self challenge for me. What can I do? Where’re my limits? When do I give up? When do I say “stop”? But there’s no limit, I cannot see it. Everytime I challenge myself and it turns out that I can do everything. You strive, work on yourself, you try and everything goes out. It’s self-control. You set a goal, you go for it. There are no obstacles. Girls, that see us, think: Gosh, I can never do pullups, not to speak about the barbell. It’s more than I can do! But we also started from simple things. While doing pullups we tried to pull at least eyebrows to the bar and only after that do chinup. Everyone starts from scratches, the main thing is to start. You do one step, and you’ll succeed. You train, work on yourself, work on your body. You have new awsome friends and a great hobby. And besides you have a nice ass! You should be crazy not to do this. We should go for one more. May be “nice butt”? Not ass, butt is better. Juicy! Tough! Are you training? You… Do you have a nice butt?

9 Replies to “Girls of CrossFit Redyar / Девушки CrossFit Redyar”

  1. Девчонки Молодцы!!! Не только сказали, но и показали. Классно!!! Отличное видео!

  2. Мужики плять. Капиталисты добились своего. Хуй только пришьете и будет все в поряде.

  3. Не ведитесь на этот бред – я про Кроссфит. В лучшем случае получите травмы, в худшем умрете как на тренинге личного роста "Спарта" в Москве. От того что вы бесцельно и непонимая сути упражнений прыгаете как обезъяны никакой пользы нет.

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