A video on social media of a dog playing with his deflating squeaky ball has melted hearts all over the internet. The “sad” noise that can be heard making the beloved toy has sparked laughter and sympathy online.

The viral video showed Robbie the greyhound mindlessly squeaking at his deflating toy ball, to which his owner jokes in a caption on the video: “Robbie’s one brain cell hasn’t activated yet.”

A caption below the post reads, “Saddest worst squeaky ball.”

The 3-year-old greyhound and his owner live in the north-east of England.

A stock image of a greyhound dog with a ball. The TikTok video showed Robbie the Greyhound playing with his ball.
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Just like children, most dogs become attached to their family members, their belongings, and their toys, with one toy surpassing all others to become their favorite possession.

It looks like this pink ball, which is clearly on its last legs from the number of times it’s been squeaked, is one of Robbie’s favorites.

According to research compiled by the WAG pet care company, dogs perceive toys in the same way that wolves perceive prey.

It all comes down to texture, shape, and size.. Dogs prefer toys that taste like food or can be broken, and each specific type of toy triggers a different reaction from your pup. For example, if your pup loves squeaky toys, he is simply following his natural instinct to hunt,” WAG writes on his website.

“In general, dogs will prefer toys that taste good or make certain sounds. When fetching a ball, for example, your dog will act on instinct to hunt down a moving target,” adds the pet care firm.

What do the comments say?

Since the dog’s owner shared it on the social media platform on June 4 on his dedicated TikTok account @RobbieTheGreyhound, the post has been viewed more than 9,000 times and liked by more than 1,100 users. Some TikTokers have shared their fun at the viral moment in the comments section below the post.

“Sounds a bit like the copier at school,” wrote one user.

“Yeah, mine chews all the cat toys,” another user added.

“Ooooh he needs a big hug,” another user commented.

The TikTok post can be seen here.

news week reached out to @RobbieTheGreyhound for comment via TikTok and Instagram.

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