Massachusetts Air National Guardsman accused of leaking highly classified military documents he is due back in court Wednesday after being indicted on federal felony charges.

Jack Teixeira He is scheduled to arraign in Worcester federal court on six counts of knowingly withholding and passing on national defense information.

Teixeira, of North Dighton, has been behind bars since his arrest in April on charges stemming from the biggest intelligence leak in years. He was indicted by a grand jury last week.

Teixeira is accused of sharing classified military documents on Russia’s war in Ukraine and other national security topics on Discord, a popular social media platform among people who play online games. The shocking violation exposed by private intelligence has aroused international concern and raised new questions about America’s ability to safeguard its secrets.

The Pentagon called the security breach a “very serious risk to national security.”

a trial judge ruled last month that Teixeira should remain in jail while the case unfolds, saying that releasing Teixeira would risk him trying to flee the country or obstructing justice.

The judge also cited Teixeira’s “fascination with weapons”. disturbing statements online and warnings from Teixeira’s military superiors about his handling of sensitive information before his arrest.

Teixeira’s lawyer had urged the judge to drop him off at his father’s house, saying he has no criminal record and strong family support to ensure he appears in court. Teixeira’s family said in an emailed statement last month that they “remain committed as always and remain steadfast and determined in our full support” of him.

Teixeira’s lawyer has said that his client “will answer the charges” and “will be tried by his fellow citizens.”

The Justice Department has not cited a particular motive. Accounts from members of the private online chat group where the documents were revealed have described Teixeira as motivated more by bravery than ideology.

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