GT Fitness CrossFit Open Workout 18.5

We’re at GT Fitness in Uttoxeter this
week for CrossFit Open Workout 18.5. So it’s the fifth and final installment of this
year’s CrossFit Games Open. 18.5 is a seven-minute AMRAP ascending repetition so we start off with three reps of a thruster and then three reps of a
Chest-to-bar pull- up and then six reps of a thruster six reps of a Chest-to-bar pull- up and you continue adding three reps to each in order as far as you can
within that seven minute window. Firstly the loading for the thruster is going to
be a little bit of challenge for some athletes whether that’s at the Rx level
or the scaled level is relatively heavy for that number of reps. Secondly is the
Chest-to-bar pull-up or the jump and pull-up for the scale Division both of
which are quite challenging and push some of our athletes. I want to see
people challenge themselves and go for that movement they’ve maybe never
achieved before or maybe that weight and that volume they’ve never achieved. I
think that’s going to bring out some firsts in people especially with
chest-to-bar pull-ups and also with the ability to reach that height and that
standard for the jump and pull-up. The atmosphere has been really good it’s at
the point where we’ve got probably about forty 45 people in the room the
atmosphere they create you can really hear it above all of the work out above
the music and it gives a real boost to the place guys have really pushed
themselves tonight whether that’s to get these chest-to-bar pull-ups which have
either eluded them previously or have maybe been a real tough challenge for
them they’ve really pushed for it but also the weights on the thruster the way
they’ve got after those thrusters has been really really impressive.
I think just firstly the way the community has got behind each other has
been really impressive but in terms of the movements and the workouts the way
that guys have really challenged themselves and taken on things they’ve
never taken on the before. So the open this year for the vast majority of the people
taking part is the first year and for the remaining majority probably the
second year so for them to buy into it the way they have don’t really get
behind each other and really bond as a community is second to none as far as
I’m concerned our website’s pretty user friendly if you go on there you can look
on the CrossFit page it gives you a really good idea of what it is we do but
also on a timetable page allows you to Book a class come down and give it a
try there really is no better way to find out for yourself you

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