Guided Gym Workout Chest

Hey guys, welcome back to Led
Fit. My name is Chris Ledford. I’m a certified personal trainer here
in Los Angeles and along with certified health coach Serein Wu. We make
videos that focus on physical fitness, nutrition, and healthy living. So today’s video is going to be a guided
gym workout that focuses on the chest. So if that’s what you’re looking
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maximized. Okay, let’s get into it. Okay guys, welcome back to week two, warm up three sets of 10
lunge with a pointed twist. So I’m waking my body up.
I’m going to step out. I’m going to squat down and I’m going
to turn and then back up and repeat the entire motion. Like I said, the goal
here is just to wake the body up, to get it moving and get it
ready for what’s to come. Mountain climbers, Serein yells at me every single time I
make her do these as a warmup because they are hard to sets. 30 seconds each and 30
seconds rest in between sets. So the mountain climbers are a great
way to increase your metabolic rate, increase your heart rate and get
the blood flowing and wake it up. Truly wake it up, which is what we’re trying to do right
now before our chest workout. All right, Palm to thigh crunches, as many
as you can do in 60 seconds. So if you notice what I’m doing is I’m
keeping my palms attached to my thighs the entire time.
Everything is super tight. And after about the fifth or sixth one, you’re going to really
start to feel this burn. So keep your thighs and your
palms attached the entire time. Go straight up your thigh line and
keep everything nice and tight. Your first chest workout
of the day. Pushups. So three sets of 12 the pushup
is a great basic workout, but I feel like you get a really great
activation across the chest and you can do it a couple of ways. You can do it like I’m doing here or
you can drop down in and do an assistant push up where your knees are on the
floor. Either way, it’s all good. I just want you guys to keep pushing
and keep track of where you are. How many of you can do unassisted
now versus say a month from now? Okay. Incline pushups, three sets of
12 using an incline bench to assist us. So what I like to focus on
right here guys is three things. Making sure my shoulders are back. Uh, I’m trying to touch my biceps together
and I’m squeezing my chest at the peak of the contraction. So at
the very top of the push, I’m squeezing my chest
together. So shoulders back, try and touch my biceps and squeeze
my chest together at the top. a ball two arm, chest, press three sets of 12 so you can do
it like I’m doing here or you can scoot your body down so that your shoulders, your head and your neck are
all supported on the ball. And for an added degree of
difficulty, you can engage your core, raise your pelvis, raise your hips and keep those elevated
as you do the push or you can let them stack. Either way, it’s all good. I like this exercise a little bit better
than the traditional bench because I feel like I get a better workout because
I’m able to get closer to the center line with the weights and with my hands. okay, the pinch press as many
as you can do in 30 seconds. This is my favorite chest, inner
chest workout of the moment. The idea here is that you want to
pinch the weight in between your palms, push it straight out and
squeeze that chest together. You don’t have to do a lot of
weight here at all. Pinch and push. Good job today guys, and feel free to repeat this workout
one more time if you so choose. There it is guys, your first chest
workout of 2020 I hope you liked it, hope you got something
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and you do our full body workout that we uploaded and make sure you come back next
week cause we’re going to be focusing on arms, biceps, triceps,
and forearms. All right guys, thanks so much and I’ll
see you in the next video.

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