Greg Glassman Interview with Sean Woodland

[Sean] We’ve had eight Regionals out across the
world, thousands of people are packing these buildings to watch these people
workout. What do you think when you see how big this has gotten? [Greg] It’s surreal. It’s beautiful. An amazing thing. A lot of moving parts. A lot of hard work. [Sean] A lot of people who are either watching or
taking part in these Regionals were first exposed a CrossFit through an L1
Seminar. Why do you think the message
that is given at those seminars has had such a lasting impact on everybody? [Greg] Largely because it’s had such a lasting impact. I mean that impact is physiological.
[Sean] Yeah. [Greg] And it’s profound. There’s nothing like it. It’s incomparable in— in impact and effect. That Level One kernel. You know, the meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds some fruit little starch no sugar and constantly varied high-intensity functional
movement. And the elaborations on those themes have been globally and historically significant in their transformative impact. It’s exactly
that. The impact is the cause of the social and economic impact— business
impact. [Sean] Ten years ago, it was just you at the very first Level One Seminar… You know, now you have a legion of trainers who are out there around the world teaching this stuff. Why do you think these things are still selling out after all this time around the world? [Greg] For every CrossFitter in the world there’s 1750 non-CrossFitters and we’re at a point now in most of the Western world, most of— almost every metropolitan area on earth, the fittest person that the
average person knows is a CrossFitter. [Sean] Uh huh. [Greg] And that has an enormous draw
to it for the boxes. The impact is probably the single largest positive
impact on global health currently. I don’t know of anything that’s—
I mean sure, areas that are finding hygiene and clean water that
didn’t have it before will have maybe more profound impact. But you know, I got 6,000—
we have 6,000 gyms in the U.S. There are also 6,000 dialysis centers in the U.S. And you know, our work isn’t done.
We got a long ways to go. [Sean] Why do you think two days is enough to develop a good trainer? [Greg] Well, you know, I think it takes a lifetime to develop a good trainer. And it’s a lot of the skills and essential parts of being a great trainer
maybe are difficult to teach. The compassion, all the attention to detail, I think that comes naturally or not… But the L1 Seminar, that material— that
two-day educational experience, I believe is the most profound educational
experience available in the world today. I don’t know of anything like that, in
terms of the potential effect on a two-day effort— Sit there for two days and pay close
attention and you will have a longer healthier more complete
more fulfilling life. [Sean] There are affiliates of all shapes and sizes.
All types of different neighborhoods. You know, many clients, small clients, but what do you think is the mark of a successful affiliate? [Greg] A lot of participation.
You know? People come in and enjoying themselves and getting healthier— getting fitter. [Sean] You mentioned the diet
thing and people can see— they can see in front of them the transformations that take place by following the Level One message. Why do you think there’s still resistance to accept it, that it works? [Greg] I don’t think there is. I think our resistance comes from
organizations that are— have been decimated by its working. And so I think that the— that our critics look, they want to say “dangerous” because they’re bothered by the enormously positive results. We came up with a stimulus
that we thought was— is it was as close a match to the genomic needs of
homo sapiens as we could derive. I mean— and so we’ve got a diet that’s
roughly balanced in macronutrient composition. Say roughly 33 and 1/3
percent of the calories just in that neighborhood. Roughly balanced by macronutrient. Business as usual, what the industry standard was, was offering something to looked more like 70 sometimes even 80 percent carbohydrate. that difference between our belief that 33 and 1/3 percent is a closer number, their belief that 80 percent is the better number, that 80 percent figure was purchased by
their financial backers. No one ever did that and like the impact. It wasn’t tested empirically and found to be advantageous to human function or performance. It was purchased by the soda companies. And we stepped in and go, “You know what? We’re not gonna take any money from the soda companies…” So it behooves us to do nothing really but tell the truth on these matters. And I can do this on hydration,
I can do this on exertional cramping, I can do this on cholesterol levels,
I can do this on a carbohydrate intake, on what are the root causes of end-stage kidney disease. You know? I mean, the country is afflicted with a host of very very serious problems, and they’re growing faster than the economy and faster than the population. And CrossFit has an answer for it. And in fact, we have 13,000 answers
to it around the world. [Sean] Great, thank you so much for coming by we appreciate everything you’ve done. [Greg] It’s always a pleasure. Keep doing what you’re doing. [Sean] Have fun the rest of the way. Yeah.
Thank you very much. [Greg] Thank you. Thank you, sir.

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  1. Three living people whose work has most profoundly (and positively) affected my quality of life:

    Greg Glassman
    Eckhart Tolle
    David Abram

    If you don't think Glassman's ideas (WCABTMD and [email protected]) will help "deliver you to your genetic potential," well, then, you're probably not thinking.

  2. Its Hard, Β believe to a guy talKing about fitnes when the guy is totaly out of shape, even if Its true.hope some Day greg do some wods ori eat well, he barely canbreath when he Speaks

  3. This guy knows his stuff
    And he has a strong belief and is very passionate about what he does. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. The more fruit I eat, the better I feel during the day and the better my gym sessions go…..#CarbTheFuckUp

  5. Not a Glassman fan??! Are you not a fan of awesomeness??!! That persons drunk… Anyways The Man The Myth The Legend!! Greg Glassman!!!

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